Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6.9 Ab Aeterno

This one is right up there in the top 5 Lost episodes ever! I was grinning most of the time thinking, I love this! The rest of the time I felt bad for poor Ricardo and all that he went through.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nestor Carbonell was so amazing. He never really got a chance to show his chops but he made this episode. I loved it! Ricardo & Isabella are the best love story on Lost since Desmond & Penny.

On the beach, snarky Ben was back. No one asked what replacing Jacob meant? I loved that little chuckle Richard gave when they all turned to him for what to do next.

I want to know why Elana is bandaged up. Jacob is such a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an inigma. I'm glad he's more chill now. When he saw Richard with the dagger he went a little overboard with the hitting. But maybe that was part of the proving he's alive thing.

Richard could NOT catch a break. First his wife is sick and the doctor's a jerk and he accidentally kills him, he gets sent to be hung and I thought the priest that saw Richard in prison was kind of ummm....Harsh? Then when he gets on the Island he's chained for days unable to reach the water and when he finally gets the nail free a stupid boar knocks it out of his reach. I'm gonna say that was his penance. The smokey scene was pretty cool, though. I want that sound bite, the smokey sounds. Maybe a ring tone. I don't know why.

I thought this episode was full of answers. We learned what was suspected is true, that Richard was a slave/prisoner on the Black Rock. We also found out how the statue broke and how the Black Rock got on the Island. We also got a lot about the dynamic between Man in Black and Jacob. Very sneaky that Man in Black, he had me going there for a bit. Interesting that the instructions Man in Black gave Richard about how to kill Jacob were the same as the instructions Dogen gave Sayid to kill Man in Black/NotLocke. So this is the only way to kill either? Ben killed Jacob but with a different knife. Ponder worthy. I love how they are sworn enemies and still come and say good morning and stuff, heh.

I loved the wine bottle/cork analogy and lots of people are saying that when the island sunk, it's like the cork was removed? I'm not sure how that theory fits in with the sideways reality, but it's interesting. The way Jacob described why he brings people to the island, to prove Man in Black wrong, seemed pretty cavalier. I mean this is supposed to be the good guy. He brings people to suffer and mostly die on the island. Man, I can't wait to see how this ends. Two months!

Hurley using his powers to save the day once again. That very Ghost like scene with Isabella was touching. I hope Richard goes back now and tells them what to do.

I'm gonna reiterate what Jay & Jack said this week. People need to just watch the show for what it is. Not have such high expectations for tons of answers every episode and nit picking about little things. You're going to ruin your Lost experience. Just enjoy and go with the flow.

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Melissa said...

Yeah, this is one of the best episodes so far! It was so good. That must have been some storm to send the ship so far inland and break the statue.

Yes, that last scene with Richard and Isabella was really touching, aww...poor guy, I feel bad for him.
I also want to know what happened to Ilana, hopefully we'll find out some how but I won't hold my breath.

I thought Richard looked like a homeless man wrapped up in that old blanket with his straggly hair and beard, while he was sitting there with Jacob.

Yes, Jacob supposed to be the good guy, and brings people to the island to prove someone wrong is kind of...weird!
Well, my kids are demanding my attentions, I must go to them!