Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6.13 The Last Recruit


I really like the feel of this episode. It felt very season finale-ish. The end is near!

When Locke told Jack he "looked like" Christian I'm not sure I believed him. I don't know it's the Christian telling Micheal on the freighter that he was free now that's confusing me. The Jack/Claire "we're brother and sister" thing was a little awkward but I suppose it would be. How did Claire know Jack was her brother? See she said to Jin that she'd been with her father and her friend(Locke) so what gives?

Flash Sideways Sun totally recognized Locke as NotLocke as kind of a bleed through. She seemed afraid of him so it wasn't John she'd remembered. I really like alternate Ben. Seems very nice. I knew Jack would end up fixing John, and I'm gonna say he's probably going to really fix him. He'll walk again, I predict.

Sideways Desmond is coming off as a bit of a creeper. Stalking Claire like that. She didn't think that was weird. It's very Jacob like though. Zuleikha Robinson cleans up nice. I still want to know why Elana was bandaged up.

Sawyer and Kate with the matching leather jackets were cute, they're definitely not true loves. She did look great in that scene though.

Sayid. Sayid, Sayid, Sayid. I felt so bad for him and his zombie self this episode. I don't think he killed Desmond. They'd show that. There's hope for Sayid yet. Did you see that look he gave NotLocke after he told him he did kill him? He's got a plan and he took so long because he got Des out of the well.

I'm really sick of Zoe. What we're capable of? Has she seen smokey in action?! When Hurley asked Sawyer who that was I half expected him to say "Liz Lemon".

Claire is still very odd and I hope she can be redeemed. Maybe when NotLocke is killed, hopefully by Sayid or Desmond, all of his followers revert back to themselves. I really kind of felt bad for Claire when they left her but she needs to remember they didn't abandon her! I thought she was gonna kill Kate but she seemed to calm down.

I knew Widmore would renig. He's not that nice. Sawyer didn't deliver on his end of the bargain anyway, plus now Charles doesn't have Desmond, but really he should have kept a better eye on him!

Sun and Jin!!! I'm sure everyone, as did I, thought they'd get fried by the pylons a la Mikhail. It kind of ruined the moment but not much. I love those two and I'm glad they didn't keep that reunion till the finale, it's gonna be too busy.

I'm glad Sun and her baby are ok int Alt. universe too. Sayid fell for that old Tom & Jerry, trip on hose trick.

Now when that explosion went off and Jack was all messed up, I got the feeling that he'd died and Smokey "claimed" him just then. Just like I think Claire did in New Otherton and Sayid did. That's why NotLocke said "You're with me now", ever so creepily.

What's up with Richard, Ben and Miles?

Funny lines, Hurley to Claire "You look...Great." "That pilot who looks like he walked off a Burt Reynolds movie"

No Lost next week. :(

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo




I really liked this episode, but Hurley-centric eps are always good. I loved the Man of The Year video! And Pierre Chang! Hugo's mom is always funny.

I wasn't at all expecting to see Harold Perrineu, I don't look at the credits or anything to make sure I'm not spoiled. It was good to see Micheal but I kinda thought the whispers reveal was a given.

Loved Hurley and Libby, they're so sweet together.

Desmond hitting Locke, now was that him pulling a Charlie, trying to get him to see the other side or was it revenge because he was aware of his alternate self, and he'd thought it was Locke who pushed him down a well?

Elana going boom was kinda funny, sorry, Elana, she kept throwing those water bottles onto the unstable dynamite and well, yea, I guess the Island was done with her, as Ben said.

I kinda hated that Miles went with Richard. I like Richard but Miles, man, where's the loyalty? Jack's been down right likable this season. He's learned humility and I think it was good that they addressed Jack's guilt about Juliet.

I thought the way NotLocke reacted to the island boy, (who by the way, did he look older this time? And what was with that smile?) was interesting. He seemed a little afraid of him. He also didn't like how not scared Desmond was.

He can't die, man, How's he gonna get out of that well? Christian? Jacob?

I think it was cool and brave of Hurley blowing up the Black Rock and saying they should go face NotLocke, but I hate that they all keep calling him Locke. Giving John Locke a bad name! NotLocke and Jack exchanged a weird look, I think it's the first time he's seen him and damn, Sun just misses Jin. Will Jack tell Claire they're related? I miss the real Sayid! At least Jack got the info from Dogen that those two aren't the same.

What was in that little bag of Elana's that Hurley found? Was it Jacob's ashes? What is he gonna do with them?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6.11 Happily Ever After

What the hell just happened? I'll tell you what. Television history. Man, I'm gonna miss this show.

I'm thinking that being close to death lets you see into the other timeline. Just before Juliet kicked it, she said "Let's meet for coffee", Charlie saw Claire when he almost choked to death.

It's Minkowski ! Your super helpful driver! Minus the nose bleeds. He seemed...weird, like he knew something. It's always the driver. Like with Locke & Abadon.

When Charlie put his hand up to Des in the window, under water, I got chills.

In what universe am I rooting for Widmore agains "Locke" and Sayid?! I liked his approval, nay, love of Desmond in the alt. time line. By the way the painting in his room...A scale with black and white stones.

I don't like Zoe.

Daniel's epiphany was enthralling. I missed him! I love how seeing Charlotte was like his link. Maybe like a constant.

Eloise and her old lady afro freak  me out. She knows about the alternate universe, it's like she had part in designing it. "You have a perfect life, everything you ever wanted" (paraphrasing). It really feels like we made a lot of headway in this episode.

So what's Des going to do with the manifest? Find Claire for Charlie? Show the other Lostees the light? How will he know which ones? Or that the flight has to do with it?

What is it about Desmond & Penny that is just so magical? I love their story. I hope he doesn't faint again and miss their coffee meeting. Maybe Sawyer will meet Juliet for some too? It also looks like a lot of them are at the same hospital. Claire, Sayid, Sun will be going...Time will tell.

I don't think Desmond is really going to go along with Sayid. He knew he had to do what Whidmore needed him to do.