Thursday, February 26, 2009

5.7 The Life and Death of Jeramey Bentham

So since I don't see the previews, I didn't know the episode was a Locke ep, or the title, till I watched of course, but I love Locke-centric episodes.

So, that's that dude from the plane, Um, Caesar? I would have thought he'd have a middle eastern name, but whatever. Him and the cop woman both seem so casual about the crash and being on the island. He hid that gun, you know that's gonna be key later.

So I'm confused as to when they are here? It seems like they've crashed on the other Island, where the Hydra station is. So Frank, the pilot and a woman took the third boat? Who's the other woman? Sun? Could they be who were shooting at our Losties a couple episodes back? Or is it Caesar, he has that gun. Where's Sayid? Somewhere with cuffs on but he's crafty, he'll get them off fast.

JOHN Rises from the dead! Ew I hate mango
Lockes neck is bruise free but the island can make him come alive so I guess it can heal bruises.
The broken leg bone is so gross, as is the puking. You'd think he 'd he bled to death by the time Widmores people got him, but you know, the Island won't let him die I guess.

OMG Abadon!I don't get why John acted like he didn't remember him.
owwwwwwwwww Them "adjusting" his leg and all, was a hard scene to watch.

Could Widmore be the good guy? Ben insists he is. I think it's neither. Ben has been a conniving little rat liar since day one as Henry Gale. Widmore's own daughter, Penny said not to underestimate him.

Damn wheel chair, couldnt he get him crutches. I immediately thought of Helen when Abadon asked if there was anyone he wanted to look up.

I like Sayid as a philanthropist, more than as an assassin.

WAAAAALLLTT! Yea, he's gotten big. The dream thing was interesting...I wish they'd go into what exactly is special about walt and that someone would tell him about his dad.

Hurley's painting Egypt! I loved that Hurley thought John was ghost, he's seeing them so much.
lol at "Go away, BYE"

Abadons kinda annoying, you'd think he was trying to get the guy to kill himself!

Kate's annoying too. I hope Sawyer finds out just how she feels.
I was hoping to see a John/Helen reunion, I liked her.

Abadon's "just a driver"...HA! yea right. Well, he's gone, I knew it was Ben.

Jack looked like he was just starting his downward spiral, kinda slurry and starting the beard.
But he was really harsh, I think that's why he felt so guilty and badly when he saw the obituary and when he found out it was suicide.

All of this stuff piled up made John so hopeless he wanted to die or did he want to hang himself because Richard said he'd have to die?

I don't think I get why john dying makes this work? Besides the coffin on the plane thing?
Terry O'Quinn was great in this scene, It was so real, he made me really feel for him. Again.

Ben's got John all confused along with the rest of us. Poor John. I don't understand why Ben talked John down only to kill him a minute later. Was it to get info? Was it something he said about Jin or Mrs. Hawking? Ben is one creepy MoFo. On the other hand he is insisting that John be kept well preserved so he can go back to the island with them and be resurected. One minute you think he's really trying to help them and the next he's PURE EVIL. After this , you are DEAD to me BEN!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

5.6 316

This episode was made of WIN! By now you know if the post is titled with a episode number and name, and you have not yet seen said episode, don't read ahead!

I like the start with the eyeball close-up like season 1. JACK! ON THE ISLAND! Nice dive there Jack. I love how they started at the end.

Yep, Desmond immediately recognized Mrs. Hawking. Shall we? Shall we WHAT lady?
The underground station looked so hatch like and Dharma-ish. SO that's the lampost!

This episode solidified that Ben is a liar through and through. Mrs. Hawking's "Probably" was great. She was kinda creepy at times and nice at time. I was waiting for someone to get hit by that pendulum.
So who's the fellow who built the room? One of the things on the wall said US Army 1954, this makes me think that Eloise Hawking is indeed the Ellie we met on the Island.
Des was pissed. I have a feeling he can't do anything about the island not being done with him.

So GUAM! via Ajira flight 316!

I kept wanting Jack to just read that letter already. I love how clueless Jack is sometimes. DUH who do you THINK John would be representing?? DUH!
"This is Ridiculous" Really Jack? REALLY? After all you've seen? He was still fighting it but he believes.
"That's why they call it a leap of faith" was like last week's "That's why they call it sacrifice" from Christian to Locke.
So the loose end Ben needs to tie...a promise to an old friend. Could that be him vowing to kill Penny? It explains his beat up face, coulda been Des putting the hurt on him. He was at the marina when he called Jack.

So What was with that weird scene with Jack's gramps?

I knew it was Kate in Jack's house. So WHAT did Kate do with Aaron? Why did Jack just accept that his nephew was suddenly gone so easily? WHO apparently abandons their son and then is in the mood? That REALLY bugged.

I liked the back story on the tennis shoes.

Jill the butcher is kinda creepy. When Jack was changing John's shoes I had a Mr. Rogers kinda vibe. I also imagined John would suddenly rise when the shoes were on. I wonder if Christian will want them back later.

Kate did NOT look happy to see Jack and was distant and annoying the whole day. Maybe she just remembered Sawyer's on the other end of that plane ride? By the way, why wear a suit to the Island Jack? Was that more duplicating the original flight? I wonder what all they packed/brought.

So HOW did Hurley know to come? Dead friends told him? I hope it was Libby and we see it later! No clue what was going on with Sayid but I'm pretty sure that this is not the last we'll see of other passenger who gave Jack his condolences.

What's with the Guitar Hurley? Maybe it was Charlie who told him to bring it? (BTW I love Jorge Garcia's blog.)

Ben's "Who Cares" was reminicent of "So?" from last season.

Gotta be weird being on a plane knowing it's gonna crash...

OH EMM GEE FRANK! I liked him better scruffy though. "We're not going to Guam" ha!
I was worried if Jack let Frank know what's going on he'd turn around or something.

"How can you read?"
" My mother taught me."
Loved that. Ben lies like it's a reflex.

I lolled at Hurley's sleep mask.

SOOOO JIN? The van and his Dharma clothes looked new so maybe they're in the 70's now?

So if that's true can Ben meet himself?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

5.5 This Place is Death

This episode was really good. We got some answers (and of course some questions).
SPOILER ALERT! Don't read on unless you've already viewed This Place is Death!

Ji Yeon is so cute! I wanted to squeeze her cheeks! I totally called Ben luring Sun with proof of Jin being alive.

So Jin must have been confused but automatically he thinks "time travel"? Well, it is a weird Island. Why were the numbers being broadcasted from the radio tower then?

I didn't notice Nadeen last week, I wonder if she's an other now? Or eaten by Smokey!
YEA! Smokey's back! And he's badder than ever, I missed him.

Montand got what he deserved, he was being such an ass. At least now we know how he lost his arm.

Russeau's music box! She had mentioned it to Sayid in Season 1. Ew the flies swarming on the corpses was gross. So I remember Russeau saying she removed the firing clip from Robert's gun, so that's why it didn't go off. I think she went crazy, understandably. People disapearing and smoke monsters, that'll do it. So I guess she gave birth alone.

I FLOVED the Sawyer/Jin reunion! So great! I love how when they told him about the time travel he freaked out in Korean. I figured Charlotte knew Korean, last season Jin saw her smiling when he was speaking to Sun in Korean. He later asked her about knowing Korean.

So the O6 are falling apart. When Sayid told Ben and Jack that if and when he saw either of them again it would not be good for anyone, I could understand, now he's against Ben but why Jack? Cause he's in cahoots w/ Ben?

Oh man bloody noses everywhere. Yikes Charlotte looked like Death when she yelled in Korean to Jin about not bringing Sun back.

Ben was FED UP in the van and was not having any more death threats!

Crap! More flashes and right on top of eachother. I loved the Jeronimo Jackson refrence by Charlotte.

Charlotte, OBVIOUSLY you've been here before. NO DUH. Early last season she had a flashback in Tunisia with the polar bear dig, she totally recognized that Dharma symbol. I'm thinking Daniel will try to change the future even though he said you can't and will go back in time and offer her chocolate and tell her not to come back or she'll DIE! Maybe Miles can get some dead info from her.

Jin was so noble making John promise not to bring Sun back. I still heart John Locke. He has so much Faith in the Island, even if Jin's all "How you Know?" I liked Juliet thanking him though. It took a lot of strength to climb down that rope too.

So the light from the flashes seemed to come out off that hole. Again...WHERE are Rose and Bernard? AND VINCENT!!

James was nice caring about John so much. They definately have a connection and he's a new man.

Bye Charlotte. I never loved her character but I did feel bad for Daniel. But we did get some of her story.

I thought Richard was going to be the guy down by the wheel but Christian was a cool surprise. So Christian is anti Ben. Who to believe? Who to trust?

I'm glad John kept his promise and did not tell Sun Jin was alive.

Eloise Hawking was no surprise, I think to most followers of the show. Desmond must have reckognized her though. It seemed like Ben did not know she was Daniel Faraday's mom though.

Terry O'Quinn Killed that scene about sacrifice. Just like Boone. So please tell me the flashes are not just the result of the broken wheel going off it's axis? Right? Right!?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ajira Airways

Ok. so perusing the Ajira Airways site I found you can make an origami box/ball type thing for a clue. Well I LOVE origami and Lost so I was up for it.

From the Adventures page:
Travel Tip: Teach your kids some origami to make the time fly by. Be sure to use your boarding pass... you never know what you might find hiding right inside. Click here for detailed folding instructions.

So I peek in with one eye closed and in the middle is "GUM"...So I Googled found on Lostepdia there was info saying that GUM is the airport code for Guam.

From Lostepedia:
The pass also has other numbers on it. The bar code is 144 47 50E, whilst 13 29 02N appears on the "Airline use" line. Using these codes as coordinates, a browser such as Google Earth can be used to show that the coordinates are for Guam International Airport. Coupled with this is the source code message from one of the website pages "Where America's day begins". Not only is this the official motto of Guam, but the words also reportedly appear on the Airport building. When the bar code is scanned by a bar code reader the following is produced: 048151623426. This corresponds to the Numbers with the number of rescued survivors appended to the end and a leading zero added

With this information, one can access the flight booking section the site and select a seat. To do so, the following information should be entered here:

Flight type: One Way
From: Los Angeles, CA
To: Guam
Departing: 1/21/2009
Select Flight: 316 11:30am
Adults: 10
Children: 0
Promotional Code: 11211411110911

Once on the page, seats can be selected using a randomized system which produces certain images. The numbers of the selections that show images are as follows; 3, 4, 10, 15, 24, 34, 35. So, for example, the 15th seat selected shows an airport lounge with "Ajira" on the wall. On the 36th selection, a completed boarding pass can be downloaded (see here). A list of the images can be seen here.

  • These clips are described in order from top to bottom from here : Outside of LAX; a white-out screen with N824 in black ink, behind the white-out you can see two people sitting down and the person farthest from view appears to be reading something and the closer appears to be wearing earphones; a Departures sign with Flight 316 labeled as Boarding; a female that is so far unfamiliar to the current Lost cast; a male that is so far unfamiliar to the current Lost cast; and finally a DHARMA Initiative logo that appears to be a beacon of sorts (perhaps the lantern on Jacob's cabin).
All really interesting stuff. I tried out and it's pretty easy and similar to the old Oceanic site.

I thought this was really cool. This billboard in LA has the Ajira logo as if it were under the Lost ad. Or that the tiger is ripping through, hee.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

5.4 The Little Prince

Another good episode. Not as good as last week but, still good even if slightly predictable.
Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched this episode, go watch and come back. has several links to each episode.

Penny boat flashback, I thought it was odd how Kate included Sawyer in "the people we've lost" kinda like telling Jack, Sawyer's gone, you and me forever, with her "I've always been with you"

Sun is still acting creepy/odd and having some one followed obviously. Whoa, what's with the gun, Sun? Check out THIS screencap of the papers she was flipping through.

Daniel is always whispering and I have to strain to hear him even with the volume up.

James is being too accepting of this John leaving the island via the Orchid, bringing them back stuff. I mean yea, this is one weird Island but to just accept that just so easily? I guess he and John have a certain connection after Anthony Cooper.

I lolled when Charlotte came to and Miles was like "Good everything's back to normal" hee.

I noticed Jack said Sayid was out 42 hours. (the numbers) and also Kate's address was 42. Of course the dock they all had to meet at was slip 23.

The doctor that called Jack out on practicing medicine when he was suspended looked so familiar I thought I was making some big Lost connection but It was just Nina from Everwood.

I love Hurley but he looked funny in his orange jumpsuit.

As soon as that male nurse came into Sayid's room I knew he was a goon. Sayid has the reflexes of a cat.

I knew that light was the hatch cause it's my lost blog header!

Uhoh Miles. Nosebleeds are bad news.

Sawyer broke my heart with his silent acting while watching Kate deliver Aaron. He also cared for Claire.
Miles has been on the island, I'll bet he was that baby in the premier. Chang's son.

The finding the camp in ruins and food run out tells me this is the future. Where are Rose & Bernard. And Vincent! The Ajira Airways bottle is a big ? though but check out the site.

The canoe looked like the one Karl gave Kate and Sawyer to escape the other island but bigger.

Who are shooting at them? Could it be their future selves thinking they're someone else? Saved by the flash again.

Jack is so annoying with his "I'm gonna fix everything" stuff.

I fell for the Claire's mom is the client thinking OH, I called it! But I bet Ben is behind this coincidence.

Uhoh Juliet. Nose bleeeeed!

I think most people that follow the show, knew it was Rousseau and her team when they were French.

I recognized Jin as soon as we saw the body on the water. Glad he's alive but he has no clue about the time travel. Even if he were with Daniel and them would he be able to understand what's going on?

Ben's "He's not your son" to Kate was so Oh no he didn't cause he wasn't Alex's father but he raised her as his own.

Yea, Danielle Rousseau, not a big OMG cause it was obvious. I don't remember Jin ever meeting Rousseau one on one but he must have heard about her and saw her that time she almost took Aaron of the beach. I bet Jin will flash right outta there in a bit but I hope we get some of Danielle's story.

How many hours left now?