Thursday, May 21, 2009

5.16 & 5.17 The Incident

I've been trying to process this finale all week, it was definitely a lot to take in.

Where do I even begin? How about the end? Well, I guess we have no idea where season 6 will go after that white flash. It could mean the bomb blew up and brought them back to 2004 landing in LAX as they expected, which I really hope doesn't happen, it's too predictable anyway. OR maybe it was a time flash white light and they will be in 2007 with the rest of them. Or something else completely.

I gotta say Elizabeth Mitchell stole the show. Her scene with Sawyer where she's about to fall was heart wrenching, for real. Then she went and did what they had set out to do and blew up the bomb. Who knew all she had to do was say the magic words? "Son of a Bitch!" I think we will see her in season 6 because she was still alive just as they all were at the end, same with Sayid. They can't kill Sayid!

As for the real shocker, the bomb was a given, LOCKE is NOT LOCKE! I did not see that coming. SOOO the guy in the first very telling scene with the black shirt who wanted to find a loophole to kill Jacob, that guy we'll call Black Shirt. So Black shirt embodied Locke. I think he might also be smokey. Maybe Christian? I dunno, but smokey has taken the form of a person before, as Yemi, Eko's brother.

I really feel bad about Locke now though. I mean I loved the character of John Locke from the start. The tortured soul who always wanted to be special, lived his whole life being taken advantage of, even in death!

So Jacob seems like he's good and Black shirt is evil. I mean Jacob seemed very kind and it was interesting how and when he met/visited Kate,Sawyer,Jack,Hurley ,Sayid,Sun &Jin. Each were before the crash of 815 except for Sayid and Hurley. Now I don't understand why he stopped Sayid, letting Nadia get hit by the car, but maybe that was going to happen anyway. Or maybe they would have both been hit and he saved Sayid? Anyway, he gave Hurley the guitar case, maybe it's Charlie's? Was the point in time where he met each of them significant? He made it a point to touch each of them physically too. I don't really know what the reason for Juliet's flashback was but Jacob didn't visit her. I have to say though casting did a great job with the child actors, especially Kate, she looked so much like Evangeline Lily.

It was good to see Rose and Bernard and VINCENT! again, finally. That's why they'd been out of sight. So Bernard could grow a cool beard. I'm thinking maybe Jin did find them once and kept their secret, since they had Dharma food and they didn't "find" them. I wonder if we'll see them again. They're "we're retired" seemed so final.

My only gripe was how lame everyone's reasons for blowing up a HYDROGEN BOMB. Relationship reasons...whatever, everyone flip flopped on that while Sayid lie bleeding to death in the van. I guess he was being his badass self and doing something with the bomb. Miles was the only reasonable one.

So Ilana, Bram and them are on Jacob's side and seem to think Frank is a good candidate for something? Maybe to take Jacob's place or form, It's out there, I know. Since Ilana was helping Jacob, she brought Sayid back. It's all part of Jacob's plan.

Now Jacob went down all to easily and he even seemed to be goading Ben when he said "What about you?" Ben had just poured his heart out and wanted validation or some reason for all he's done and he's met with basicly, who cares? That made Ben get all stabby and Jacob said, "They're coming". Maybe that means the Losties are coming?

I can't believe we have to wait till 2010 for the 6th and final season of my beloved show! There's always re-runs and they definitely left us with a lot to ponder. Until next year my friends...what did you think?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

5.15 Follow The Leader

Well, Daniel is dead as a door nail. That does not mean we won't see him again though!

Kate annoys me. I think she should have said more about all the people the bomb would kill and less about the good old times. Wasn't her whole purpose for coming back to the island to find Claire? What happened to that?
Is Ellie pregnant? Charles had his hand on her tummy and people do that when you're pregnant.

Radzinsky , I hate you so much, and that Phil, ugh what an ass.

The return of Sayid! I really thought Kate got shot though.

Ben is so scared of Locke now. I loved the WTF looks on Richard's face. He needs to talk more!

I really felt for Miles when he saw his dad order his mom off the island, but I thought there would be more of a DADDY!! SON! Moment when Chang found out it was him.

Hurley's little test was funny cause when they first got to '77 he starts asking all these questions about how to fit in, including 'who was president in 1977'. And Sawyer told him, "this isn't a game show." I also loved Jin's pained look when Hurley said that the Korean War never happened .

The H-bomb appeals to Jack. He wants this all to go away and he can't know what will really happen. How is he so sure? Isn't that a paradox? I mean if he prevents the crash then he prevents himself going back in time to prevent the crash.

I like you John, but I hope Sun will go in to kickass mode when she finds out Locke isnt really going to find Jacob for her.

We had BETTER see Bernard and Rose in the finale. Remember them??

I guess Sawyer couldn't do anything but till the moment he got on the sub I thought he'd have a plan. So Kate gets on the sub JUST after Sawyer and Juliet have a moment! I was already imagining S & J happy in the 70's. Did you see the look on Juliet's face!? Plus I guess they don't have to be drugged to get off the island? I also hated Kate's "Hey" look to Sawyer!

In The Man Behind The Curtain, when Locke first went to the Cabin, Jacob said "Help me." So maybe Jacob needs to die like he did. Or something.