Saturday, April 18, 2009

5.13 Some Like It Hoth

Miles is definitely an interesting character. I knew right away that Pierre Chang was Miles' dad because his mom was the woman in the season opener when we saw him get the baby. Who on Lost doesn't have daddy issues??
I felt so bad for poor little Miles when he heard the dead for the first time. Teenish Miles was hard core. THE best moment in the whole episode that still makes me giggle is Mile's look to his Dad when he said he liked country! I did think it was good to return the football player's dad his money and while he did pretty much crush the dad, it showed he does indeed care that his dad wasn't around.

Hurley was kind of annoying in this ep, I don't know why. Just having to stop to check the mayo and being nosy and pushy...I'm not a Star Wars fan so all that stuff went over my head.
The numbers on the hatch was cool though, they haven't brought them up in a while. I did like the whole comparing notes on seeing dead people bit.

Kate must have been the worst con artist ever. She just had to go tell Roger that even though he's a huge ass and doesn't even appreciate her giving blood or offering sympathy. Blah. I think Jack should have just said, "Look, she was probably trying to make you feel better" or something. Instead he made it look more suspicious I think. I dunno, Roger probably annoyed him, being a drunk dad and all. Maybe it was to show he still cares about Kate.

The guys in the van. Bram and them? Who do they work for?? It's not Widmore and Ben didn't seem to know them. But you never know with Ben though. Ellie? The Economist? Also, why did they want his body at The Orchid??

Naomi's corpse. SO this guy Felix had the evidence that Tom showed Micheal about the faked plane crash. Miles was all weird and twitchy, lol.

The guy in the back of the van? WOW that magnet was so strong it shot his filling through his head yikes... I remember Desmond saying it made his fillings hurt but I guess the thick wall that Sayid was talking about lessened the strength. When they first showed Radzinsky I was like, Cool, shoutout, but he is so damn annoying.

I wish Miles would have had time to erase that tape before Horace came in. When he said "circle of trust" All I could think was Meet the Parents. But now it looks like the ish is gonna hit the fan. Probably leading to "The Incident". I hope Sawyer has a good plan.

I liked the scene where Miles sees himself and his dad is doting on him. I'm gonna say he had to leave them or have them leave the island to protect them. Maybe after The Incident. He seemed like a loving father. Maybe his mom lied? I don't know but it was a sweet scene. I particularly liked when Mr. Chang said "I need you", and Miles goes "You do?" Lol it was so cute.

YAY for Daniel!! I knew he was coming when Chang said "scientists". Is the next episode in 2 weeks??


Melissa said...

This was really interesting to see Miles as a child.
I agree with you, that maybe after the incident his dad is going to force him and his mom to leave the island to protect them.
But why would his mom lie saying he never cared about them? That was sad.

I forgot about Desmond saying his fillings hurt. Wow, what a way to go, death by a filling.

I wonder who those guys in the van are working for too!! I hope we find out soon. I think it'll be Dharma.
But, if they're not working for Ben, I would think Ben would be a little more interested in them and their big shiny box than he was.

Mona said...

Lol, death by filling, yea he never knew what hit him.

Can't wait for Daniel's episode!