Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6.3 What Kate Does

Wow! The last 15 minutes were the best!

Miles wins best line of the episode with "As you can see Hurley has taken the leadership role, and that's so great" AH, I loved his delivery. Also, "We'll be in the food court if you need us." Miles has few lines, but what lines he has, are great!

Claire is the new Russau!? Who or what is the darkness in Sayid? What the hell is going ON?!

I really really, really can't wait to see Jin and Sun reunite! I loved "Who do you care about" I thought she'd say "Myself", it's probably what she was thinking. But ouch on that trap Jin stepped into. Let's hope Claire has Russau's skills.

Sawyer just broke. My. Heart with that scene at the dock. I've never seen Josh Holloway act so well and I cried like a baby right along with him

Kate on the other hand, should let the body get cold! God, just let him grieve. He said he wanted to be alone. PLEASE don't have him get over Juliet and love Kate all of a sudden.

Dogen(?) is starting to grow on me. I want to trust him. What did he mean, he was brought to the island like everyone else?He's like Mr. Miagi. Tells you to trust him and it's good for you. Plus he knows that Claire is Jack's sister. And is speaking more English. What about Smithers? Er, I mean Lennon. What's his deal?

I want to know why Sayid has to take the darkness killing poison willingly. Does it contain the magic ash? Seeing him be burned was pretty unsettling and I can't wait to find out what the infection is. Does it claim anyone who dies? Did Claire die in the explosion in the barracks and was claimed later? Does this have anything to do with why bodies were important between Dharma and the Others?

I am actually enjoying Jack this season, he's definitely on the road to redemption.

The off Island story seemed to drag but I loved the part where Ethan Goodspeed is Claire's ob and "doesn't want to stick her with needles if he doesn't have to" Ah I love it. Still creepy, Ethan.

You can see how the alternate realities are bleeding into each other. Kate looked at Jack at the airport taxi line with a decided look of recognition. Claire, just knew her son's name was Aaron and it looks like she'll be keeping him. Kate felt a connection too. I'm pretty sure Aaron had that stuffed whale toy in season 5, too.

Once again, well played, show. Well played.


Melissa said...

I really wonder what happened with Claire, if she died or was near death and was claimed...Weird! Poor Sayid, oh my gosh, that was hard to watch. Poor guy.

Yeah, I'm starting to like Dogan more now too and I liked his interaction with Jack.

Kate really irritated me when she's telling Sawyer about Claire and that she wants him to help her find her...Would she want someone asking her for help like that if someone she loved had just died?? Leave the poor man alone!!
She really irritated me in this episode, and I usually like her.

I wonder what this darkness is too!!! Only a few more days till the next episode, I can't wait. I hope they'll start answering some questions soon...

Mona Z said...

Melissa, Yea, I wonder, is it any different now when you see Sayid after meeting Naveen?

Yea Kate bugged. Selfish and insensitive!