Friday, March 27, 2009

5.10 He's Our You

I loved the episode title, once it was said.

This was another jaw on the floor Lost ending. But sit tight folks. I 'll bet Ben is going to be fine. The Island will heal him or something. It really does bring to mind the question. Is it OK to kill a person who you know will do horrible evil things while they are still young and haven't yet done them? I didn't feel bad for Ben, although I've never seen a child shot on TV like that, he has it coming eventually. Plus he send a flaming van into a house with people inside. Presumably. Yes his father was a huge asshole and probably started Ben on his road to evil but I'm also afraid Sayid "killing" him could turn out to be what makes him use him in the future.

I think it was interesting, comparing the killer that is Ben and Sayid. Sayid has only ever killed for good reason or to protect people he cared about. I didn't like that scene where Ben told him he was done and Sayid was all "What do I do now?" I do however think that Naveen Andrews brought it this week and really showed his acting chops. Also his hair looks better straight.

The actor playing young Ben was so spot on with the creepy eyes and all, Sterling Beaumont should get a guest emmy nomination. But he wont. Anyway I thought Sawyer asking Kate why she came was so random and just trying to get us all ooooh about the love quadrangle. I'm tired of it already. I don't care much for Juliet or Kate but Juliet is a way better choice. That's all I have to say about that. And no one's asked her about Aaron?

No Miles this week? And very little Jin. I'm not even asking about the people and canines we never see anymore. Jack seems to like not leading anymore and is going with the flow as is Hurley.

Oldham was hilarious. I loved "Maybe I should use half a dropper". Drugged up laughing Sayid was so funny too. We almost never see him smile. I thought it was weird that not one person thought hey maybe this could be true...this is a crazy island and all.

I effing hate Radzinski. He needs to cool it. Horace seems like such a weird leader. Why is he head honcho here again? I guess the reference to Ann Arbor meant the Degroots.

I don't get why Jin had to check with Sawyer at the end, poor guy got knocked out by Sayid's mad ninja skills. That's another thing that shows that Ben isn't sweet and innocent...he just saw Sayid turn on a guy in a second flat and left him unconscious and his first thought is "COOOL HOW'D YOU DO THAT?" or something to that effect. I don't think Sayid is a born killer and can be nothing else. Dude just can't catch a break.

I can't wait till John shows up all alive and stuff.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

5.9 Namaste

SOOO this episode was crazy....well that's normal for Lost right?

Frank is The. Best. Pilot. Ever. I loved the runway which we saw Sawyer and Kate help build in Season 3. So does Ben have it built because he knew Frank would need it in the future? Also Radzinsky! He was the one who was with with Kelvin Inman in the Swan station/Hatch, and was the blood stain on the ceiling.

I wondered when or if Sayid figured out they had traveled back in time. If one could ever jump to that conclusion. Sayid has been to the Flame, when Mikhael was thre and Locke blew it up, so he had to realize something was up. Plus Jin was in a Dharma jumpsuit and stuff.

I felt bad for Sawyer/James. He had a good thing going at Dharma for 3 years and that's probably the closest thing to a normal life he's ever had. Steady and peaceful, Now this happens and they have to figure out how to blend in. Really it's all kind of a big con but a simple life still.

Where is Faraday? Did he go back on the sub to research? Is he helping build the orchid? Did he go crazy?

The baby being Ethan was so typical but I wonder if they will go in to how he went from DI to Others like Ben.

I liked the 70's clothes. Jack looked funny with his fitted shirt and all. I LOVED the look on his face when he was told that his aptitude test showed he would be best for janitoral work. So perfect.

Why wasn't Sun in 77 too? No fair...Jin is looking for her too but in the wrong time. I bet they're just stretching this out to make for a biiiig ruinion, but I loved Sun this episode. She out Benned Ben. I guess that's what puts him in the injury ward when John sees him and says "that's the man that killed me."

When Christian showed up I thought it would be Rose and Bernard, then I thought Richard. When he shows Sun/Frank the picture that the door flies open and there are some whispers.

Ben was creepy even then but his dad was a huge jerk and that'll do it. I wonder if Sayid is what makes him interested in the Hostiles or is this after he spoke to Richard...I think after cause he's bigger here, right? Sayid saying "nice to meet you Ben" was eerie.

That guy Phil is suspicious of Kate, the way he looks at her he is suspicious. I don't know why James didn't ask about Aaron or why they didn't ask about Rose & Bernard or VINCENT! Blah.

Jame's smackdown to Jack was a long time coming although a bit harsh.

I can't wait to find out how they will all reunite in time. Or what happened to R&B and the damn dog. Or a million other things I want to know.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

5.8 LaFleur

This episode was really great! A lot of WTF? moments and some lovely ones as well.

I loved seeing the four toed statue in all it's glory. It looks Egyptian right? It also looks to be holding an Ankh in one hand like the one that was around Paul's neck.

I really liked how James cared a lot about John. He has become James now. Not Sawyer.
I lolled when the guy yelled at the 2 dancers for having a "hootenanny" .

Horace will always be Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile to me. I liked the reveal that LaFleur is Sawyer, I was thinking Daniel. But James "Sawyer" Ford LeFleur was indeed a nice surprise. He looked a lot different shaved and shampooed. I liked him taking the leadership role. Josh Holloway was great this episode.

They're all settled into Dharma and I wonder where Ben is at this time.

I thought that Amy's baby was going to be Charlotte but it was a boy...I'm sure it will turn out to be someone we know.
The security gate looked appropriately new. I love Lost for their continuity.

Daniel was heartbreaking and moving in his grief over Charlotte and seeing the little redheaded girl. They don't show Daniel at all in the 3 years later part...I wonder what he's doing. Besides going into the Orchid like in the premier.

The best part by far was Richard showing up, James calling him "Your buddy out there with the eyeliner". The conversation between them was great. I like how now the Losties know more than the Others or Dharma. Richard was so confused.

I guess it will have more meaning later but I didn't care about the Horace/Amy/Paul thing. I don't know what Richard wanted with the bodies either. I do wish Miles would use some dead people talking skills or something besides just snark.

I kinda liked James and Juliet as just friends but they made the romance believable. I really truley hope he is not stupid and goes back to Kate. It bothered me that he didn't tell Juliet where he was going after the phone call though.

I'm glad they're all on the same time line. Jack kinda smiled at Sawyer, Hurley was stone faced though. Kate annoys me. Last week she didn't care what happened to everyone on the island so I hope she doesn't get all fickle and want James back.

But seriously. Where the hell are Rose and Bernard?! All this time? Could they have joined the "indigenous hostiles"?