Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6.10 The Package

Episode 10 did not disappoint, I thought there was suspense, humor and some reveals and tied some things together.

I love a Jin/Sun episode and this one was no different. I was a little sad when it was revealed that they were not married in the alternate reality/time line. I guess her jerk of a dad wasn't having it. How cold is that? Sending him to deliver the money to pay off the guy who's going to kill him? Also, closing Sun's account. Cold, man.

Poor Sayid, man, he doesn't feel anything and seems not to know why. NotLocke and Sawyer's little exchange did address the issue of why he doesn't just smoke on over the water.  Sawyer's "oh yeah, because that would be ridiculous"  was funny! I was so worried for Sun when he was chasing her. I mean he didn't take her by force when she hit her head but he was chasing her the whole way. Free will and all that?

Claire was worried about Aaron knowing Kate as his mom and not her, when NotLocke said "Whatever happens happens" She had this look on her face like, hmmmm Ima kill'er! Yea, right after you get some shampoo K?

I loved seeing Mikhael again. I don't know why I always liked him. He had 2 eyes there for a while till Jin shot one out.  We got to see how that whole restaurant fridge thing played out and that Sun is pregnant.

I knew Desmond was "The Package", it was so obvious. Still good seeing him though. I loved the exchange of looks between him and Sayid. I wonder if Zombie Sayid knows or still recognizes him. I'd suppose so. I hope he comes out of this somehow though.

Widmore is looking for the pockets of energy, I wonder what for. What's he brought Des there to do? He seems to be against smokey/NotLocke just like the Jacob followers are. Also, he seemed to be the good guy here. When Jin saw pictures of Ji Yeon, I cried, it was so sweet and she was so adorable! I was hoping for a Sun/Jin reunion this week I guess it would be too predictable.

Sun losing her English was a weird twist. Jack was like his season one counselor self in that little fire-side chat. Nice to see him smile though.

A couple of other Lol moments were the pretend cocoa and Frank's reply to Mile's bacon grease comment. I thought Lapedis was going to defend Hurley but he was just "Don't talk about bacon". Heh.

I like how they bring back people in the alt time line. I really hope they bring back Faraday somehow. He  was cool. Whispered everything. But cool.

How many episodes left? 7? It's really getting down to the wire now. It's clear that NotLocke needs all the candidates on the plane with him to leave and that everyone else has to stop him. How does Mrs. Hawking fit in this season?

I saw  Richard in a whole new light this week. I felt for Sun and how she just wanted to find her husband and not save the world or be a Candidate. That tomato looked delicious though.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6.9 Ab Aeterno

This one is right up there in the top 5 Lost episodes ever! I was grinning most of the time thinking, I love this! The rest of the time I felt bad for poor Ricardo and all that he went through.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nestor Carbonell was so amazing. He never really got a chance to show his chops but he made this episode. I loved it! Ricardo & Isabella are the best love story on Lost since Desmond & Penny.

On the beach, snarky Ben was back. No one asked what replacing Jacob meant? I loved that little chuckle Richard gave when they all turned to him for what to do next.

I want to know why Elana is bandaged up. Jacob is such a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an inigma. I'm glad he's more chill now. When he saw Richard with the dagger he went a little overboard with the hitting. But maybe that was part of the proving he's alive thing.

Richard could NOT catch a break. First his wife is sick and the doctor's a jerk and he accidentally kills him, he gets sent to be hung and I thought the priest that saw Richard in prison was kind of ummm....Harsh? Then when he gets on the Island he's chained for days unable to reach the water and when he finally gets the nail free a stupid boar knocks it out of his reach. I'm gonna say that was his penance. The smokey scene was pretty cool, though. I want that sound bite, the smokey sounds. Maybe a ring tone. I don't know why.

I thought this episode was full of answers. We learned what was suspected is true, that Richard was a slave/prisoner on the Black Rock. We also found out how the statue broke and how the Black Rock got on the Island. We also got a lot about the dynamic between Man in Black and Jacob. Very sneaky that Man in Black, he had me going there for a bit. Interesting that the instructions Man in Black gave Richard about how to kill Jacob were the same as the instructions Dogen gave Sayid to kill Man in Black/NotLocke. So this is the only way to kill either? Ben killed Jacob but with a different knife. Ponder worthy. I love how they are sworn enemies and still come and say good morning and stuff, heh.

I loved the wine bottle/cork analogy and lots of people are saying that when the island sunk, it's like the cork was removed? I'm not sure how that theory fits in with the sideways reality, but it's interesting. The way Jacob described why he brings people to the island, to prove Man in Black wrong, seemed pretty cavalier. I mean this is supposed to be the good guy. He brings people to suffer and mostly die on the island. Man, I can't wait to see how this ends. Two months!

Hurley using his powers to save the day once again. That very Ghost like scene with Isabella was touching. I hope Richard goes back now and tells them what to do.

I'm gonna reiterate what Jay & Jack said this week. People need to just watch the show for what it is. Not have such high expectations for tons of answers every episode and nit picking about little things. You're going to ruin your Lost experience. Just enjoy and go with the flow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6.8 Recon

So, I enjoyed this episode. Not as much as last week's but I felt like they were laying the foundation for what's to come.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sawyer as a cop was unexpected. A little fake out with the con-man act there. They had me going. When they revealed that James was a police officer, I wondered why he helped Kate escape in the airport elevator. I suppose maybe he's only in the job to find Anthony Cooper and didn't care about it and also he'd kept his trip to Sydney a secret so maybe he didn't want to call attention to himself.

His calling all the Anthony Coopers was pretty sad to me. Miles knew he was lying all along. They had quite the bromance going on there. I was glad to hear that Miles' and his dad were on good terms, when he mentioned him.

On the island I was glad to hear Sawyer say he wouldn't leave without Sun and he also asked about Miles Jack and Hurley later on. It shows he does care about them, even if earlier he said the Others could do what they wanted with them.

I was kind of rooting for Claire to kill Kate and it was funny when Sayid just sat there. Funny but sad. Is this what his character has been reduced to? I want the old Sayid back, man. Locke throwing Claire like that and that slap, woah. He was like go sit over there! It was weird.

Charlotte sure cleans up nice. I knew the date would be someone we know, I just hoped it would be Juliet but the museum job makes more sense for Charlotte of course. I think she was wrong to be snooping around in his stuff. Yea he kind of over reacted but you don't just go looking in someone's stuff like that. Just take a T shirt and be done with it.

Back on the island, I didn't get NotLocke's whole crazy mom shpeal. I mean I get that yea Claire is crazy now but I didnt' understand what he meant by growing pains etc. He just wanted to get Kate on his side, I believe.

In the alternate time-line, I loved the part with James watching Little House on the Prairie! It was a nice call back to a scene back in season 3, Tricia Tanaka is Dead. Kate says something about a clean slate and he goes slate? like on Little House? and she teases him for being a fan and he said he had mono and was home for a long time and the tv only showed one channel. Don't make excuses man Little House was great!

So, Charlotte tells him he blew it and then he makes up with Miles and tells him about what happened to his parents and why he joined the police academy. Tortured soul, that James Ford.When the car hitting- fugitive was Kate, that was no surprise, I mean come on.

Back on the island again, I thought the part where he sees the cages and clutches Kate's dress was lame. I don't' get it. Did he forget about Juliet that fast? I knew Zoe was lying from the beginning. I bet Widmore's got Desmond in that Locked room! So Sawyer is playing both sides and just wants to get out of there, hopefully with all the Lostees, even if he said "you and me" to kate about getting of the Island. How are they gonna run a sub? Maybe they'll just force the operator to take them? We'll see I suppose but that wasn't the shocking ending, that we are accustomed to.

I wont say who I heard next week's episode is about, just in case someone doesn't want to know, but I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6.7 Dr. Linus

I thought this was an excellent episode, the best since LA X. There were a lot of reveals, well more confirmations of things Lost fans have suspected. Good episodes always go by quick.

I was starting to think the character of Benjamin Linus had fallen flat, but it seems he's being redeemed and made the right choices in both universes/time-lines.

Side-flash Ben was a good teacher that cared about his students and school. Loved seeing substitute Locke giving Ben ideas. I also like how Ben still had Alex in his life and chose her over power. They faked us out there for a second when he walked into the office. I think he could have still blackmailed the principal but for story's sake, I'll just believe it had to be a choice.

It was good seeing wrinkly Roger and how Ben was caring for him. Giving him oxygen instead of poison gas. It seemed like Roger and Ben had a good relationship in this time line and gasped when Roger said they did go to the Island. I wonder why/when they left.

Glad Richard made an appearance and I felt badly for his desperation. Jack was totally man of faith in the scene with the dynamite. Hurley was lolz "If you change your mind, I'll be like, a mile away". Richard all but flat out said that he came to the island on The Black Rock.

I love Miles' character. His "UhOh" when Elana said that Jacob was the closest thing to a father to her was pure snark! And the fact that they used Miles' power to bring back Nikki and Paulo and the diamonds was so satisfying!

Elana said there were 6 candidates left, Shepard, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, and Kwon. Now Either Kwon is both Jin and Sun or Kate is still a candidate or someone else. Maybe Desmond? Maybe Frank? Elana did mention he could be one last season, and now they reiterated how he was destined to come to the island.

Richard revealed that being touched by Jacob makes you a candidate and candidates can't kill themselves. This was a light bulb moment for me. Micheal was once a candidate (Dawson was seen on the cave ceiling and crossed off) and the Island wouldn't let him kill himself till it was done with him on the freighter. Jack once almost jumped off a bridge and then was distracted by an accident. Even Locke wasn't able to hang himself. I love when Lost drops a little bit of info that sheds light on so much stuff that happened before.

We learned that NotLocke has taken his group to the Hydra and that he seems to be telling everyone what they want to hear. He just said to Sawyer a few episodes ago that it's just an Island, and it doesn't need protecting. And here he is telling Ben that he's the new Island protector.

Ben's scene with Elana was heartbreaking. How Micheal Emerson manages to play a weaselly murdering mastermind and still tug at your heartstrings is beyond me. I cried when he said "No one else will have me" and his look of utter disbelief when Elana replied "I'll have you". Again, a parallel to the sideways universe, Ben making the right choice. I felt bad for him being all left out on the beach.

The little reunion scene was like old times and garnered a few tears from me. I thought Ben and Richard might at least shake hands. They were left out. They need to give Sun a few lines besides "I need to find my husband" already.

The sub with Widmore wasn't a surprise for me. That's the last time I listen to Jay and Jack's "Next on Lost" segment. I'll also avoid looking at the credits in the beginning.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

6.6 Sundown

I never watch previews so I had no idea this was a Sayid episode but I was glad. I've always liked Sayid. Level headed, and kickass Sayid. This new Dark Side Sayid is scary but Naveen Andrews is playing it well.

It was a shocker that Sayid was not married to Nadia, but his brother was. Omar seems to kind of know that Sayid cares about Nadia too. She's really beautiful by the way, great smile. I guess the kids know now too. oops.

The fight scene between Sayid and Dogen was pretty cool , seemed really long too. When Dogen first went for Sayid, Sayid came back like..Oh, you don't know about me!. I guess Dogen realized he can't kill him and just told him to leave. Miles got some screen time today. 2 hours huh? Wow, so at least we know that part. The hot tub didn't do anything, except drown him, so it's definitely broken.

Claire does mention Jin and Sawyer so we know they are still ok but where? Dogen changing his mind again about Sayid was weird but I thought they already knew Jacob was dead. I suppose Sayid wanted to prove he has good in him.

Kate really didn't see that Claire was a bit on the cuckoo side? She should have told her that he is safe. Claire probably wouldn't believe that he was with her mother because for all she knows, she's still in a coma. But Kate doesn't know that, I think. Claire had a killer look on her face when she heard Kate say she'd taken Aaron but then it kind of went away later.

NotLock did speak before Sayid stabbed him. He said Hello Sayid. I wonder if Dogen's instructions were literal or he meant kill him before he convinces you to join him. So Jacob can be stabbed and killed but NotLocke just goes "Now why'd you go and do that?" Ha, that was good. Now when Sayid said the only thing he ever wanted died in his arms did he mean Nadia or Shannon? This is where Sayid goes to the Dark side and his heart is blackened by the evil inside him. I hate that he's evil now really. Unless he's faking it. I dunno would he fake it and kill Dogen and Lennon? The look on his face was scary.

In the flash sideways/alternate life/whatever, we see Jack pass Sayid and look right at him in the hospital. Also the guy who went and got Sayid and spoke bad Arabic, wasn't that the other Omar from the freighter? I loved the scene with Keamy. I knew the big guy was gonna be someone we know but Keamy was unexpected. I kind of felt like he was channeling Christopher Walken there. He's got some chompers too. Sayid was his bad self as usual and Keamy got his comeuppance. Now Jin in the fridge was the most perplexing part. Was Keamy the guy he was supposed to deliver the watch to? Why was he tied up?

It was good seeing Sun and Frank even for a second and at least Sun knows Jin is alive,"last I saw of him, yea." I need them to reunite and soon. Elana really seems to know a lot but has no time to tell anyone anything. Ben going back for Sayid was oddly caring but I loved his look of sheer terror at Sayid's crazy evil eyes. Did Ben make it back in time to get in to the secret door?

So when Dogen is dead and Smokey goes all crazy in the temple, I hate when everyone splits up! Kate is now stuck with the evil people. Not that I care but I feel like it has some meaning. John gave her a look when he saw her. This ending was creepy and dark. I can't wait to see what happens next. Where Jack and Hurley are. Where is NotLocke taking everyone?