Thursday, May 7, 2009

5.15 Follow The Leader

Well, Daniel is dead as a door nail. That does not mean we won't see him again though!

Kate annoys me. I think she should have said more about all the people the bomb would kill and less about the good old times. Wasn't her whole purpose for coming back to the island to find Claire? What happened to that?
Is Ellie pregnant? Charles had his hand on her tummy and people do that when you're pregnant.

Radzinsky , I hate you so much, and that Phil, ugh what an ass.

The return of Sayid! I really thought Kate got shot though.

Ben is so scared of Locke now. I loved the WTF looks on Richard's face. He needs to talk more!

I really felt for Miles when he saw his dad order his mom off the island, but I thought there would be more of a DADDY!! SON! Moment when Chang found out it was him.

Hurley's little test was funny cause when they first got to '77 he starts asking all these questions about how to fit in, including 'who was president in 1977'. And Sawyer told him, "this isn't a game show." I also loved Jin's pained look when Hurley said that the Korean War never happened .

The H-bomb appeals to Jack. He wants this all to go away and he can't know what will really happen. How is he so sure? Isn't that a paradox? I mean if he prevents the crash then he prevents himself going back in time to prevent the crash.

I like you John, but I hope Sun will go in to kickass mode when she finds out Locke isnt really going to find Jacob for her.

We had BETTER see Bernard and Rose in the finale. Remember them??

I guess Sawyer couldn't do anything but till the moment he got on the sub I thought he'd have a plan. So Kate gets on the sub JUST after Sawyer and Juliet have a moment! I was already imagining S & J happy in the 70's. Did you see the look on Juliet's face!? Plus I guess they don't have to be drugged to get off the island? I also hated Kate's "Hey" look to Sawyer!

In The Man Behind The Curtain, when Locke first went to the Cabin, Jacob said "Help me." So maybe Jacob needs to die like he did. Or something.


Melissa said...

I also thought Kate got shot! I was happy that Sayid was there!

I have to be honest, I didn't like Locke in this episode. I thought he was kinda being a jerk. I was never much of a Locke fan though, maybe that's why. I wonder if he's still getting strung along, made to think he knows what he's doing, or he's unknowingly playing for the other side in this war they keep mentioning? Why would he tell Ben he's going to kill Jacob, does he still think there is no Jacob?

That scene with Hurley was so funny! I loved it!

Yes, Kate should have mentioned all the other people who are going to die when Jack detonates the h-bomb!

I thought it was great when Sayid said if it doesn't work, you'll kill us all, but at least you'll put us out of our misery.

That bomb was leaking in the 50's, so, wouldn't the radiation be seeping out from the tunnels and polluting the island with radiation? Or the surrounding area of where it is? Isn't Dharama housing on top of it?
I would think that would cause some problems. When the others go into the tunnels, wouldn't they get exposed to the radiation? Maybe that's why women can't have babies on the island?
I'm so excited for the season finale tomorrow night!
I hope we get more Richard, he didn't look too happy to see Locke at all. I bet he was happy that nothing weird was going on for 3 years.

Mona said...

Hey...I'm working on the post for the finale episode(s) SOO much to take in!