Thursday, February 26, 2009

5.7 The Life and Death of Jeramey Bentham

So since I don't see the previews, I didn't know the episode was a Locke ep, or the title, till I watched of course, but I love Locke-centric episodes.

So, that's that dude from the plane, Um, Caesar? I would have thought he'd have a middle eastern name, but whatever. Him and the cop woman both seem so casual about the crash and being on the island. He hid that gun, you know that's gonna be key later.

So I'm confused as to when they are here? It seems like they've crashed on the other Island, where the Hydra station is. So Frank, the pilot and a woman took the third boat? Who's the other woman? Sun? Could they be who were shooting at our Losties a couple episodes back? Or is it Caesar, he has that gun. Where's Sayid? Somewhere with cuffs on but he's crafty, he'll get them off fast.

JOHN Rises from the dead! Ew I hate mango
Lockes neck is bruise free but the island can make him come alive so I guess it can heal bruises.
The broken leg bone is so gross, as is the puking. You'd think he 'd he bled to death by the time Widmores people got him, but you know, the Island won't let him die I guess.

OMG Abadon!I don't get why John acted like he didn't remember him.
owwwwwwwwww Them "adjusting" his leg and all, was a hard scene to watch.

Could Widmore be the good guy? Ben insists he is. I think it's neither. Ben has been a conniving little rat liar since day one as Henry Gale. Widmore's own daughter, Penny said not to underestimate him.

Damn wheel chair, couldnt he get him crutches. I immediately thought of Helen when Abadon asked if there was anyone he wanted to look up.

I like Sayid as a philanthropist, more than as an assassin.

WAAAAALLLTT! Yea, he's gotten big. The dream thing was interesting...I wish they'd go into what exactly is special about walt and that someone would tell him about his dad.

Hurley's painting Egypt! I loved that Hurley thought John was ghost, he's seeing them so much.
lol at "Go away, BYE"

Abadons kinda annoying, you'd think he was trying to get the guy to kill himself!

Kate's annoying too. I hope Sawyer finds out just how she feels.
I was hoping to see a John/Helen reunion, I liked her.

Abadon's "just a driver"...HA! yea right. Well, he's gone, I knew it was Ben.

Jack looked like he was just starting his downward spiral, kinda slurry and starting the beard.
But he was really harsh, I think that's why he felt so guilty and badly when he saw the obituary and when he found out it was suicide.

All of this stuff piled up made John so hopeless he wanted to die or did he want to hang himself because Richard said he'd have to die?

I don't think I get why john dying makes this work? Besides the coffin on the plane thing?
Terry O'Quinn was great in this scene, It was so real, he made me really feel for him. Again.

Ben's got John all confused along with the rest of us. Poor John. I don't understand why Ben talked John down only to kill him a minute later. Was it to get info? Was it something he said about Jin or Mrs. Hawking? Ben is one creepy MoFo. On the other hand he is insisting that John be kept well preserved so he can go back to the island with them and be resurected. One minute you think he's really trying to help them and the next he's PURE EVIL. After this , you are DEAD to me BEN!


Melissa said...

I really liked this episode.
Hmmm, I think Ben meant to kill Locke all along. I don't think anything set him off. After he talked Locke out of suicide, he took off his jacket, then helped him over to the bed, then he picked up that cord. It was before he mentioned Eloise.
I think he had to do it, and not let Locke commit suicide. I don't know why though. Maybe we'll find out next week.

It's strange, Ben and Widmore are both telling Locke pretty much the same thing except that they each claim to be the good guy. I don't know which one, if either, is the good guy.
Maybe Locke is the only good guy?
I really like the Ben character so I'm hoping he'll end up being one of the good guys. But, I don't know anymore.

I hope they're going to bring Walt back into the story. They made such a big deal of him being special, and then he's gone. I think if he's having dreams about the the future, and is appearing to people on the island after he left, and is special, shouldn't he have a feeling that his dad died? That's sad no one tells him because they think it's better he doesn't know, but, how is going to feel when he finds out his dad died and they knew it? He has a right to know, poor kid.

Anyways...Yeah, I think the pilot took off with Sun. I wonder why though, to go look for the beach camp and she hopes Jin will be there?
And what about Rose and Bernard? Where are they? Maybe they'll be back at the camp?

Mona said...

Melissa! Im so confused about who to believe , Ben or Widmore too. They really need to do something with the walt specialness thing yea...I have this weeks ep loaded and I'm ready to watch I hope we see Rose and Benard and maybe a reunion or two~!