Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6.10 The Package

Episode 10 did not disappoint, I thought there was suspense, humor and some reveals and tied some things together.

I love a Jin/Sun episode and this one was no different. I was a little sad when it was revealed that they were not married in the alternate reality/time line. I guess her jerk of a dad wasn't having it. How cold is that? Sending him to deliver the money to pay off the guy who's going to kill him? Also, closing Sun's account. Cold, man.

Poor Sayid, man, he doesn't feel anything and seems not to know why. NotLocke and Sawyer's little exchange did address the issue of why he doesn't just smoke on over the water.  Sawyer's "oh yeah, because that would be ridiculous"  was funny! I was so worried for Sun when he was chasing her. I mean he didn't take her by force when she hit her head but he was chasing her the whole way. Free will and all that?

Claire was worried about Aaron knowing Kate as his mom and not her, when NotLocke said "Whatever happens happens" She had this look on her face like, hmmmm Ima kill'er! Yea, right after you get some shampoo K?

I loved seeing Mikhael again. I don't know why I always liked him. He had 2 eyes there for a while till Jin shot one out.  We got to see how that whole restaurant fridge thing played out and that Sun is pregnant.

I knew Desmond was "The Package", it was so obvious. Still good seeing him though. I loved the exchange of looks between him and Sayid. I wonder if Zombie Sayid knows or still recognizes him. I'd suppose so. I hope he comes out of this somehow though.

Widmore is looking for the pockets of energy, I wonder what for. What's he brought Des there to do? He seems to be against smokey/NotLocke just like the Jacob followers are. Also, he seemed to be the good guy here. When Jin saw pictures of Ji Yeon, I cried, it was so sweet and she was so adorable! I was hoping for a Sun/Jin reunion this week I guess it would be too predictable.

Sun losing her English was a weird twist. Jack was like his season one counselor self in that little fire-side chat. Nice to see him smile though.

A couple of other Lol moments were the pretend cocoa and Frank's reply to Mile's bacon grease comment. I thought Lapedis was going to defend Hurley but he was just "Don't talk about bacon". Heh.

I like how they bring back people in the alt time line. I really hope they bring back Faraday somehow. He  was cool. Whispered everything. But cool.

How many episodes left? 7? It's really getting down to the wire now. It's clear that NotLocke needs all the candidates on the plane with him to leave and that everyone else has to stop him. How does Mrs. Hawking fit in this season?

I saw  Richard in a whole new light this week. I felt for Sun and how she just wanted to find her husband and not save the world or be a Candidate. That tomato looked delicious though.

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