Thursday, April 30, 2009

5.14 The Variable

Oh Lost. I love you. I hate you! No no no! I didn't mean that! I Love you!
Daniel's character is one of the most interesting on Lost and I REALLY hope he's not dead!

Well this episode definately confirmed a lot of thinks we have suspected. That the button in the hatch was what we thought. Indeed, Widmore was the one to plant the fake plane/bodies. Thankfully Penny isn't dead and Desmond was shot but is ok in the end. I had also suspected that Widmore was Faraday's father, but who is Penny's mom?

Daniel's childhood flashbacks were interesting and kinda creepy. Elloise Hawking is not winning any mother of the year awards, that's for sure! No time for music, no time for relationships, just to make sure he does end up "twitchy". Poor Theresa was sweet before he messed her up...too bad he messes his own brain up too. I liked the continuation of the scene where he's watching the news.

So Daniel tells Jack and company that they do not belong there and that his mother was WRONG! What is that woman's agenda?

I really liked when Daniel was just plain and honest and said what needed to be said to Dr. Chang. That rarely happens on Lost. I kinda wish Miles had been like "yea, it's me dad".

So during their little meeting I liked when Hurley said "you guys were in the 50's? Like, Fonzie times?" Haha. Sawyer was an idiot for calling Kate "freckles" in front of was his pet name for her, and while Sawyer has "pet" names for just about everyone it was a term of endearment and Juliet was rightly annoyed. Glad she gave the code for the fence.

The scene with Daniel and little Charlotte was almost painful. He promised himself he wouldn't tell her but he did. She says the bit about chocolate before dinner and they both's just so tragic.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Radzinsky? Well, I do. He's a huge tool and I hate him. Now Daniel, it was not the best idea to go waving that gun around though. I can't believe Sawyer and Juliet are caught. What are they gonna do? What about Hurley, Miles and Jin?

Soooo Daniel's plan? The one where he detonates Jughead and changes the course of history so that Oceanic 815 doesn't crash? Yea, I don't think that's such a good idea. Who amongst them want to go back to then? Kate for one was on her way to the slammer. None of them would have met. Hurley would still be cursed. John was crippled and depressed. No. Just no.

When Elloise Bitch Hawking went to see Penny, I don't really get what she was doing there. I mean, just to say sorry your Des was caught in the cross fire? Her eyes are creepy. And why'd she slap Widmore?

Daniel should have walked in to the camp arms up and had the gun just in case but damn...killed by your own mother....cold, Ellie. COLD. I hope dead isn't dead in this case!


Melissa said...

Hmmm...I personally think that Daniel is wrong that they're not supposed to be there. I think they're there because they are meant to be there.
I don't think Eloise knew it was her son she shot when she shot him, she said who are you? and he says I'm your son and then has to live the rest of her life knowing he's going to go back to the island and be shot by her.
I wonder if she has tried to change things? Maybe this isn't her first time through the same events/time?
I thought it was interesting she told Penny that it was because of her son that Desmond got shot. (I yelled Ben isn't your son! what are you talking about?!) Maybe because Daniel tried to change things and that's why Alex got killed.
But I think that they can't change things.
I thought the slap was weird too. Maybe because he didn't have any role in Daniels life growing up, and she was a single mom? I don't know.
Don't you think Richard should have gotten shot too? He was standing in front of Daniel, and there was an exit wound, the bullet went through him. Maybe Richard is invulnerable, like Superman. He flinched also, maybe the bullet did hit him but didn't hurt him? I wish we could learn more about Richard! And how many toes he has. Let's see those feet! Ok...enough about that!
(My husband hasn't seen this episode yet, and I don't have anyone to talk to!d Oh, and I had some problems with the laptop and the messenger, that's why I haven't been able to chat with you yet)

Mona said...

Hey Melissa, Yes! I really really want a full Richard episode but you know there are like 18 or 19 episodes left!! What on earth will I do when it's over?! I'll just sit around what?

Since I watch online I don't see the next week promos and its good because they are usually misleading.

I forgot to add that I loled when Sawyer said "your mother, is an other?" haha.

Melissa said...

Yes, the 'your mother is an other?' line was funny. I also laughed when Hurley said 'you guys were in the 50's? Like Fonzie time' that was a good one too! My husband was looking at me weird, I don't think he understood it. I used to watch Happy Days allllll the time when I was little.

They HAVE to do a Richard episode! If the series ends without one, well...that's just not right.
I agree with you, the promos are usually misleading! And I was mad when the promo showed Locke alive on the beach after the 316 crash. I didn't think that should have been in a promo.
They also had one promo making it look like Kate and Juliet fighting over Sawyer, which in the episode they weren't. Stupid...ABC probably thought they'd get more viewers that way...