Thursday, March 5, 2009

5.8 LaFleur

This episode was really great! A lot of WTF? moments and some lovely ones as well.

I loved seeing the four toed statue in all it's glory. It looks Egyptian right? It also looks to be holding an Ankh in one hand like the one that was around Paul's neck.

I really liked how James cared a lot about John. He has become James now. Not Sawyer.
I lolled when the guy yelled at the 2 dancers for having a "hootenanny" .

Horace will always be Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile to me. I liked the reveal that LaFleur is Sawyer, I was thinking Daniel. But James "Sawyer" Ford LeFleur was indeed a nice surprise. He looked a lot different shaved and shampooed. I liked him taking the leadership role. Josh Holloway was great this episode.

They're all settled into Dharma and I wonder where Ben is at this time.

I thought that Amy's baby was going to be Charlotte but it was a boy...I'm sure it will turn out to be someone we know.
The security gate looked appropriately new. I love Lost for their continuity.

Daniel was heartbreaking and moving in his grief over Charlotte and seeing the little redheaded girl. They don't show Daniel at all in the 3 years later part...I wonder what he's doing. Besides going into the Orchid like in the premier.

The best part by far was Richard showing up, James calling him "Your buddy out there with the eyeliner". The conversation between them was great. I like how now the Losties know more than the Others or Dharma. Richard was so confused.

I guess it will have more meaning later but I didn't care about the Horace/Amy/Paul thing. I don't know what Richard wanted with the bodies either. I do wish Miles would use some dead people talking skills or something besides just snark.

I kinda liked James and Juliet as just friends but they made the romance believable. I really truley hope he is not stupid and goes back to Kate. It bothered me that he didn't tell Juliet where he was going after the phone call though.

I'm glad they're all on the same time line. Jack kinda smiled at Sawyer, Hurley was stone faced though. Kate annoys me. Last week she didn't care what happened to everyone on the island so I hope she doesn't get all fickle and want James back.

But seriously. Where the hell are Rose and Bernard?! All this time? Could they have joined the "indigenous hostiles"?


Melissa said...

Oohh, it was a great episode! I thought the statue looked Egyptian as well.
I liked James and Juliette too,very sweet. I hope he doesn't leave her for Kate. I'm sure there will just have to be some drama with that...

I also want to know what happened to Rose and Bernard!! No one even mentions them at all! That makes me mad, it's like, they've been living with you for over 100 days, and then that's it? You just forget about them?
Yeah, I agree with you, Miles could be using his skill of talking to or hearing the dead and putting it to use.
I wondered why Amy was so adamant about burying the 2 others that James killed. And then Richard wanted her husbands body. Does he do something with the dead bodies that aren't buried? Is there something going on with dead people who don't get buried on the island? Do they come back to 'life' some how if they're not buried?
Remember last season when Carl and Danielle were killed, later Sawyer, Miles, Claire and I forget if anyone else was with them, came across where they were buried. It looked like who ever buried them had to do it quickly.
I don't think it was the mercenaries who killed them, it didn't look like they were going to stop to bury them.
I really think there's something going on with dead people on this island. (not just Locke and Christian)

Mona said...

I'm so sorry for not replying to this sooner. I think Amy wanted to bury them quick because there was a truce and they had killed 2 others, but you're right I've noticed the burying of people being important before too. Missing Lost this week!

Melissa said...

Yeah, I missed it too! My husband keeps asking 'are you SURE there wasn't a new episode??'

I found this:

It talks about Richard's eyeliner, which he says he doesn't wear any...It's kinda funny.

Mona said...

Thanks for the link Melissa. Now that I think of it Nestor Carbonell had the same look back when he was on Suddenly Susan.