Thursday, May 21, 2009

5.16 & 5.17 The Incident

I've been trying to process this finale all week, it was definitely a lot to take in.

Where do I even begin? How about the end? Well, I guess we have no idea where season 6 will go after that white flash. It could mean the bomb blew up and brought them back to 2004 landing in LAX as they expected, which I really hope doesn't happen, it's too predictable anyway. OR maybe it was a time flash white light and they will be in 2007 with the rest of them. Or something else completely.

I gotta say Elizabeth Mitchell stole the show. Her scene with Sawyer where she's about to fall was heart wrenching, for real. Then she went and did what they had set out to do and blew up the bomb. Who knew all she had to do was say the magic words? "Son of a Bitch!" I think we will see her in season 6 because she was still alive just as they all were at the end, same with Sayid. They can't kill Sayid!

As for the real shocker, the bomb was a given, LOCKE is NOT LOCKE! I did not see that coming. SOOO the guy in the first very telling scene with the black shirt who wanted to find a loophole to kill Jacob, that guy we'll call Black Shirt. So Black shirt embodied Locke. I think he might also be smokey. Maybe Christian? I dunno, but smokey has taken the form of a person before, as Yemi, Eko's brother.

I really feel bad about Locke now though. I mean I loved the character of John Locke from the start. The tortured soul who always wanted to be special, lived his whole life being taken advantage of, even in death!

So Jacob seems like he's good and Black shirt is evil. I mean Jacob seemed very kind and it was interesting how and when he met/visited Kate,Sawyer,Jack,Hurley ,Sayid,Sun &Jin. Each were before the crash of 815 except for Sayid and Hurley. Now I don't understand why he stopped Sayid, letting Nadia get hit by the car, but maybe that was going to happen anyway. Or maybe they would have both been hit and he saved Sayid? Anyway, he gave Hurley the guitar case, maybe it's Charlie's? Was the point in time where he met each of them significant? He made it a point to touch each of them physically too. I don't really know what the reason for Juliet's flashback was but Jacob didn't visit her. I have to say though casting did a great job with the child actors, especially Kate, she looked so much like Evangeline Lily.

It was good to see Rose and Bernard and VINCENT! again, finally. That's why they'd been out of sight. So Bernard could grow a cool beard. I'm thinking maybe Jin did find them once and kept their secret, since they had Dharma food and they didn't "find" them. I wonder if we'll see them again. They're "we're retired" seemed so final.

My only gripe was how lame everyone's reasons for blowing up a HYDROGEN BOMB. Relationship reasons...whatever, everyone flip flopped on that while Sayid lie bleeding to death in the van. I guess he was being his badass self and doing something with the bomb. Miles was the only reasonable one.

So Ilana, Bram and them are on Jacob's side and seem to think Frank is a good candidate for something? Maybe to take Jacob's place or form, It's out there, I know. Since Ilana was helping Jacob, she brought Sayid back. It's all part of Jacob's plan.

Now Jacob went down all to easily and he even seemed to be goading Ben when he said "What about you?" Ben had just poured his heart out and wanted validation or some reason for all he's done and he's met with basicly, who cares? That made Ben get all stabby and Jacob said, "They're coming". Maybe that means the Losties are coming?

I can't believe we have to wait till 2010 for the 6th and final season of my beloved show! There's always re-runs and they definitely left us with a lot to ponder. Until next year my friends...what did you think?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

5.15 Follow The Leader

Well, Daniel is dead as a door nail. That does not mean we won't see him again though!

Kate annoys me. I think she should have said more about all the people the bomb would kill and less about the good old times. Wasn't her whole purpose for coming back to the island to find Claire? What happened to that?
Is Ellie pregnant? Charles had his hand on her tummy and people do that when you're pregnant.

Radzinsky , I hate you so much, and that Phil, ugh what an ass.

The return of Sayid! I really thought Kate got shot though.

Ben is so scared of Locke now. I loved the WTF looks on Richard's face. He needs to talk more!

I really felt for Miles when he saw his dad order his mom off the island, but I thought there would be more of a DADDY!! SON! Moment when Chang found out it was him.

Hurley's little test was funny cause when they first got to '77 he starts asking all these questions about how to fit in, including 'who was president in 1977'. And Sawyer told him, "this isn't a game show." I also loved Jin's pained look when Hurley said that the Korean War never happened .

The H-bomb appeals to Jack. He wants this all to go away and he can't know what will really happen. How is he so sure? Isn't that a paradox? I mean if he prevents the crash then he prevents himself going back in time to prevent the crash.

I like you John, but I hope Sun will go in to kickass mode when she finds out Locke isnt really going to find Jacob for her.

We had BETTER see Bernard and Rose in the finale. Remember them??

I guess Sawyer couldn't do anything but till the moment he got on the sub I thought he'd have a plan. So Kate gets on the sub JUST after Sawyer and Juliet have a moment! I was already imagining S & J happy in the 70's. Did you see the look on Juliet's face!? Plus I guess they don't have to be drugged to get off the island? I also hated Kate's "Hey" look to Sawyer!

In The Man Behind The Curtain, when Locke first went to the Cabin, Jacob said "Help me." So maybe Jacob needs to die like he did. Or something.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

5.14 The Variable

Oh Lost. I love you. I hate you! No no no! I didn't mean that! I Love you!
Daniel's character is one of the most interesting on Lost and I REALLY hope he's not dead!

Well this episode definately confirmed a lot of thinks we have suspected. That the button in the hatch was what we thought. Indeed, Widmore was the one to plant the fake plane/bodies. Thankfully Penny isn't dead and Desmond was shot but is ok in the end. I had also suspected that Widmore was Faraday's father, but who is Penny's mom?

Daniel's childhood flashbacks were interesting and kinda creepy. Elloise Hawking is not winning any mother of the year awards, that's for sure! No time for music, no time for relationships, just to make sure he does end up "twitchy". Poor Theresa was sweet before he messed her up...too bad he messes his own brain up too. I liked the continuation of the scene where he's watching the news.

So Daniel tells Jack and company that they do not belong there and that his mother was WRONG! What is that woman's agenda?

I really liked when Daniel was just plain and honest and said what needed to be said to Dr. Chang. That rarely happens on Lost. I kinda wish Miles had been like "yea, it's me dad".

So during their little meeting I liked when Hurley said "you guys were in the 50's? Like, Fonzie times?" Haha. Sawyer was an idiot for calling Kate "freckles" in front of was his pet name for her, and while Sawyer has "pet" names for just about everyone it was a term of endearment and Juliet was rightly annoyed. Glad she gave the code for the fence.

The scene with Daniel and little Charlotte was almost painful. He promised himself he wouldn't tell her but he did. She says the bit about chocolate before dinner and they both's just so tragic.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Radzinsky? Well, I do. He's a huge tool and I hate him. Now Daniel, it was not the best idea to go waving that gun around though. I can't believe Sawyer and Juliet are caught. What are they gonna do? What about Hurley, Miles and Jin?

Soooo Daniel's plan? The one where he detonates Jughead and changes the course of history so that Oceanic 815 doesn't crash? Yea, I don't think that's such a good idea. Who amongst them want to go back to then? Kate for one was on her way to the slammer. None of them would have met. Hurley would still be cursed. John was crippled and depressed. No. Just no.

When Elloise Bitch Hawking went to see Penny, I don't really get what she was doing there. I mean, just to say sorry your Des was caught in the cross fire? Her eyes are creepy. And why'd she slap Widmore?

Daniel should have walked in to the camp arms up and had the gun just in case but damn...killed by your own mother....cold, Ellie. COLD. I hope dead isn't dead in this case!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

5.13 Some Like It Hoth

Miles is definitely an interesting character. I knew right away that Pierre Chang was Miles' dad because his mom was the woman in the season opener when we saw him get the baby. Who on Lost doesn't have daddy issues??
I felt so bad for poor little Miles when he heard the dead for the first time. Teenish Miles was hard core. THE best moment in the whole episode that still makes me giggle is Mile's look to his Dad when he said he liked country! I did think it was good to return the football player's dad his money and while he did pretty much crush the dad, it showed he does indeed care that his dad wasn't around.

Hurley was kind of annoying in this ep, I don't know why. Just having to stop to check the mayo and being nosy and pushy...I'm not a Star Wars fan so all that stuff went over my head.
The numbers on the hatch was cool though, they haven't brought them up in a while. I did like the whole comparing notes on seeing dead people bit.

Kate must have been the worst con artist ever. She just had to go tell Roger that even though he's a huge ass and doesn't even appreciate her giving blood or offering sympathy. Blah. I think Jack should have just said, "Look, she was probably trying to make you feel better" or something. Instead he made it look more suspicious I think. I dunno, Roger probably annoyed him, being a drunk dad and all. Maybe it was to show he still cares about Kate.

The guys in the van. Bram and them? Who do they work for?? It's not Widmore and Ben didn't seem to know them. But you never know with Ben though. Ellie? The Economist? Also, why did they want his body at The Orchid??

Naomi's corpse. SO this guy Felix had the evidence that Tom showed Micheal about the faked plane crash. Miles was all weird and twitchy, lol.

The guy in the back of the van? WOW that magnet was so strong it shot his filling through his head yikes... I remember Desmond saying it made his fillings hurt but I guess the thick wall that Sayid was talking about lessened the strength. When they first showed Radzinsky I was like, Cool, shoutout, but he is so damn annoying.

I wish Miles would have had time to erase that tape before Horace came in. When he said "circle of trust" All I could think was Meet the Parents. But now it looks like the ish is gonna hit the fan. Probably leading to "The Incident". I hope Sawyer has a good plan.

I liked the scene where Miles sees himself and his dad is doting on him. I'm gonna say he had to leave them or have them leave the island to protect them. Maybe after The Incident. He seemed like a loving father. Maybe his mom lied? I don't know but it was a sweet scene. I particularly liked when Mr. Chang said "I need you", and Miles goes "You do?" Lol it was so cute.

YAY for Daniel!! I knew he was coming when Chang said "scientists". Is the next episode in 2 weeks??

Friday, April 10, 2009

5.12 Dead is Dead

So you know how I love every episode? I loved this one MORE!! I felt like a lot of things were revealed or at least the context of them were.

Oh wow, was it good. LOVED confident Locke. He's back! He was so sure of himself and put Ben in his place. Loved how he knew more than Ben and saw right through him.

LOVED vulnerable Ben. I think this is the first time we've ever seen him with his guard down and scared!

It was interesting how he "saved" Alex. But why didn't the smoke monster judge Ben for anything else besides Alex? I mean he has done some pretty bad stuff.

It was funny when John told Ben..."I'm sure the monster will understand" Haha, I was like, yea, because it's such a calm, rational monster. I liked the ancient smoke monster drawings too. So Alex, that was smokey right? Like Yemi came to Eko. That scene was cooool.

I knew Desmond was the one who laid the smackdown on Ben on the pier. He hesitated when he saw Penny had a child and he told Sun to apologize for him. I hope that was the end of it and he didn't go back and kill Penny, but that's not likely, The gun went in the water. He probably was "sorry" for shooting him in the shoulder (grocery bag?). The blood in the water was ew and cool at the same time.

I guess he does have some good in him, in regards to Alex as well but he was still planning to re-kill Locke. He's gonna hate having to follow him but he damn well better.

The tunnel to the water Ben drained or whatever, that didn't work...what was the point of that? And did Dharma dig that or Others?

I want to know where John went when Sun said he had to do something and how will he help Sun get back to Jin?

I always hated Ilana! I'll bet she was sent by Widmore, she and the other's with her. Leave Frank ALONE! What lies in the shadow of the statue?? It's gotta be either Jughead or the wheel. But when they saw the statue ever so breifly, they weren't that close to it, right? In any case the question reminded me of "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" question/password thing we saw before with the Swan.

Surprised that Ceasar was killed so soon....or was he? Is dead really dead?

Did anyone notice a little bit of focus on Locke's (Christian's) shoes? He was shaking the sand out then later putting them on again

I knew the long haired guy who talked to young ben was Widmore, the actor looked a lot like him and the deep voice gave it away.

I kinda hoped this episode would explain what happened to Annie, but no luck. Let's hope they address it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

5.11 Whatever Happened, Happened

OH show. How I love you.
Kate's hair looked so pretty here.

I'm not the biggest Kate fan but she was pretty good in this episode. I like that she did turn Aaron over to Grandma Littleton, but I don't get what the big secret was about that. Why didn't she just tell Jack, "Oh I gave him to his grandma". Playing with us, they are. I also like that she went back to the Island to find Claire. They didn't forget about her! I thought the woman that found Aaron in the supermarket was gonna be Claire.

I liked seeing Cassidy again, but It would have been good to see Kate when she finds out that the woman she knew was actually Sawyer's ex and "gee whatta coincidence!" But anyway I do NOT see how Sawyer "broke her heart" and that's why she needed Aaron. Last we saw, Kate couldn't decide between James & Jack.

Hurley & Miles' conversation about time travel was great and they were talking right to the audience there. I can't wait to see what Daniel is up to.

I didn't fall for Roger being all sweet or anything. I bet a lot of abusive people feel some remorse at times but he was still an ass and said "sometimes a boy just needs his mother" Yea, maybe a boy just needs his dad to lay OFF! Ultimately I don't think Roger's actions, or Sayid's shooting him or anything else had to do with how Ben Linus turns out because Richard said he wouldn't remember anything and he'd "lose his innocence" I don't really get what that means!?

I'm glad Sawyer made his feelings clear when he told Kate he was helping Ben for Juliet. Juliet going into the bathroom when Jack was showering was weird. He's changed a lot and I for one, DO like the new Jack.

Also VERY interesting that Charles & Ellie are still on the Island in '77. Where does that leave Penny and Daniel?

Friday, March 27, 2009

5.10 He's Our You

I loved the episode title, once it was said.

This was another jaw on the floor Lost ending. But sit tight folks. I 'll bet Ben is going to be fine. The Island will heal him or something. It really does bring to mind the question. Is it OK to kill a person who you know will do horrible evil things while they are still young and haven't yet done them? I didn't feel bad for Ben, although I've never seen a child shot on TV like that, he has it coming eventually. Plus he send a flaming van into a house with people inside. Presumably. Yes his father was a huge asshole and probably started Ben on his road to evil but I'm also afraid Sayid "killing" him could turn out to be what makes him use him in the future.

I think it was interesting, comparing the killer that is Ben and Sayid. Sayid has only ever killed for good reason or to protect people he cared about. I didn't like that scene where Ben told him he was done and Sayid was all "What do I do now?" I do however think that Naveen Andrews brought it this week and really showed his acting chops. Also his hair looks better straight.

The actor playing young Ben was so spot on with the creepy eyes and all, Sterling Beaumont should get a guest emmy nomination. But he wont. Anyway I thought Sawyer asking Kate why she came was so random and just trying to get us all ooooh about the love quadrangle. I'm tired of it already. I don't care much for Juliet or Kate but Juliet is a way better choice. That's all I have to say about that. And no one's asked her about Aaron?

No Miles this week? And very little Jin. I'm not even asking about the people and canines we never see anymore. Jack seems to like not leading anymore and is going with the flow as is Hurley.

Oldham was hilarious. I loved "Maybe I should use half a dropper". Drugged up laughing Sayid was so funny too. We almost never see him smile. I thought it was weird that not one person thought hey maybe this could be true...this is a crazy island and all.

I effing hate Radzinski. He needs to cool it. Horace seems like such a weird leader. Why is he head honcho here again? I guess the reference to Ann Arbor meant the Degroots.

I don't get why Jin had to check with Sawyer at the end, poor guy got knocked out by Sayid's mad ninja skills. That's another thing that shows that Ben isn't sweet and innocent...he just saw Sayid turn on a guy in a second flat and left him unconscious and his first thought is "COOOL HOW'D YOU DO THAT?" or something to that effect. I don't think Sayid is a born killer and can be nothing else. Dude just can't catch a break.

I can't wait till John shows up all alive and stuff.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

5.9 Namaste

SOOO this episode was crazy....well that's normal for Lost right?

Frank is The. Best. Pilot. Ever. I loved the runway which we saw Sawyer and Kate help build in Season 3. So does Ben have it built because he knew Frank would need it in the future? Also Radzinsky! He was the one who was with with Kelvin Inman in the Swan station/Hatch, and was the blood stain on the ceiling.

I wondered when or if Sayid figured out they had traveled back in time. If one could ever jump to that conclusion. Sayid has been to the Flame, when Mikhael was thre and Locke blew it up, so he had to realize something was up. Plus Jin was in a Dharma jumpsuit and stuff.

I felt bad for Sawyer/James. He had a good thing going at Dharma for 3 years and that's probably the closest thing to a normal life he's ever had. Steady and peaceful, Now this happens and they have to figure out how to blend in. Really it's all kind of a big con but a simple life still.

Where is Faraday? Did he go back on the sub to research? Is he helping build the orchid? Did he go crazy?

The baby being Ethan was so typical but I wonder if they will go in to how he went from DI to Others like Ben.

I liked the 70's clothes. Jack looked funny with his fitted shirt and all. I LOVED the look on his face when he was told that his aptitude test showed he would be best for janitoral work. So perfect.

Why wasn't Sun in 77 too? No fair...Jin is looking for her too but in the wrong time. I bet they're just stretching this out to make for a biiiig ruinion, but I loved Sun this episode. She out Benned Ben. I guess that's what puts him in the injury ward when John sees him and says "that's the man that killed me."

When Christian showed up I thought it would be Rose and Bernard, then I thought Richard. When he shows Sun/Frank the picture that the door flies open and there are some whispers.

Ben was creepy even then but his dad was a huge jerk and that'll do it. I wonder if Sayid is what makes him interested in the Hostiles or is this after he spoke to Richard...I think after cause he's bigger here, right? Sayid saying "nice to meet you Ben" was eerie.

That guy Phil is suspicious of Kate, the way he looks at her he is suspicious. I don't know why James didn't ask about Aaron or why they didn't ask about Rose & Bernard or VINCENT! Blah.

Jame's smackdown to Jack was a long time coming although a bit harsh.

I can't wait to find out how they will all reunite in time. Or what happened to R&B and the damn dog. Or a million other things I want to know.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

5.8 LaFleur

This episode was really great! A lot of WTF? moments and some lovely ones as well.

I loved seeing the four toed statue in all it's glory. It looks Egyptian right? It also looks to be holding an Ankh in one hand like the one that was around Paul's neck.

I really liked how James cared a lot about John. He has become James now. Not Sawyer.
I lolled when the guy yelled at the 2 dancers for having a "hootenanny" .

Horace will always be Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile to me. I liked the reveal that LaFleur is Sawyer, I was thinking Daniel. But James "Sawyer" Ford LeFleur was indeed a nice surprise. He looked a lot different shaved and shampooed. I liked him taking the leadership role. Josh Holloway was great this episode.

They're all settled into Dharma and I wonder where Ben is at this time.

I thought that Amy's baby was going to be Charlotte but it was a boy...I'm sure it will turn out to be someone we know.
The security gate looked appropriately new. I love Lost for their continuity.

Daniel was heartbreaking and moving in his grief over Charlotte and seeing the little redheaded girl. They don't show Daniel at all in the 3 years later part...I wonder what he's doing. Besides going into the Orchid like in the premier.

The best part by far was Richard showing up, James calling him "Your buddy out there with the eyeliner". The conversation between them was great. I like how now the Losties know more than the Others or Dharma. Richard was so confused.

I guess it will have more meaning later but I didn't care about the Horace/Amy/Paul thing. I don't know what Richard wanted with the bodies either. I do wish Miles would use some dead people talking skills or something besides just snark.

I kinda liked James and Juliet as just friends but they made the romance believable. I really truley hope he is not stupid and goes back to Kate. It bothered me that he didn't tell Juliet where he was going after the phone call though.

I'm glad they're all on the same time line. Jack kinda smiled at Sawyer, Hurley was stone faced though. Kate annoys me. Last week she didn't care what happened to everyone on the island so I hope she doesn't get all fickle and want James back.

But seriously. Where the hell are Rose and Bernard?! All this time? Could they have joined the "indigenous hostiles"?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

5.7 The Life and Death of Jeramey Bentham

So since I don't see the previews, I didn't know the episode was a Locke ep, or the title, till I watched of course, but I love Locke-centric episodes.

So, that's that dude from the plane, Um, Caesar? I would have thought he'd have a middle eastern name, but whatever. Him and the cop woman both seem so casual about the crash and being on the island. He hid that gun, you know that's gonna be key later.

So I'm confused as to when they are here? It seems like they've crashed on the other Island, where the Hydra station is. So Frank, the pilot and a woman took the third boat? Who's the other woman? Sun? Could they be who were shooting at our Losties a couple episodes back? Or is it Caesar, he has that gun. Where's Sayid? Somewhere with cuffs on but he's crafty, he'll get them off fast.

JOHN Rises from the dead! Ew I hate mango
Lockes neck is bruise free but the island can make him come alive so I guess it can heal bruises.
The broken leg bone is so gross, as is the puking. You'd think he 'd he bled to death by the time Widmores people got him, but you know, the Island won't let him die I guess.

OMG Abadon!I don't get why John acted like he didn't remember him.
owwwwwwwwww Them "adjusting" his leg and all, was a hard scene to watch.

Could Widmore be the good guy? Ben insists he is. I think it's neither. Ben has been a conniving little rat liar since day one as Henry Gale. Widmore's own daughter, Penny said not to underestimate him.

Damn wheel chair, couldnt he get him crutches. I immediately thought of Helen when Abadon asked if there was anyone he wanted to look up.

I like Sayid as a philanthropist, more than as an assassin.

WAAAAALLLTT! Yea, he's gotten big. The dream thing was interesting...I wish they'd go into what exactly is special about walt and that someone would tell him about his dad.

Hurley's painting Egypt! I loved that Hurley thought John was ghost, he's seeing them so much.
lol at "Go away, BYE"

Abadons kinda annoying, you'd think he was trying to get the guy to kill himself!

Kate's annoying too. I hope Sawyer finds out just how she feels.
I was hoping to see a John/Helen reunion, I liked her.

Abadon's "just a driver"...HA! yea right. Well, he's gone, I knew it was Ben.

Jack looked like he was just starting his downward spiral, kinda slurry and starting the beard.
But he was really harsh, I think that's why he felt so guilty and badly when he saw the obituary and when he found out it was suicide.

All of this stuff piled up made John so hopeless he wanted to die or did he want to hang himself because Richard said he'd have to die?

I don't think I get why john dying makes this work? Besides the coffin on the plane thing?
Terry O'Quinn was great in this scene, It was so real, he made me really feel for him. Again.

Ben's got John all confused along with the rest of us. Poor John. I don't understand why Ben talked John down only to kill him a minute later. Was it to get info? Was it something he said about Jin or Mrs. Hawking? Ben is one creepy MoFo. On the other hand he is insisting that John be kept well preserved so he can go back to the island with them and be resurected. One minute you think he's really trying to help them and the next he's PURE EVIL. After this , you are DEAD to me BEN!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

5.6 316

This episode was made of WIN! By now you know if the post is titled with a episode number and name, and you have not yet seen said episode, don't read ahead!

I like the start with the eyeball close-up like season 1. JACK! ON THE ISLAND! Nice dive there Jack. I love how they started at the end.

Yep, Desmond immediately recognized Mrs. Hawking. Shall we? Shall we WHAT lady?
The underground station looked so hatch like and Dharma-ish. SO that's the lampost!

This episode solidified that Ben is a liar through and through. Mrs. Hawking's "Probably" was great. She was kinda creepy at times and nice at time. I was waiting for someone to get hit by that pendulum.
So who's the fellow who built the room? One of the things on the wall said US Army 1954, this makes me think that Eloise Hawking is indeed the Ellie we met on the Island.
Des was pissed. I have a feeling he can't do anything about the island not being done with him.

So GUAM! via Ajira flight 316!

I kept wanting Jack to just read that letter already. I love how clueless Jack is sometimes. DUH who do you THINK John would be representing?? DUH!
"This is Ridiculous" Really Jack? REALLY? After all you've seen? He was still fighting it but he believes.
"That's why they call it a leap of faith" was like last week's "That's why they call it sacrifice" from Christian to Locke.
So the loose end Ben needs to tie...a promise to an old friend. Could that be him vowing to kill Penny? It explains his beat up face, coulda been Des putting the hurt on him. He was at the marina when he called Jack.

So What was with that weird scene with Jack's gramps?

I knew it was Kate in Jack's house. So WHAT did Kate do with Aaron? Why did Jack just accept that his nephew was suddenly gone so easily? WHO apparently abandons their son and then is in the mood? That REALLY bugged.

I liked the back story on the tennis shoes.

Jill the butcher is kinda creepy. When Jack was changing John's shoes I had a Mr. Rogers kinda vibe. I also imagined John would suddenly rise when the shoes were on. I wonder if Christian will want them back later.

Kate did NOT look happy to see Jack and was distant and annoying the whole day. Maybe she just remembered Sawyer's on the other end of that plane ride? By the way, why wear a suit to the Island Jack? Was that more duplicating the original flight? I wonder what all they packed/brought.

So HOW did Hurley know to come? Dead friends told him? I hope it was Libby and we see it later! No clue what was going on with Sayid but I'm pretty sure that this is not the last we'll see of other passenger who gave Jack his condolences.

What's with the Guitar Hurley? Maybe it was Charlie who told him to bring it? (BTW I love Jorge Garcia's blog.)

Ben's "Who Cares" was reminicent of "So?" from last season.

Gotta be weird being on a plane knowing it's gonna crash...

OH EMM GEE FRANK! I liked him better scruffy though. "We're not going to Guam" ha!
I was worried if Jack let Frank know what's going on he'd turn around or something.

"How can you read?"
" My mother taught me."
Loved that. Ben lies like it's a reflex.

I lolled at Hurley's sleep mask.

SOOOO JIN? The van and his Dharma clothes looked new so maybe they're in the 70's now?

So if that's true can Ben meet himself?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

5.5 This Place is Death

This episode was really good. We got some answers (and of course some questions).
SPOILER ALERT! Don't read on unless you've already viewed This Place is Death!

Ji Yeon is so cute! I wanted to squeeze her cheeks! I totally called Ben luring Sun with proof of Jin being alive.

So Jin must have been confused but automatically he thinks "time travel"? Well, it is a weird Island. Why were the numbers being broadcasted from the radio tower then?

I didn't notice Nadeen last week, I wonder if she's an other now? Or eaten by Smokey!
YEA! Smokey's back! And he's badder than ever, I missed him.

Montand got what he deserved, he was being such an ass. At least now we know how he lost his arm.

Russeau's music box! She had mentioned it to Sayid in Season 1. Ew the flies swarming on the corpses was gross. So I remember Russeau saying she removed the firing clip from Robert's gun, so that's why it didn't go off. I think she went crazy, understandably. People disapearing and smoke monsters, that'll do it. So I guess she gave birth alone.

I FLOVED the Sawyer/Jin reunion! So great! I love how when they told him about the time travel he freaked out in Korean. I figured Charlotte knew Korean, last season Jin saw her smiling when he was speaking to Sun in Korean. He later asked her about knowing Korean.

So the O6 are falling apart. When Sayid told Ben and Jack that if and when he saw either of them again it would not be good for anyone, I could understand, now he's against Ben but why Jack? Cause he's in cahoots w/ Ben?

Oh man bloody noses everywhere. Yikes Charlotte looked like Death when she yelled in Korean to Jin about not bringing Sun back.

Ben was FED UP in the van and was not having any more death threats!

Crap! More flashes and right on top of eachother. I loved the Jeronimo Jackson refrence by Charlotte.

Charlotte, OBVIOUSLY you've been here before. NO DUH. Early last season she had a flashback in Tunisia with the polar bear dig, she totally recognized that Dharma symbol. I'm thinking Daniel will try to change the future even though he said you can't and will go back in time and offer her chocolate and tell her not to come back or she'll DIE! Maybe Miles can get some dead info from her.

Jin was so noble making John promise not to bring Sun back. I still heart John Locke. He has so much Faith in the Island, even if Jin's all "How you Know?" I liked Juliet thanking him though. It took a lot of strength to climb down that rope too.

So the light from the flashes seemed to come out off that hole. Again...WHERE are Rose and Bernard? AND VINCENT!!

James was nice caring about John so much. They definately have a connection and he's a new man.

Bye Charlotte. I never loved her character but I did feel bad for Daniel. But we did get some of her story.

I thought Richard was going to be the guy down by the wheel but Christian was a cool surprise. So Christian is anti Ben. Who to believe? Who to trust?

I'm glad John kept his promise and did not tell Sun Jin was alive.

Eloise Hawking was no surprise, I think to most followers of the show. Desmond must have reckognized her though. It seemed like Ben did not know she was Daniel Faraday's mom though.

Terry O'Quinn Killed that scene about sacrifice. Just like Boone. So please tell me the flashes are not just the result of the broken wheel going off it's axis? Right? Right!?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ajira Airways

Ok. so perusing the Ajira Airways site I found you can make an origami box/ball type thing for a clue. Well I LOVE origami and Lost so I was up for it.

From the Adventures page:
Travel Tip: Teach your kids some origami to make the time fly by. Be sure to use your boarding pass... you never know what you might find hiding right inside. Click here for detailed folding instructions.

So I peek in with one eye closed and in the middle is "GUM"...So I Googled found on Lostepdia there was info saying that GUM is the airport code for Guam.

From Lostepedia:
The pass also has other numbers on it. The bar code is 144 47 50E, whilst 13 29 02N appears on the "Airline use" line. Using these codes as coordinates, a browser such as Google Earth can be used to show that the coordinates are for Guam International Airport. Coupled with this is the source code message from one of the website pages "Where America's day begins". Not only is this the official motto of Guam, but the words also reportedly appear on the Airport building. When the bar code is scanned by a bar code reader the following is produced: 048151623426. This corresponds to the Numbers with the number of rescued survivors appended to the end and a leading zero added

With this information, one can access the flight booking section the site and select a seat. To do so, the following information should be entered here:

Flight type: One Way
From: Los Angeles, CA
To: Guam
Departing: 1/21/2009
Select Flight: 316 11:30am
Adults: 10
Children: 0
Promotional Code: 11211411110911

Once on the page, seats can be selected using a randomized system which produces certain images. The numbers of the selections that show images are as follows; 3, 4, 10, 15, 24, 34, 35. So, for example, the 15th seat selected shows an airport lounge with "Ajira" on the wall. On the 36th selection, a completed boarding pass can be downloaded (see here). A list of the images can be seen here.

  • These clips are described in order from top to bottom from here : Outside of LAX; a white-out screen with N824 in black ink, behind the white-out you can see two people sitting down and the person farthest from view appears to be reading something and the closer appears to be wearing earphones; a Departures sign with Flight 316 labeled as Boarding; a female that is so far unfamiliar to the current Lost cast; a male that is so far unfamiliar to the current Lost cast; and finally a DHARMA Initiative logo that appears to be a beacon of sorts (perhaps the lantern on Jacob's cabin).
All really interesting stuff. I tried out and it's pretty easy and similar to the old Oceanic site.

I thought this was really cool. This billboard in LA has the Ajira logo as if it were under the Lost ad. Or that the tiger is ripping through, hee.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

5.4 The Little Prince

Another good episode. Not as good as last week but, still good even if slightly predictable.
Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched this episode, go watch and come back. has several links to each episode.

Penny boat flashback, I thought it was odd how Kate included Sawyer in "the people we've lost" kinda like telling Jack, Sawyer's gone, you and me forever, with her "I've always been with you"

Sun is still acting creepy/odd and having some one followed obviously. Whoa, what's with the gun, Sun? Check out THIS screencap of the papers she was flipping through.

Daniel is always whispering and I have to strain to hear him even with the volume up.

James is being too accepting of this John leaving the island via the Orchid, bringing them back stuff. I mean yea, this is one weird Island but to just accept that just so easily? I guess he and John have a certain connection after Anthony Cooper.

I lolled when Charlotte came to and Miles was like "Good everything's back to normal" hee.

I noticed Jack said Sayid was out 42 hours. (the numbers) and also Kate's address was 42. Of course the dock they all had to meet at was slip 23.

The doctor that called Jack out on practicing medicine when he was suspended looked so familiar I thought I was making some big Lost connection but It was just Nina from Everwood.

I love Hurley but he looked funny in his orange jumpsuit.

As soon as that male nurse came into Sayid's room I knew he was a goon. Sayid has the reflexes of a cat.

I knew that light was the hatch cause it's my lost blog header!

Uhoh Miles. Nosebleeds are bad news.

Sawyer broke my heart with his silent acting while watching Kate deliver Aaron. He also cared for Claire.
Miles has been on the island, I'll bet he was that baby in the premier. Chang's son.

The finding the camp in ruins and food run out tells me this is the future. Where are Rose & Bernard. And Vincent! The Ajira Airways bottle is a big ? though but check out the site.

The canoe looked like the one Karl gave Kate and Sawyer to escape the other island but bigger.

Who are shooting at them? Could it be their future selves thinking they're someone else? Saved by the flash again.

Jack is so annoying with his "I'm gonna fix everything" stuff.

I fell for the Claire's mom is the client thinking OH, I called it! But I bet Ben is behind this coincidence.

Uhoh Juliet. Nose bleeeeed!

I think most people that follow the show, knew it was Rousseau and her team when they were French.

I recognized Jin as soon as we saw the body on the water. Glad he's alive but he has no clue about the time travel. Even if he were with Daniel and them would he be able to understand what's going on?

Ben's "He's not your son" to Kate was so Oh no he didn't cause he wasn't Alex's father but he raised her as his own.

Yea, Danielle Rousseau, not a big OMG cause it was obvious. I don't remember Jin ever meeting Rousseau one on one but he must have heard about her and saw her that time she almost took Aaron of the beach. I bet Jin will flash right outta there in a bit but I hope we get some of Danielle's story.

How many hours left now?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

5.3 Jughead

Spoiler Alert...........I watched it here.

This show is made of awesome.

A few thoughts on this episode, in random fashion as I didn't take notes.

I liked it a lot. I love Desmond's character and Daniel's as well.

Des & Penny's kid is really cute and I love that they named him Charlie.

I'll bet you "Ellie" turns out to be Daniel Faraday's mom and Mrs. Hawkings. She even mumbles just like Faraday.

I just knew Widmore had been on the island before....and he was always a douche.

So Richard does not age....not time traveling, just ageless...hmm. Also now it makes sense why he showed up at the hospital the day John was born in that other WTF moment. Also I know I like to call him eyeliner but I think the actor's eyelashes are just that thick.

So When they said that the woman Faraday made ill/bedridden/time shifting's name was Theresa...all that came to mind was Boone in Locke's weird dream saying "Theresa fell up the stairs..Theresa fell down the stairs" but that could just be another same name lost thing.

I wonder where Bernard and Rose were? And Vincent.

One thing I don't get..If Frogurt is dead in the 50's does that mean he ceases to have existed on flight 815? Same with all the other extras?

I wonder if the H bomb will rear it's ugly head later?

I hope Charlotte doesn't die now, I just started to like her.

When are they now?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My show is back!! Season 5 Premier Reactions. a,k.a 5.1 Because You Left & 5.2 The Lie

What a trip! I think a lot of questions were answered.

SPOILER ALERT! Consider yourself warned....If you didn't watch yet...don't read on!

Here are my reactions while watching.

OMG! Halliwax/Marvin Candle! DANIEL!! Time traveling! I think the baby in the first scene has to be significant, maybe someone we know?

Sawyer's being a bully jerk. When he said not everyone's accounted for I thought he was gonna say Claire, but then I remembered John. I've been saying for like a year. WHERE are Cindy the stewardess and the kids? I guess Jin's gone but you never know.

Holy Drug planes! Those tree trunks in Hawaii are cool. I thought it was cool how John got shot in the leg (damn Ethan!) and back in season 1 his leg was giving him trouble just at that same place. "When are we?" Love it.

I bet the lawyers were sent by Ben, so Kate would agree to go back!

Sun is so chic. UH OH Ms's Widmore! I wonder what plan they've hatched up. I bet she blames Ben cause John/Jeremy told her Ben blew up the freighter by killing Keamy.

I'm just used to curly haired Sayid. Maybe Hurley should not walk around in a ROBE to avoid suspicion of being a mental patient. OUCH! Cast iron pan to the head....that's gotta smart. Really Hurley? How dumb was it to hold the gun looking down on the the body?

RICHARD eyeliner ALPERT! He's so mysterious.....It's the compass from when he visited John as a child! "It shows North." Ha.

More time skip flashing....Son of a....LOL the ghost of Christmas future. Love that Sawyer can still be snarky at times like these. YAY DESMOND!! Hero time.

OMG Anna Lucia! And I didn't even hate her. Lol "Libby Says Hi." Hurley's not crazy...he's a ghost whisperer!

I think Hurley should have just gone home instead of stopping at the convienence store for a shirt. Hurley's dad was watching Expose...that was the show Nikki was on. Lol..."A dart? Were you at the Zoo?" I love Hurley's parents. Get away from the door when there's cops out there Hugo!

OH so Kate meets Sun instead of Jack like we're supposed to think....Well played show.
Sun was kinda weird in this scene.

Who was that butcher lady? Don't recognize her.

It's Vincent! Frogurt's freaking out....Bye! That arrow scene was awesome. Others?

And the best line of the night....."Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"

AWWW Jin!!

Jack needs a new car.

I FLOVED Hurley's recap of the island to his mom. Ithought she'd say "'re nuts!" but she believed him.

I hate seeing needles going in but I love that Sayid immediately chokes Jack. Heh, just sayin.

HAHA! Hot Pockets are a weapon! I thought Ben's convincing ways had Hurley all ready to go with him.. but no....he turned himself in....He looked very sneaky like he had a plan or just happy he didnt let Ben get to him?

Who were those people ready to cut off Juliet's hand? John to the rescue.

OMG it's Mrs. Hawkings!! from Desmond's first flashing episode, Flashes Before Your Eyes. She creeped me right out. 70 Hours? Is she the puppet master??

All in all a stellar start to the season. I love the continuity and how this show screws with my head. Welcome back SHOW!

I scribbled notes while watching on note my daughter wrote, I could barely read it after but it reminded me of Daniel's journal, heh:

Season Premeir Links

Ok, all you people who saw the episode last night...Lucky you. For those of you wanting to watch online, has lots of links...after many tries these are the links that worked for me, see what works for you.

Season 5 Episode 1...Because you left

Season 5 Episode 2 ...The Lie

I've let them load/buffer, second hour's almost done, and I'm waiting for the kids to go to bed so I can watch...Can't wait!.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Season 4 Finale Refresh Recap

So I watching the finale again, streaming online, taking notes during the skips, heh. This was 2 hours and damn the play by play turned out long....New season posts will not be full recaps, just commentary on the episodes....If you need to refresh your memory on what happened last....Grab a soda, and read on.

The season 4 finale starts where season 3 ended. Kate is about to leave in her car when Jack is all "We have to go back!" With his weird fake beard. (We used to call Tom, the Other, "Beardy Mcweirdy, now that's Jack) Kate hits the breaks, and gets out. She's all "Who do you think you are?!" She want's to know why he brought her the Jeremy Bentham obituary, and why he believes him. He says it's the only way to keep them safe and Kate slaps him for speaking Aaron's name, and for leaving. Kate says, "I spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day we left." She says no way she's going back.....

On the Island, Jack and Sawyer are walking through the jungle, as they do...Sawyer seems concerned about Jack's appendix stitches, which are bleeding, but Jack says he's ok. They find the Orchid, they hear the unmistakable snapping of twigs and turn around to see Hurley. They go to the Orchid and Locke is there.

On the freighter, Desmond, Michael, and Jin are trying to figure out the C4 extravaganza Keamy has set up. Apparently the bomb is connected to a radio receiver, and a car battery. And there's no way around it...this thing is gonna blow, boom.

Jack, Back at the Orchid station, questions Locke on what he's doing Locke asks Sawyer and Hurley to scram so he can talk to Jack. Jack says he only came for Hurley, and is in a hurry to get to the chopper and get off this island .

Ben is being taken by the soldiers, hands tied, when big toothed Keamy asks Ben why he's so important that Widmore would pay so much to capture him. Ben asks him if Widmore ordered Keamy to kill his daughter. Neither of them answer eachother. They get to the chopper and see Frank, still handcuffed to it tryint to break them with tools. There's s that jungle noise that means someone is approaching, when they all look around and Kate comes out. Keamy's like Who are you? She say's she's Kate and that Ben's people are after her. Keamy orders Kate to get on her knees with Ben. They all hear the creepy Others' whispering. Others come out of the jungle and kick some freighter ass. They're all down except for Keamy, of course. He goes after Ben and Kate who hightailed it outta there. Ben trips and falls but Kate helps him up. Keamy is about to catch up to them but Sayid comes out of nowhere and is fighting the big K. They both struggle for Keamy's handgun, and it gets knocked away. Then they're fighting over the knife and Keamy ends up about to choke Sayid with a branch. At the last second, Richard Eyeliner Alpert shoots Keamy in the back. Why not the head, I ask!? No one checks for a pulse!? Ben thanks Richard and Kate cuts Ben's plastic restraints and Eyeliner says he made a deal with Kate and Sayid to get off the island for their help. Kate is shocked.

Flash-forward time, Hurley's sitting at the mental hospital when an elderly black woman comes over to him. She says he knows her grandson. Hurley sees Tall Walt standing there, his Grandma says that they've come all the way to California just so Walt could see Hurley as long as he's not dangerous or anything. Hurley says he's sorry and Walt says that Jeremy Bentham visited him though. He aks why they're all lying. Hurley cautiously says "We're lying because it's the only way to protect everyone who didn't come back." Walt asks if that includes his father. Hurley says it does.

Back in the jungle again, Sawyer is looking at Jack and Locke through binoculars. Hurley thanks Sawyer for coming to get him and they share some stale crackers. Hurley asks about Claire and the baby but Sawyer doesn't answer him.

At the Orchid station, Jack is asking Locke what he wants and Locke tells Jack that wants them to stay on the island. Jack laughs at the thought. He points out all the things Locke has done and Lock reminds him that Jack pointed a gun at his head and pulled the trigger.

Locke wants Jack to stay and find out what his destiny is, but Jack's not having it and he's about to leave when Locke says, "You're gonna have to lie." He says they'll have to lie about what happened there when they leave the island to protect it. Jack says "It's an Island, John. No one needs to protect it!' Locke goes "It's not an island, it's a place where miracles happen." Jack says he doesn't believe in miracles. Then Locke hints that he's about to perform one. Ben appears and Jack points his gun at him. Ben ignores the gun with a nice to see you too, Jack and walks over to Locke talking about how he couldn't find the entrance, they go inside, pretty much ignoring Jack. Ben opens the hidden door to the elevator, then Jack asks what they're going to do. Ben tells Jack that Kate and Sayid are at the chopper, waiting for him, and that those on the beach are being ferried to the freighter. Ben tells Jack he needs to get to the freighter within an hour. Locke tells Jack once more to lie about the island. "If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you."

On the freighter, Michael brings a tank of nitrogen when Sun, she has Aaron, asks Michael what's going on Michael she told anyone about the C-4, she hasn't but she asks him if they're able to deactivate it. Michael tells her that the nitrogen tank will help them disarm it. She tells him that she's pregnant, and he seems very happy for her. In the Explosion Room, Michael explains to Desmond and Jinn how the nitrogen will slow down the bomb or something, but there's only one canister of nitrogen. Damn nitrogen shortage!

Daniel arrives at the beach on the Zodiac, he tells Juliet that the first group is on the frieghter. Juliet says she'll organize the second group,and then thanks him for helping them. There's a weirdness about it for a second but that could be my imagination.

Miles and Charlotte are on the beach, Miles is eating some nuts and Rose calls him on eating peanuts without asking and says she's gonna keep an eye on him. Daniel comes up and talks quietly with Charlotte and Miles and tells them that they have to be on the Zodiac. Miles says he plans to stay. Charlotte is packing as Miles says that he's surprised she's leaving after she "spent all that time trying to get back here." Charlotte says "What do you mean, 'get back here?'" Miles is like "What do I mean?" all mysterious like.

Ben and Locke are in the Orchid elevator and it takes forever to go down. The station looks very Dharma and Ben is in a real hurry and John asks him if this is the "magic box" , very child like. Ben says it's not and avoids John's many questions by giving him a Dharma Orientation tape, # 6 of 6. The tape is hosted by "Edgar Haliwax" but it's that same guy and he has a white bunny. He goes into this thing about negatively-charged exotic matter. There's a closet type deal that they use to conduct experiments in space and time. He puts the bunny in the vault and says he's gonna send it forward as small distance along the 4th dimension. Then tape rewinds itself and stops working. Meanwhile Ben is putting anything and everything metal in the vault. Locke asks Ben, "Was he talking about what I think he was talking about?" Ben says "If you mean time-traveling bunnies, then yes." Locke says the video said not to put any metal in there...they hear the elevator and Locke asks if Ben's expecting anyone. Ben asks Locke for his weapon back. That telescoping baton thingy.

Hurley, Jack, and Sawyer are at the chopper. Kate tries to get Frank's cuffs off and Sawyer calls him Kenny Rogers. His nickname skills are slacking. He saws the cuffs off for him with a hacksaw. Duh. Jack asks Sayid if the freighter is safe, bringing up the guy who washed up on the beach. Sayid say's it's safe now. Hurley says they'll come back and look for Claire right?? Jack says yea They all get in the chopper and take off.

At the Orchid, Keamy gets off the elevator, duh he had a bullet proof vest on people! He has a knife and he calls for Ben and tells him he has a dead man's trigger strapped on his arm, so if his heart stops beating the freighter goes kabloom Locke comes up and speaks calmly to Keamy telling him that he has no conflict with him and wants him to put down the knife. Keamy's not having it but then Ben pops out and beats Keamy with his weapon, goes psycho and stabs him over and over, all while yell ing "you killed my daughter" The dead-man's trigger goes off and Lock says to Ben, "You just killed everybody on that boat." Ben pauses then coldly says "So?" Brrrrrr.

On the beach Charlotte tells Daniel that she's staying on the island. He tells her she could never get off the island and asks her why she wants to stay. She says "Would it make any sense if I told you I was still looking for where I was born?" He says that doesn't make sense (ya think?) and she laughs, and kisses him on the cheek and they say goodbye. Daniel goes over to Juliet by the Zodiac and she's also not going. She says that she staying till everyone else is on the boat. I don't know why I still don't trust her. Daniel and some other people head towards the freighter.

Back on the freighter, Michael is freezing the battery with nitrogen and Desmond has an idea but it's not gonna work. The tank shows 1/4 left. They say they have to get everybody off hte boat.

In the helicopter, Frank says the fuel is going down quick and they realize there's a hole in the fuel tank. Frank says they should go back but Jack's not having it. Jack could have totally covered that hole with his hand or something, but the show doesn't want that. Anyway Frank says to them to throw everything off the chopper to save weight, so they do and Frank says "I'd feel a hell of a lot better if were a few hundred pounds lighter." What the hell kind of thing is that to say, Frank? The camera pans right to Hurley. Then to Sawyer. He leans over and whispers something into Kate's ear. She asks why he's telling her this. He kisses her and says, "Just do it, Freckles." Sawyer jumps out and into the water....splash...he swims towards the beach.

Wooosh sound...flash forward....A guy is in his car and someone asks him the time. That someone is Sayid and he shoots the guy. They're in front of the Santa Rosa Mental Institute Sayid goes up to Hurley's room. He sees Hurley playing chess...alone. Hurley says it's after visiting hours, and Sayid says this isn't a visit. He says he's there to take him someplace safe. Hurley points out that he hasn't seen him in ages, but Sayid says that circumstances have changed. "Bentham's dead" he says. Hurley gets some specifics, that it was 2 days ago and ruled a suicide. Then Hurley asks why Sayid keeps calling him Bentham...and Sayid cuts him off and says "Don't say it" Sayid whispers to him that they're being watched. Hurley says "Dude, I've been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia." Sayid tells him that he just killed a guy outside the hospital. Hurley's like we're not going back right?? and Sayid reasures him that he just wants to take him someplace safe. Before Hurley leaves, he stops to make a move on the chessboard. "Checkmate, Mr. Eko." he says. Whaa?? I say.

On the helicopter, Sayid says they can't find the boat, there's 4 or 5 mins of fuel left. Jack says to Kate that they'll go back for Sawyer. Hurley sees the boat and they head towards it. This bearing stuff is confusing.

Back at the Orchid station Locke is trying to save Keamy's so the freighter doesnt blow up. Ben doesn't feel the need to help him. With his dying breaths, Keamy tells Ben that Widmore will find him. Ben says "Not if I find him first." Keamy croaks and the light on his arm thingy goes from green to red. I'm thinking that transmitter shouldn't work from so far underground but whatevs.

On the freighter again, the light on the bomb receiver changes from green to red, that's always bad. Michael tells Desmond and Jin to get out get everyone off the boat. Jin stays though.

The chopper is about to land on the freighter while Desmond runs around yelling for everyone to jump ship. He waves away the chopper and Sayid hears something about a bomb. Cut to Micheal and Jin, the nitrogen is almost out. People are jumping off the boat. Sun looks for Jin. Desmond tells Jack and them that there's a bomb while Frank covers the tank holes with duct tape so he can refuel. Duct tape is the best. Kate sees Sun holding Aaron, and Kate asks her where she's going. Kate offers to go after Jin instead of her.

Nitrogen is almost out and Micheal tells Jin to go and that he's gonna be a dad and stuff. Jin says thanks and gets outta there. Up top Frank tells Jack that they've gotta go. Duh. Jack gets Kate and she isn't able to go after Jin as she told Sun. The chopper takes off with Frank, Desmond, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Aaron, and Jack. JIIIINN! He's now on the deck but Frank doesn't go back down. Sun loses it, understandably.

Back in the explosion room, the nitrogen finally runs out and Micheal hears whispers and all of a sudden there's Christian. He says "You can go now Micheal" Michael says "Who are you?" I say "What the?" and Kablowy the bomb goes off and the boat blows up. Sun loses it some more.

The helicopter kinda hovers around over where the boat sank. I'm hoping against hope that Jin jumped in time and is still alive! Sun wants them to go lower but Jack says there's no one there. and Frank says they need to go back to the island because they didn't get enough fuel. Sun is still very distraught of course and Jack's all "Jin is gone"

Flash forward time...Sun,walks on a bridge when her phone rings. It's her mom and its' clear she's babysitting Ji Yeon. Sun says she's in London and has to take care of some business. She sees Charles Widmore leaving a building and she gets him alone and tells him she is the managing director of Paik Industries. I guess Widmore knows Mr. Paik and he makes some chitchat about golfing with him when Sun says "Are you really going to pretend that you don't know who I am?" Widmore plays dumb but Sun isn't havin it. She says he knows that they've been lying. "You and I have common interests." What does she mean? She gives him her business card. "As you know, we're not the only ones who left the island." and walks a way. He asks why she'd want to help him but doesn't answer him. This scene was so good. I love Sun .

At the Orchid, Ben goes back to putting metal into the vault and Locke wants to know why he killed Keamy and caused the boat to blow up.Ben says "Sometimes good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses. I'm sure you're going to do a much better job of separating the two than I ever did." Ben shuts the vault door and Locke asks what he's doing. Ben tells him to duck and then the vault explodes. Ben says he has to change clothes.

Juliet is on the beach, downing some Dharma brand rum when Sawyer swims ashore. Juliet and says, "Nice day for a swim!" Sawyer asks her what she's celebrating. She says she's not, and they both look at the smoke where the freighter exploded.

Ben's putting on a parka in the orchid and he says he's going somewhere cold but that Locke's not coming with. Locke says that Jacob told Locke what they had to do and Ben says that Jacob didn't tell him how to do it, because he wanted Ben to "suffer the consequences." Locke asks him, "What consequences?" Ben replies "Whoever moves the island can never come back." Ben tells Locke go up and find Richard and the Others, that they are waiting for him and "ready, willing, and able to share what they know." I guess Locke's the leader of the Other's now. Ben says to him "Sorry I made your life so miserable." shakes his hand and walks away. Locke doesn't know what he's supposed to tell the Others to do, but Ben reassures him he'll find his way. Locke then walks up to where the Others are. They all look at him in awe. Eyeliner/Richard says "Welcome home."

Inside the Orchid, Ben goes through an opening in the back of the vault and he ends up in this icy place and he goes down a ladder which breaks injuring his arm. Ben lights an oil lamp and there's a big wheel in the wall. Ben looks up and says "I hope you're happy now, Jacob" He tries to turn it but it's frozen. He starts to loosen it with a crowbar pushes his hardest till eyeballs look like they're about to pop out. There's a loud noise, they cut to everyone hearing the noise. The Others, Juliet and Sawyer, Daniel an co on the Zodiac and everyone on the helicopter. As Ben keeps turning there's a bright light and everyone's blinded for a second then from the chopper's bird's eye view we see the Island disappear. Just like that, gone. The water ripples.

Frank says "Where's the island?" There's no where to land, Jack tells him there was another smaller island, but it's gone too. They're outta gas and they're gonna crash. Sayid grabs the life raft and they all hit the water....Jack is in the water. Kate's calling out to him. Hurley is in the life raft, Kate is holding Aaron and they all get on the raft, all except Desmond. Sayid and Hurley grab Desmond's and pull him into the raft. Jack give him CPR, it's scary for a second but Des makes it.

Flash-forward time. Kate sleeping and she hears a noise that wakes her up.The phone rings and there's a weird clicking sound and some gibberish. She then hears another noise in her house. She grabs her gun and goes to Aaron"'s room where she sees a woman beside his bed She yells "Don't you touch my son!" When the woman turns around, it's Claire! Kate asks how she got there but Clair says "Don't bring him back, Kate. Don't you dare bring him back!" ...and then she wakes it was a dream? She goes into Aaron's room and holds his hand and cries that she's sorry.

On the life raft Jack asks Kate how Aaron is. Kate says he fine. She's getting more maternal. Hurley says "I can't believe he did it." Kate goes "Who did what?" Hurley says "Locke. He moved the island." Jack smugly says "No he didn't." Hurley replies "Well really? 'Cause one minute it was there and the next it was gone. So unless we, like, overlooked it dude, that's exactly what he did. But you got another explanation, man, I'd love to hear it." Go Hurley! Frank sees a light in the distance and it reminds me of Beardy McWeirdy when he took Walt fromt Jack blurts out "We're gonna have to lie." They're all Wha??? Jack says that whoever planted the fake plane found in the ocean will come after them. Kate doesn't think they can pull it off. Jack says to just to let him do all the talking. The boat comes closer, and there are guys speaking a foreign language but we hear them call for Miss Widmore. Desmond looks up and Penny shows up up top and says for the guys to throw them a rope. Desmond yells "Penny" as he climbs the ladder and she goes to meet him. They're both in disbelief and they hug and kiss. Penny does that squinty thing and explains how she got the signal. They exchange I love yous.

Desmond and Penny go to the others and Desmond introduces them each to Penny. Jack tells her that they need to talk.

The screen tells us this is one week later. Hurley and Sayid are the boat. Hurley asks the name of the place they're using, and Sayid says it's Membata. Jack and Frank drop the raft back in the water and Desmond throws a couple of boards in too. Jack asks how long it will take to land, and Frank says it should be about 8 or 9 hours: "Just long enough to give you a nice, convincing sunburn." They say their goodbyes and Penny Aaron to Kate. Jack expresses concern for Desmond, but he says that he'll be fine as long as he's got Penny. Jack tells Desmond "Then I'll see you in another life, brother." , "Aye, I guess you will." Desmond says. Jack, Sayid, Kate, Aaron, Sun, and Hurley get on the raft. they paddle with the boards. They arrive at a fishing village where people help them out.

Flash forward agian.... Jack goes to the funeral home..the one he went to last season. The door is locked but Jack smashs the door knob with a brick and breaks in. He looks at a form on top of a coffin and we figure out that it' Jeremy Bentham. Jack opens the lid, but they don't show us inside yet. Of course not. Ben calls Jack's name and scares the hell out of me. He asks Jack if "he" told him that he was off the island. I guess he means Bentham. He confirms he did. Ben asks him when he last spoke to him. A month ago he says, Kate too. Ben asks what he told him Ben asks what he said. Jack says, "He told me that after I left the island, some very bad things happened and he told me it was my fault, for leaving. And he said that I had to come back." Ben tells Jack he heard that he's flying over the Pacific hoping to crash and says "I'm here to tell you that the island won't let you come alone. All of you have to go back."Jack doesn't see that happening. He says he doesn't know where Sayid is, Hurley's carayzay, that Sun blames him for Jin's death, and Kate isn't speaking to him. Ben says he can help him with them because they have to go back together. Jack starts to leave when says "Jack, I said all of you. We're going to have to bring him, too." They both look at the coffin. And they finally show us who's in's Locke.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Another sneak peek, this time featuring Hurley. The second hour of the premier is Hurley-centric, so Yay.

I guess this is a flash to Penny's boat and maybe a clue as to how Hurley ends up back at Santa Rosa. I see Jack is still his same assy self.

The season opener is is just 4 days away (!!) for those of you in the US. I'll watch the premier as soon as its up online, probably by Friday here. I'll post the link that works for me. I hope to watch last season's finale and post a recap to refresh our memories before that. Till then Lost fans!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Empire Magazine Scans

Read an article on the new season here: Lost Season 5 Empire Magazine Scans
There's a great map of the island there, it really sheds some light on where everything is, relatively. Check it out.