Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6.8 Recon

So, I enjoyed this episode. Not as much as last week's but I felt like they were laying the foundation for what's to come.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sawyer as a cop was unexpected. A little fake out with the con-man act there. They had me going. When they revealed that James was a police officer, I wondered why he helped Kate escape in the airport elevator. I suppose maybe he's only in the job to find Anthony Cooper and didn't care about it and also he'd kept his trip to Sydney a secret so maybe he didn't want to call attention to himself.

His calling all the Anthony Coopers was pretty sad to me. Miles knew he was lying all along. They had quite the bromance going on there. I was glad to hear that Miles' and his dad were on good terms, when he mentioned him.

On the island I was glad to hear Sawyer say he wouldn't leave without Sun and he also asked about Miles Jack and Hurley later on. It shows he does care about them, even if earlier he said the Others could do what they wanted with them.

I was kind of rooting for Claire to kill Kate and it was funny when Sayid just sat there. Funny but sad. Is this what his character has been reduced to? I want the old Sayid back, man. Locke throwing Claire like that and that slap, woah. He was like go sit over there! It was weird.

Charlotte sure cleans up nice. I knew the date would be someone we know, I just hoped it would be Juliet but the museum job makes more sense for Charlotte of course. I think she was wrong to be snooping around in his stuff. Yea he kind of over reacted but you don't just go looking in someone's stuff like that. Just take a T shirt and be done with it.

Back on the island, I didn't get NotLocke's whole crazy mom shpeal. I mean I get that yea Claire is crazy now but I didnt' understand what he meant by growing pains etc. He just wanted to get Kate on his side, I believe.

In the alternate time-line, I loved the part with James watching Little House on the Prairie! It was a nice call back to a scene back in season 3, Tricia Tanaka is Dead. Kate says something about a clean slate and he goes slate? like on Little House? and she teases him for being a fan and he said he had mono and was home for a long time and the tv only showed one channel. Don't make excuses man Little House was great!

So, Charlotte tells him he blew it and then he makes up with Miles and tells him about what happened to his parents and why he joined the police academy. Tortured soul, that James Ford.When the car hitting- fugitive was Kate, that was no surprise, I mean come on.

Back on the island again, I thought the part where he sees the cages and clutches Kate's dress was lame. I don't' get it. Did he forget about Juliet that fast? I knew Zoe was lying from the beginning. I bet Widmore's got Desmond in that Locked room! So Sawyer is playing both sides and just wants to get out of there, hopefully with all the Lostees, even if he said "you and me" to kate about getting of the Island. How are they gonna run a sub? Maybe they'll just force the operator to take them? We'll see I suppose but that wasn't the shocking ending, that we are accustomed to.

I wont say who I heard next week's episode is about, just in case someone doesn't want to know, but I can't wait!


Mona Z said...

I forgot to add I liked that the code word was LaFleur! Also it was nice to see Liam Pace!

Melissa said...

I liked this episode too! When he picked up that dress in the cage, I thought 'how did THAT get there??' and it wouldn't be in such great shape either, but, oh well.

The crazy mom talk was...weird. Do you remember in season 1 Claire had a dream, and in it, Locke is sitting at a desk and one eye is white the other is black and he tells Claire 'You gave him away, now everyone has to pay.'
I'm wondering if Aaron is someone we already know on the show?

Mona Z said...

I thought the dress was there since they were locked in there. I forget.
Oh yea that dream was creepy and kind of makes sense now..ya think they had all this in mind since then?

Melissa said...

I think they did. They said they knew the story line and what would happen from the beginning, and it looks like that.

Oh, and someone on a forum noticed that the fake Locke is wearing the clothes that Locke wore on the island before he left.
I wonder why...(and when did Fake Locke change?) Wasn't he wearing a suit right after the Ajira crash?
I wonder if he can time travel.

Mona Z said...

Wow, interesting. The writers sure have their work cut out for them with how diligent and meticulous Lost fans are!