Thursday, February 4, 2010

6.1 & 6.2 LA X

Previously, on Lost...we were confused. This just in...we still are but I love it.

This premier was supposed to start answering questions, and there were some answers for sure, but as usual we got more questions.

Terry O'Quinn rocked as usual. He can play deviously evil Black shirt and kind John. He needs another Emmy.

When the episode started with a plane window I was like, wow. So they went with the landing safely in LAX route. It was all creepily familiar and I sensed Jack felt a little de-ja-vu. Except his hair's too long. I guess if he had cut it it wouldn't make sense either.

I love the Rose-Bernard stuff. They are just so adorable! Does Rose have cancer though?

When Jack goes to the airplane bathroom, he looks at himself for a second before noticing the blood. Does he look older? The blood is kind of something that's crossed over from the other reality.

Des! It was great to see Desmond. I don't know if he was there there or time skipping there. But I suppose he wouldnt time skip if he was never on the island or turned the key. He must have just changed seats again later. Jack recognized him but it was more likely from the stadium run than from any alternate reality. Where does this leave Penny?

The cartoony under water island was lols. Was that a Dharma shark? More mystery.

I guess the blast or time jump or whatever happened landed Kate in a tree a la Bernard circa season 1. When her hearing was off I kept trying to fix my speakers. Yay for miles, I like that sarcastic s.o.b.

So they are at the hatch. I was thinking some went back in time and some stayed until they showed everyone in both realities. Josh Holloway played Sawyer's heartbroken/angry pretty well.

So alternate realities. Interesting. We all thought they'd have to go either this way or that, but they did both. Simultaneously. Flash backs then flash forwards and now FLASH PARALELLS! This feels very Sliding Doors.

Hey it's Doc Artz! I hope Sawyer doesn't take advantage of Hurley and his lucky self. It's clear some things in the new alternate reality 815 flight are different.

Back on the Island Sayid's still bleeding to death and Jin's English is really good.

I do wish they would hurry up and help Sayid already. Last season finale they were all arguing while he bled. Couldn't Jack go check on Sayid while the rest of them uncovered Juliet?

Lol at Hurley and the gun. I was so worried he'd accidentily shoot someone but I knew he was no Ana Lucia. Hey, it's my man Jacob.

So Alt reality Jin is back to being a bit of a jerk and I nearly cry when they show John.

BOOOOOOOONEEE! Another thing that changed is Shanon not coming with him. I guess she was busy? When John talked about the walk about and when he was seated in the middle of the regular plane rows, I though hey maybe he's not paralyzed in this reality. No such luck though. I

I suppose he lied to Boone because he wishes it was so. Is there any way he could do a walk about type thing in a wheel chair? Unlikely. I laughed at "pulling my leg" though. Cause of the way Boone died on the island. Also Frogurt!

Black Shirt/Not John cuts a rug, literally in the foot room. Ben looks in total shock. There aren't any remains of Jacob in the fire though. Ben looks to be as confused as I am.

Does no one care about poor bleeding Sayid?? At least Jacob does. Heed his words Hurley, I like that they are using the ghost whisperers here. So Jacob confirms that he's indeed dead.

The VW van comes to the rescue again.

Back on the plane, Dr. Jack is doing a bit of rescue of his own. YAY Charlie! We missed ya.
I wonder why he said "I was supposed to die"? He was obviously trying to smuggle smack and choked on it during turbulence. Hmm.

So Juliet's alive. So It was weird to have them show Juliet just to have her die, again (how many times is this?) but I guess they had to have her there to get her message across.

How long does embalming last? Dead John looks pretty fresh. Richard wants to know what happened and he's losing patience with Ben. I loved when he threw him down to see Locke in the box.

Also, Jin and Sun are in the same time now right?? Right??!!

Back inside the foot, NotJohn is getting down to business when we hear the clicking sounds of none other than Smokey. Smokey kicks ass and doesn't bother to take names. An idiot shoots at the smoke. Bram temporarily protects himself with the ash, but it doesn't work for long. Ben pees himself.

Back at the Swan station site, Juliet is starting to be incoherent. I think in that moment before death she was crossing over into the alternate reality and that's how she knew "It worked".

Juliet dies, why don't they take her to the temple as well? Juliet wasn't touched by a Jacob, remember? I guess it doesn't help that doesn't have a contract.

Back on the plane, I'm wondering where's Claire? What about Libby, Ecko and, heck even Ana Lucia? I hope they have more up their sleeves during the season. I wanted to see Michael and Walt as well but I guess it would be hard since Walt is like 20 now.

Captain Norris ! I'm pretty sure that was Greg Grunberg's voice.

I loved the closing scenes, Sayid looking at Nadia's picture, Jin and the watch, Landing safely and everyone getting off, and the heartbreaking moment when John get's in his wheelchair.


They finally start to think about Sayid and Hurley takes charge when Jack isn't able to.
Hurley confirms that it's not a guitar in the guitar case. Sawyer's even more tortured now and isn't following anybody. I doubted that, then.

At the airport: Oceanic screws up or something spooky is going on with Christian Shepard's coffin. Or body. Remember the coffin was on the island, in the wreckage, but not the body.

So they reach the Temple. You would think someone would spakle that hole up. Oooh Montand's skelleton. How do they even know which way to go, its like a maze...a dark one

Who the hell are these people? And why are they dressed so stupid?

So Kate's gonna run. Its what she does best. This Marshall must be the worst marshall ever. I mean Kate's good but she's escaped from him several times!

In the elevator, Sawyer clearly sees she's cuffed and helps her escape. At least we know that he's still the upstanding citizen he's always been.

Island time...

James forces Miles to tell him what Juliet said. It's haunting when he says it!

So Cindy shows up, and so do the kids, back at the temple. Thank you. That always bothered me.

I know there were Others at the Temple but I don't get who this Kung Fu Samurai guy is. Or his lackey.

So we find out what's in the guitar case. A big old Ankh. I first thought it was a kind of key or something but it held the LIST!

I wonder now if Sun learned English in this reality and just isn't saying because she doesn't want to help Jin or be with him? Or does she just not speak it in this reality?

Back to the Temple, their indoor pool looks pretty gross. I wonder if the dark water means Jacob isn't in control? So it's healing water. Ok.

Again, like with Ben, no one asks what risks? Does that mean Sayid will always be an Other? Like Ben?

Watching them heal/drown Sayid was unsettling. Then annouce...You're friend is dead....Ya think?

Jacks got a lot of guilt right now, about Juliet, about Sayid. He's going to redeem himself this season, i know it. But Sayid can not be dead, he just can't.

At the airport, Kate makes a run for it, and OMG CLAIRE!

He doesn't like the way English tastes on his tongue? I don't like this guy but it will be interesting to see how his character develops.

As soon as they find out Jacob is dead so they surround the place with ash to keep blackshirt/smokey out.

Ben wants answers and NotJohn is creepy as ever interesting that his shirt is black/grey
How does NotJohn know all about Real John's life? Locke was NOT the only one who wanted to stay on the island though Walt wanted to. So did Rose and Bernard.

So he wants to go home. Where's home? That last look was pure evil.

Miles was looking at Sayid was like, I can't get a reading on this one!

When Sawyer said he changed his mind about killing Jack, I thought maybe he was thinking about "it worked" He never would have really killed him anyway.

Richard is about to lose his shit when he sees the smoke signal/flare thing. "Nice to see you out of those chains?" At first I thought it meant he was a slave long ago, that could be true but it could also be a metaphor. Since he was under Jacob's rule for so long. NotJohn knocks him out. Was that really necessary?

Sayid is alive??!!! Is he really Sayid though? He could be Jacob? Or Widmore? or any number of people! I just want him to stay Sayid though. And continue his badasskickery.

SUCH a good start to the final season but I worry about they wrapping this up? I don't expect nor do I want everything to be tied up in a pretty bow but there needs to be just one reality, me thinks.

Bravo, show! You continue to amuse and confuse me.

PS. Where's Vincent? Also is Daniel Faraday gonna show up?


Melissa said...

I loved it!! Oh my gosh, I was shocked when they showed Jack on the plane and then the island was underwater! So in that alt reality everyone on the island died, how sad...
I really hope they're able to end the show really well, there's a lot to wrap up and like you I also don't expect everything tied up.

And Sayid, oh no, I wonder if that's really him or not??
And poor Richard, I knew that guy didn't like him from last season's finale, I hope he doesn't kill him! Yeah, when he said 'It's good to se you out of those chains' I thought at first maybe he was being transported on that ship as a slave or a prisoner. But Not John also said to Bram and his guys that they were free of their chains, so I think it was the 'chains' of Jacob.
Does that mean Richard will start aging now??
And what does he mean that he's very disappointed in all of them?

I can't wait for next week!!

Mona said...

"Does that mean Richard will start aging now?? "

OOOOOH good concept!