Thursday, February 25, 2010

6.5 Lighthouse

I liked this episode. As I said before, season 6 Jack is more likable to me. A lot of shout outs to season 1 in this episode.

His alternate universe son looks just like him but I'm dying to know who the mom is. Maybe Juliet? That would be interesting. More daddy issues passed down of course, but it was weird seeing Dogen at the audition.

Wild Claire is definitely infected if infected means ca-ray-zee. So she knows "her friend" isn't John. I want to know how much does she know. And why is she all "WHERE'S MY BAYBEEE" when she walked away from him and her dad said that Aaron was where he's supposed to be and she was all fine in the cabin. I'm not the biggest Kate fan but she should be thanking her for taking her kid in, not killing her.

Hugo rocked this episode, once again. I loved the part with "cause I'm a fan of history and Indiana Jones' stuff" Also when he told Dogen he was a candidate, and why doesn't HE go to the courtyard? I loved that part!

So who is coming to the island? Is it Desmond? Ellie? Whidmore? I hope it's Des!

I really wish Jack looked at who was at 108! Maybe it's Hume? I wanted to play around with that before he smashed it. I guess we know now that they've been watching them for all this time, for sure. I think his frustration/mirror breaking is how a lot of fans feel about getting answers as well.

Jin's leg looked OUCH but Is he smart enough to out wit Claire and NotLocke? Plus where's Sawyer now, doing what?

So is everyone at the temple doomed now or what? Why is everyone staring at Sayid? What will happen to him and Miles?

This was a Jack-centric episode but Hurley was the star for me.


Melissa said...

Yeah, I loved this episode, too! I did laugh though when Jacob says 'Sometimes you just gotta look out at the ocean' um, ok... :D haha!

And Hurley was great, I loved his scenes!

I'm very worried about the people at the temple now. I really wonder why Jacob wouldn't have Hurley warn them first? Does he not care about his followers???
So Hurley and Jack are very important. I remember people guessing a while back that Hurley was going to become a key player in all of this.

Oh my gosh, Claire was so creepy!! "You're still my friend, aren't you Jin?"
And the lovely baby she had...eww.
I was thinking the SAME thing!! SHE left her baby in the jungle and walked away from him, why doesn't she remember that?
I had really liked her before, she was so cute and sweet with her 'baybee' and now she's all evil and "Give me my BAAAYBEEEE!!!! GRR!!" I hope she doesn't kill Kate...

Mona Z said...

Melissa, Jacob works in mysterious ways! Some people are saying maybe he isn't the good guy after all. The ultimate twist. I hope not.

Love Hurley. "I just lied to a samurai".

Yes, Claire was ca-reeepeeee. That baby looked like a baby boar or kind of like the statue. I'm telling you I bet she died in that house explosion when Sawyer took her out when Keamy & them blew up New Otherton. She must have been claimed soon after. Remember when Miles was looking at her funny and Sawyer said he wasn't allowed to look at her? Miles needs to talk.

If someone has to die, I wouldn't mind if it was Kate. Just sayin.