Friday, April 10, 2009

5.12 Dead is Dead

So you know how I love every episode? I loved this one MORE!! I felt like a lot of things were revealed or at least the context of them were.

Oh wow, was it good. LOVED confident Locke. He's back! He was so sure of himself and put Ben in his place. Loved how he knew more than Ben and saw right through him.

LOVED vulnerable Ben. I think this is the first time we've ever seen him with his guard down and scared!

It was interesting how he "saved" Alex. But why didn't the smoke monster judge Ben for anything else besides Alex? I mean he has done some pretty bad stuff.

It was funny when John told Ben..."I'm sure the monster will understand" Haha, I was like, yea, because it's such a calm, rational monster. I liked the ancient smoke monster drawings too. So Alex, that was smokey right? Like Yemi came to Eko. That scene was cooool.

I knew Desmond was the one who laid the smackdown on Ben on the pier. He hesitated when he saw Penny had a child and he told Sun to apologize for him. I hope that was the end of it and he didn't go back and kill Penny, but that's not likely, The gun went in the water. He probably was "sorry" for shooting him in the shoulder (grocery bag?). The blood in the water was ew and cool at the same time.

I guess he does have some good in him, in regards to Alex as well but he was still planning to re-kill Locke. He's gonna hate having to follow him but he damn well better.

The tunnel to the water Ben drained or whatever, that didn't work...what was the point of that? And did Dharma dig that or Others?

I want to know where John went when Sun said he had to do something and how will he help Sun get back to Jin?

I always hated Ilana! I'll bet she was sent by Widmore, she and the other's with her. Leave Frank ALONE! What lies in the shadow of the statue?? It's gotta be either Jughead or the wheel. But when they saw the statue ever so breifly, they weren't that close to it, right? In any case the question reminded me of "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" question/password thing we saw before with the Swan.

Surprised that Ceasar was killed so soon....or was he? Is dead really dead?

Did anyone notice a little bit of focus on Locke's (Christian's) shoes? He was shaking the sand out then later putting them on again

I knew the long haired guy who talked to young ben was Widmore, the actor looked a lot like him and the deep voice gave it away.

I kinda hoped this episode would explain what happened to Annie, but no luck. Let's hope they address it.


Melissa said...

I think this was my favorite episode so far this season. I love Ben episodes.
Aw, Ben has a soft spot for mothers and children. Speaking of which, mine are destroying my kitchen and dishes, everytime I try to write a comment they start ding things they shouldn't be doing...

Melissa said...

Ok, now it's another day and my kids are safely in bed so I shouldn't be interrupted.
Anyways, yeah, it was a really great episode. When Alex appears, and she's talking all sweet to Ben and then shoves him against the wall really kinda shocked me, I wasn't expecting that. I almost was expecting she was going to say something like daddy, I love you. And then she says she'll kill him if he doesn't follow every word Locke says.
So, Widmore lied to Locke, he said Ben tricked him into turning the wheel and being banished from the island, but, he didn't leave that way.
I noticed Locke and the shoes, I wonder what that's all about.
I wonder how Jack will react to seeing Locke. I'm sure they'll eventually get out of the 70's right? I hope so.
I want to know what happened to Annie too!

I thought it was interesting how Locke wanted to help Ben. I think it would have ended differently for Ben if Locke hadn't gone with him. He brought it up a couple times and told Ben it was his fault Alex was dead. I think he wouldn't admit it to himself that it was his fault, and I think he wouldn't have passed the smoke monsters judgment.
I think he wasn't judged for the other stuff because either he was doing what the island/jacob wanted or he was only judged for what he felt remorseful for.
I want to know how he got out of the water after Desmond attacked him and threw him in, he looked unconscious. And is that how he hurt his arm? I think there's more to that. It didn't look like that would hurt his arm that bad. Ok, well I think I wrote enough.
I'll get an msn account and we can use that sometime to talk about the show!

Mona said...

Mellisa, Please do on the msn thing, I'm mom2dawood on there.. or

Yea Ben did look knocked uncocious under water PLUS when he called Jack from the marina he had his arm in a sling, where'd he get it? but I do really hope that's the end of that scene.

And yea and Alex seemed weird right off but it was obviously smokey as Alex.

I saw this weeks ep today, I need to write the post!