Thursday, April 30, 2009

5.14 The Variable

Oh Lost. I love you. I hate you! No no no! I didn't mean that! I Love you!
Daniel's character is one of the most interesting on Lost and I REALLY hope he's not dead!

Well this episode definately confirmed a lot of thinks we have suspected. That the button in the hatch was what we thought. Indeed, Widmore was the one to plant the fake plane/bodies. Thankfully Penny isn't dead and Desmond was shot but is ok in the end. I had also suspected that Widmore was Faraday's father, but who is Penny's mom?

Daniel's childhood flashbacks were interesting and kinda creepy. Elloise Hawking is not winning any mother of the year awards, that's for sure! No time for music, no time for relationships, just to make sure he does end up "twitchy". Poor Theresa was sweet before he messed her up...too bad he messes his own brain up too. I liked the continuation of the scene where he's watching the news.

So Daniel tells Jack and company that they do not belong there and that his mother was WRONG! What is that woman's agenda?

I really liked when Daniel was just plain and honest and said what needed to be said to Dr. Chang. That rarely happens on Lost. I kinda wish Miles had been like "yea, it's me dad".

So during their little meeting I liked when Hurley said "you guys were in the 50's? Like, Fonzie times?" Haha. Sawyer was an idiot for calling Kate "freckles" in front of was his pet name for her, and while Sawyer has "pet" names for just about everyone it was a term of endearment and Juliet was rightly annoyed. Glad she gave the code for the fence.

The scene with Daniel and little Charlotte was almost painful. He promised himself he wouldn't tell her but he did. She says the bit about chocolate before dinner and they both's just so tragic.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Radzinsky? Well, I do. He's a huge tool and I hate him. Now Daniel, it was not the best idea to go waving that gun around though. I can't believe Sawyer and Juliet are caught. What are they gonna do? What about Hurley, Miles and Jin?

Soooo Daniel's plan? The one where he detonates Jughead and changes the course of history so that Oceanic 815 doesn't crash? Yea, I don't think that's such a good idea. Who amongst them want to go back to then? Kate for one was on her way to the slammer. None of them would have met. Hurley would still be cursed. John was crippled and depressed. No. Just no.

When Elloise Bitch Hawking went to see Penny, I don't really get what she was doing there. I mean, just to say sorry your Des was caught in the cross fire? Her eyes are creepy. And why'd she slap Widmore?

Daniel should have walked in to the camp arms up and had the gun just in case but damn...killed by your own mother....cold, Ellie. COLD. I hope dead isn't dead in this case!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

5.13 Some Like It Hoth

Miles is definitely an interesting character. I knew right away that Pierre Chang was Miles' dad because his mom was the woman in the season opener when we saw him get the baby. Who on Lost doesn't have daddy issues??
I felt so bad for poor little Miles when he heard the dead for the first time. Teenish Miles was hard core. THE best moment in the whole episode that still makes me giggle is Mile's look to his Dad when he said he liked country! I did think it was good to return the football player's dad his money and while he did pretty much crush the dad, it showed he does indeed care that his dad wasn't around.

Hurley was kind of annoying in this ep, I don't know why. Just having to stop to check the mayo and being nosy and pushy...I'm not a Star Wars fan so all that stuff went over my head.
The numbers on the hatch was cool though, they haven't brought them up in a while. I did like the whole comparing notes on seeing dead people bit.

Kate must have been the worst con artist ever. She just had to go tell Roger that even though he's a huge ass and doesn't even appreciate her giving blood or offering sympathy. Blah. I think Jack should have just said, "Look, she was probably trying to make you feel better" or something. Instead he made it look more suspicious I think. I dunno, Roger probably annoyed him, being a drunk dad and all. Maybe it was to show he still cares about Kate.

The guys in the van. Bram and them? Who do they work for?? It's not Widmore and Ben didn't seem to know them. But you never know with Ben though. Ellie? The Economist? Also, why did they want his body at The Orchid??

Naomi's corpse. SO this guy Felix had the evidence that Tom showed Micheal about the faked plane crash. Miles was all weird and twitchy, lol.

The guy in the back of the van? WOW that magnet was so strong it shot his filling through his head yikes... I remember Desmond saying it made his fillings hurt but I guess the thick wall that Sayid was talking about lessened the strength. When they first showed Radzinsky I was like, Cool, shoutout, but he is so damn annoying.

I wish Miles would have had time to erase that tape before Horace came in. When he said "circle of trust" All I could think was Meet the Parents. But now it looks like the ish is gonna hit the fan. Probably leading to "The Incident". I hope Sawyer has a good plan.

I liked the scene where Miles sees himself and his dad is doting on him. I'm gonna say he had to leave them or have them leave the island to protect them. Maybe after The Incident. He seemed like a loving father. Maybe his mom lied? I don't know but it was a sweet scene. I particularly liked when Mr. Chang said "I need you", and Miles goes "You do?" Lol it was so cute.

YAY for Daniel!! I knew he was coming when Chang said "scientists". Is the next episode in 2 weeks??

Friday, April 10, 2009

5.12 Dead is Dead

So you know how I love every episode? I loved this one MORE!! I felt like a lot of things were revealed or at least the context of them were.

Oh wow, was it good. LOVED confident Locke. He's back! He was so sure of himself and put Ben in his place. Loved how he knew more than Ben and saw right through him.

LOVED vulnerable Ben. I think this is the first time we've ever seen him with his guard down and scared!

It was interesting how he "saved" Alex. But why didn't the smoke monster judge Ben for anything else besides Alex? I mean he has done some pretty bad stuff.

It was funny when John told Ben..."I'm sure the monster will understand" Haha, I was like, yea, because it's such a calm, rational monster. I liked the ancient smoke monster drawings too. So Alex, that was smokey right? Like Yemi came to Eko. That scene was cooool.

I knew Desmond was the one who laid the smackdown on Ben on the pier. He hesitated when he saw Penny had a child and he told Sun to apologize for him. I hope that was the end of it and he didn't go back and kill Penny, but that's not likely, The gun went in the water. He probably was "sorry" for shooting him in the shoulder (grocery bag?). The blood in the water was ew and cool at the same time.

I guess he does have some good in him, in regards to Alex as well but he was still planning to re-kill Locke. He's gonna hate having to follow him but he damn well better.

The tunnel to the water Ben drained or whatever, that didn't work...what was the point of that? And did Dharma dig that or Others?

I want to know where John went when Sun said he had to do something and how will he help Sun get back to Jin?

I always hated Ilana! I'll bet she was sent by Widmore, she and the other's with her. Leave Frank ALONE! What lies in the shadow of the statue?? It's gotta be either Jughead or the wheel. But when they saw the statue ever so breifly, they weren't that close to it, right? In any case the question reminded me of "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" question/password thing we saw before with the Swan.

Surprised that Ceasar was killed so soon....or was he? Is dead really dead?

Did anyone notice a little bit of focus on Locke's (Christian's) shoes? He was shaking the sand out then later putting them on again

I knew the long haired guy who talked to young ben was Widmore, the actor looked a lot like him and the deep voice gave it away.

I kinda hoped this episode would explain what happened to Annie, but no luck. Let's hope they address it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

5.11 Whatever Happened, Happened

OH show. How I love you.
Kate's hair looked so pretty here.

I'm not the biggest Kate fan but she was pretty good in this episode. I like that she did turn Aaron over to Grandma Littleton, but I don't get what the big secret was about that. Why didn't she just tell Jack, "Oh I gave him to his grandma". Playing with us, they are. I also like that she went back to the Island to find Claire. They didn't forget about her! I thought the woman that found Aaron in the supermarket was gonna be Claire.

I liked seeing Cassidy again, but It would have been good to see Kate when she finds out that the woman she knew was actually Sawyer's ex and "gee whatta coincidence!" But anyway I do NOT see how Sawyer "broke her heart" and that's why she needed Aaron. Last we saw, Kate couldn't decide between James & Jack.

Hurley & Miles' conversation about time travel was great and they were talking right to the audience there. I can't wait to see what Daniel is up to.

I didn't fall for Roger being all sweet or anything. I bet a lot of abusive people feel some remorse at times but he was still an ass and said "sometimes a boy just needs his mother" Yea, maybe a boy just needs his dad to lay OFF! Ultimately I don't think Roger's actions, or Sayid's shooting him or anything else had to do with how Ben Linus turns out because Richard said he wouldn't remember anything and he'd "lose his innocence" I don't really get what that means!?

I'm glad Sawyer made his feelings clear when he told Kate he was helping Ben for Juliet. Juliet going into the bathroom when Jack was showering was weird. He's changed a lot and I for one, DO like the new Jack.

Also VERY interesting that Charles & Ellie are still on the Island in '77. Where does that leave Penny and Daniel?