Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6.4 The Substitute

I finally got to watch this episode today. I love a Locke episode. In this case, a Locke/NotLocke episode. A lot more of the "chance" encounters of our Lostees off Island in the alternate universe.

I thought that alternate Locke would be happy and he was in the way that he was with Helen, but his bad luck with the van mechanism and his "douche" boss was in kind with the old Locke. I kind of wish he did call Jack and maybe he will somehow. I love him and Helen together and I hope we get to see them get married.

Hurley the CEO was cool even with the mutton chop sideburns. He's so lucky that Locke's van stops just short of scratching his hummer.

I want John Locke as my substitute teacher. Ben Linus too. I loved that bit. Change the filters, people!

On Island, Richard whose always been calm and in control, was freaking out and terrified. That freaks me out. I wish Sawyer went with him. I liked him trying to help but then running for his life.

Who was the kid? He looked a lot like Jacob to me. Who did he mean by him, when he said, "You know the rules, you can't kill him". Did he mean Sawyer? Richard? Jacob?

Ilana seems to know a lot, yet no one asks her a lot of questions, as usual. I almost cried when they buried John. It was so sad. No one had anything to say except for Ben. "He was a better man than I'll ever be, and I'm sorry I murdered him" I wonder if he meant that. Frank with the one-liners, "Weirdest funeral I've ever been to".

I liked how Sawyer, even drunk, knew it wasn't really Locke. I'd like to think that Sawyer, the slick conman that he is, won't be duped by NotLocke. He's gone for Mr. Ford when he's most vulnerable but I still think he's not that stupid. The whole scene with the ladder/cliff was nerve wracking. I hate scenes like that, make me nervous.

So Jacob had another secret crib in the cliff. I think NotLocke throwing the white rock was symbolic. He feel's he's defeated Jacob. We'll see. So the original List is shown.

4- Locke
8- Reyes
15- Ford
16- Jarrah
23- Shepherd
42- Kwon

The numbers are back in play. Kate Austen isn't on the ceiling? I saw Goodspeed up there!

Now NotLocke gives James 3 choices. It's obvious he wants him to pick # 3.

1) Just do nothing and watch from the sidelines
2) Take over Jacob's job as the Island protector from nothing.
3) Go home with NotLocke. Where's home?!

It seems for now that Sawyer's chosen going home.
I can't wait for more Locke and I really want to see how Desmond plays into all of this. What about Widmore....What was his convo with Sun about? Will we see Daniel again? I hope so, he was great!

I'm so glad I have just one day till the next episode!


Melissa said...

I'm wondering where Rose and Bernard are and Vincent, will we see them again or not until the end and they come out of the jungle 'you're STILL trying to kill each other?!'

I wonder if that was the MiB's cave and not Jacob's. We know Jacob touched Kate (that sounds bad...) so her name should be up there, too, I think NotLocke didn't show Sawyer her name on purpose. Or she was chosen for something else.

I thought that was a young Jacob, too! And I think he meant that he can't kill any of the ones Jacob chose, hopefully he means Richard, too!
Yeah, he was terrified, wasn't he?? So out of character for him, I really wonder what that guy did to make Richard so scared like that. He was funny though running out of the jungle and trying to get Sawyer to go with him and then running away for his life!
I thought for sure Sawyer was going to die on that cliff! I think he might be conning NotLocke. I hope so, I hope he's not just going to leave with him...
'I was a man once' really? What makes a man turn into a pillar of black smoke that kills people?!
I can't wait for this week's episode!
I have to watch tomorrow though :...(

Mona Z said...

Melissa, I wondered about Rose and Bernard as well. Vincent too. I hope they don't forget them.

Jacob did touch Kate but remember in I think it was season 3, Mikael said Kate isn't on the List, right? Was she on the list in the Ankh? I think she mighta been.

I have this bad feeling Sawyer is going to die. Island Sawyer anyway. I hope not. Lets hope he's running a long con on NotLocke.

Lol, I was a man once. Yea I need the back story there. There's no time!!

I'll see it tomorrow too. :) Thanks for commenting Melissa.

Melissa said...

I think they said Jack wasn't on the list and Kate, too, yeah. Because Mikhail said something to her about how she wouldn't understand because she wasn't a good person and wasn't on the list...
I wonder who made that list then, was Ben making up his own lists based on how he could manipulate them to do what he wanted?
Yeah, you're right, there's no time to answer everything! I kind of like that though, I want to know everything but I want there to be some mystery left...