Monday, April 6, 2009

5.11 Whatever Happened, Happened

OH show. How I love you.
Kate's hair looked so pretty here.

I'm not the biggest Kate fan but she was pretty good in this episode. I like that she did turn Aaron over to Grandma Littleton, but I don't get what the big secret was about that. Why didn't she just tell Jack, "Oh I gave him to his grandma". Playing with us, they are. I also like that she went back to the Island to find Claire. They didn't forget about her! I thought the woman that found Aaron in the supermarket was gonna be Claire.

I liked seeing Cassidy again, but It would have been good to see Kate when she finds out that the woman she knew was actually Sawyer's ex and "gee whatta coincidence!" But anyway I do NOT see how Sawyer "broke her heart" and that's why she needed Aaron. Last we saw, Kate couldn't decide between James & Jack.

Hurley & Miles' conversation about time travel was great and they were talking right to the audience there. I can't wait to see what Daniel is up to.

I didn't fall for Roger being all sweet or anything. I bet a lot of abusive people feel some remorse at times but he was still an ass and said "sometimes a boy just needs his mother" Yea, maybe a boy just needs his dad to lay OFF! Ultimately I don't think Roger's actions, or Sayid's shooting him or anything else had to do with how Ben Linus turns out because Richard said he wouldn't remember anything and he'd "lose his innocence" I don't really get what that means!?

I'm glad Sawyer made his feelings clear when he told Kate he was helping Ben for Juliet. Juliet going into the bathroom when Jack was showering was weird. He's changed a lot and I for one, DO like the new Jack.

Also VERY interesting that Charles & Ellie are still on the Island in '77. Where does that leave Penny and Daniel?


Melissa said...

I LOVED this episode. Aw, it was so sad when Kate was saying bye to Aaron, but as hard as it was, it was the right thing to do. She must have been so devastated and heartbroken. I wonder if anything else happened before she went to Jack's apartment. It was strange she said to never ask her about Aaron again, but, maybe she just didn't trust him not to go tell Ben?
Yeah, while Roger might have been remorseful at that time when his son is dying, I didn't buy it either. And he said 'I tried to do what I thought she would have wanted' I said what? by beating him and blaming him for his mother's death?! Yeah, that's what she would have wanted!
I didn't see how Sawyer broke Kates heart and that's why she kept Aaron. But on Penny's boat she did say 'I'll say he's mine' and 'after losing everyone else, I can't lose him too' But, I don't think she was just talking about Sawyer. She couldn't chose between him or Jack.
Yeah, that supermarket scene was creepy, wasn't it?? That woman looked SO weird. I thought that was such a strange looking woman to play that part. I thought she looked like Claire's mom actually.
I didn't really get the 'he'll lose his innocence' thing either.

I hope we find out this week!
That was funny when Hurley was looking at his hand to see if he was disappearing back to the future!

Mona said...

Melissa my lone reader, thanks for your comments!! We should IM after watching an episode once and post the convo as the weeks post! lol.

Melissa said...

Your lone reader, that's funny. No one else is watching?
What messenger do you use? I'll see if I have it. I haven't used one in years.
I can't wait for tomorrow night!! I'm so worried about Ben! I hope they're not planning to kill him.

alajnabiya said...

She's not your lone reader! I have been reading all season.

You know what bugs me? No one in the show ever asks what I would think are normal questions. Wouldn't you have said, "What exactly do you *mean* by 'he will lose his innocence?'" or "So, should we stand here and wait?" or "Are you going to bring him back?"

Mona said...

Melissa, I have yahoo & msn...but you'd have to wait for me to watch online on thursday to talk to me about it though! Yea this week's ep looks REALLY good.

Alajnabiya!!! Yay! Yes they should make an episode of them all just sitting around in a circle, talking, comparing notes. There's a joke that the "sickness" of the island is that no one talks about stuff!

Melissa said...

Yes, since the begining of the series it has bugged me too that they never ask each other questions about anything. Like no one has asked each other 'why did you come back? well because I came back to find Claire' or 'when we left the island disappeared, what happened?' 'Locke said we had to come back to save you guys, but you look like you don't need saving, why did he leave' etc...I was wondering if Kate and Sawyer were supposed to wait for Richard to bring Ben back to them or not...Because what's everyone going to do when they find out he's missing?

Melissa said...

Does anyone else think that young Ben looks like Harry Potter??

Mona said...

Yea I can see that Melissa. I'm loading the episode now to watch in a while. I Think Ben is one of the best television characters ever.

Melissa said...

I agree, he is one of the best tv characters ever. He's my favorite right now, my husband thinks there must be something wrong with me for that.
I just finished watching the new episode, and am heading to bed now. Hope you'll enjoy it!