Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6.7 Dr. Linus

I thought this was an excellent episode, the best since LA X. There were a lot of reveals, well more confirmations of things Lost fans have suspected. Good episodes always go by quick.

I was starting to think the character of Benjamin Linus had fallen flat, but it seems he's being redeemed and made the right choices in both universes/time-lines.

Side-flash Ben was a good teacher that cared about his students and school. Loved seeing substitute Locke giving Ben ideas. I also like how Ben still had Alex in his life and chose her over power. They faked us out there for a second when he walked into the office. I think he could have still blackmailed the principal but for story's sake, I'll just believe it had to be a choice.

It was good seeing wrinkly Roger and how Ben was caring for him. Giving him oxygen instead of poison gas. It seemed like Roger and Ben had a good relationship in this time line and gasped when Roger said they did go to the Island. I wonder why/when they left.

Glad Richard made an appearance and I felt badly for his desperation. Jack was totally man of faith in the scene with the dynamite. Hurley was lolz "If you change your mind, I'll be like, a mile away". Richard all but flat out said that he came to the island on The Black Rock.

I love Miles' character. His "UhOh" when Elana said that Jacob was the closest thing to a father to her was pure snark! And the fact that they used Miles' power to bring back Nikki and Paulo and the diamonds was so satisfying!

Elana said there were 6 candidates left, Shepard, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, and Kwon. Now Either Kwon is both Jin and Sun or Kate is still a candidate or someone else. Maybe Desmond? Maybe Frank? Elana did mention he could be one last season, and now they reiterated how he was destined to come to the island.

Richard revealed that being touched by Jacob makes you a candidate and candidates can't kill themselves. This was a light bulb moment for me. Micheal was once a candidate (Dawson was seen on the cave ceiling and crossed off) and the Island wouldn't let him kill himself till it was done with him on the freighter. Jack once almost jumped off a bridge and then was distracted by an accident. Even Locke wasn't able to hang himself. I love when Lost drops a little bit of info that sheds light on so much stuff that happened before.

We learned that NotLocke has taken his group to the Hydra and that he seems to be telling everyone what they want to hear. He just said to Sawyer a few episodes ago that it's just an Island, and it doesn't need protecting. And here he is telling Ben that he's the new Island protector.

Ben's scene with Elana was heartbreaking. How Micheal Emerson manages to play a weaselly murdering mastermind and still tug at your heartstrings is beyond me. I cried when he said "No one else will have me" and his look of utter disbelief when Elana replied "I'll have you". Again, a parallel to the sideways universe, Ben making the right choice. I felt bad for him being all left out on the beach.

The little reunion scene was like old times and garnered a few tears from me. I thought Ben and Richard might at least shake hands. They were left out. They need to give Sun a few lines besides "I need to find my husband" already.

The sub with Widmore wasn't a surprise for me. That's the last time I listen to Jay and Jack's "Next on Lost" segment. I'll also avoid looking at the credits in the beginning.


Kaighla said...

Can I just say that I have been checking your blog since like last night just WAITING for you to post? seriously. and you helped me understand even more! Could richard really be that old that he came on The Black Rock??? WHOA. And, you put two and two together (or like 1 and 6?) with the whole being touched by Jacob you can't kill yourself and being touched by Jacob makes you a candidate. It really helps me understand the scenes from other seasons when Jacob would show up in their life (the lives of the candidates).

Mona Z said...

Yay! Heh, I usually watch by Wednesday night our time and post Thursday. Glad you look fwd to the post! I can't tell you how much I love this show and the characters. I will seriously miss it.

Melissa said...

I loooved last nights episode so much! I was always a big Ben fan, I even made excuses for him when Alex was shot. But then he went and killed Jacob so selfishly, but I'm really happy to see him redeem himself like he did last night.
I was expecting him to kill Ilana and run off to join Flocke, but sooo happy he didn't. It was so sad when he said 'No one will have me' and then Ilana really surprised me when she said she would.
Aw, maybe there's going to be a new ship, Ben and Ilana, I wonder what it would be called? Blana? Anyways...

Poor Richard, that made me so sad :( He broke my heart. But I knew after Jack said 'Let's talk' and sat down that he wasn't going to die.
Why didn't Hurley just tell Jack in the beginning that Jacob told him someone bad was going to the temple? Why make up things? That's just so irritating...
Yes, the end was so much like season 1, so was last weeks ending. I really like it.
I can't wait for next week!
I felt bad for Ben and Richard being left out like that...I would hug them.
Ben giving his dad oxygen instead of poison gas was funny. Ooh, yeah, why did they leave the island?

Because I was thinking, if they dropped the bomb in 77 Little Ben was with the others, so how could they have left?
But, they never went to the island so they never went back in time to the 50's so things from then on were changed not 77 and on. Which makes more sense, like why Dogan was in the alt timeline and not underwater.
Oh I hope Richard didn't die on the island..

Mona Z said...

Melissa, Lol @ Blana. haha. I can't wait for next week either! I figured Hurley didn't want to mention Jacob to Jack again after he went bursurk but I dunno.