Thursday, March 4, 2010

6.6 Sundown

I never watch previews so I had no idea this was a Sayid episode but I was glad. I've always liked Sayid. Level headed, and kickass Sayid. This new Dark Side Sayid is scary but Naveen Andrews is playing it well.

It was a shocker that Sayid was not married to Nadia, but his brother was. Omar seems to kind of know that Sayid cares about Nadia too. She's really beautiful by the way, great smile. I guess the kids know now too. oops.

The fight scene between Sayid and Dogen was pretty cool , seemed really long too. When Dogen first went for Sayid, Sayid came back like..Oh, you don't know about me!. I guess Dogen realized he can't kill him and just told him to leave. Miles got some screen time today. 2 hours huh? Wow, so at least we know that part. The hot tub didn't do anything, except drown him, so it's definitely broken.

Claire does mention Jin and Sawyer so we know they are still ok but where? Dogen changing his mind again about Sayid was weird but I thought they already knew Jacob was dead. I suppose Sayid wanted to prove he has good in him.

Kate really didn't see that Claire was a bit on the cuckoo side? She should have told her that he is safe. Claire probably wouldn't believe that he was with her mother because for all she knows, she's still in a coma. But Kate doesn't know that, I think. Claire had a killer look on her face when she heard Kate say she'd taken Aaron but then it kind of went away later.

NotLock did speak before Sayid stabbed him. He said Hello Sayid. I wonder if Dogen's instructions were literal or he meant kill him before he convinces you to join him. So Jacob can be stabbed and killed but NotLocke just goes "Now why'd you go and do that?" Ha, that was good. Now when Sayid said the only thing he ever wanted died in his arms did he mean Nadia or Shannon? This is where Sayid goes to the Dark side and his heart is blackened by the evil inside him. I hate that he's evil now really. Unless he's faking it. I dunno would he fake it and kill Dogen and Lennon? The look on his face was scary.

In the flash sideways/alternate life/whatever, we see Jack pass Sayid and look right at him in the hospital. Also the guy who went and got Sayid and spoke bad Arabic, wasn't that the other Omar from the freighter? I loved the scene with Keamy. I knew the big guy was gonna be someone we know but Keamy was unexpected. I kind of felt like he was channeling Christopher Walken there. He's got some chompers too. Sayid was his bad self as usual and Keamy got his comeuppance. Now Jin in the fridge was the most perplexing part. Was Keamy the guy he was supposed to deliver the watch to? Why was he tied up?

It was good seeing Sun and Frank even for a second and at least Sun knows Jin is alive,"last I saw of him, yea." I need them to reunite and soon. Elana really seems to know a lot but has no time to tell anyone anything. Ben going back for Sayid was oddly caring but I loved his look of sheer terror at Sayid's crazy evil eyes. Did Ben make it back in time to get in to the secret door?

So when Dogen is dead and Smokey goes all crazy in the temple, I hate when everyone splits up! Kate is now stuck with the evil people. Not that I care but I feel like it has some meaning. John gave her a look when he saw her. This ending was creepy and dark. I can't wait to see what happens next. Where Jack and Hurley are. Where is NotLocke taking everyone?


Melissa said...

I agree, the ending was creepy...I wonder where Richard went, he said he was going to the temple and should have been there already but he's not. Which is good for him.

Keamy was so weird! I was surprised to see Jin like that!

Yeah...why couldn't Kate notice that Claire was kind of out there??

I don't think Sayid was faking it, I think he really is evil now :( I always liked his character and I don't like him going to the dark side like that...

Mona Z said...


Yea the faking it theory is mostly wishful thinking. I can't wait to see more!