Thursday, February 5, 2009

5.4 The Little Prince

Another good episode. Not as good as last week but, still good even if slightly predictable.
Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched this episode, go watch and come back. has several links to each episode.

Penny boat flashback, I thought it was odd how Kate included Sawyer in "the people we've lost" kinda like telling Jack, Sawyer's gone, you and me forever, with her "I've always been with you"

Sun is still acting creepy/odd and having some one followed obviously. Whoa, what's with the gun, Sun? Check out THIS screencap of the papers she was flipping through.

Daniel is always whispering and I have to strain to hear him even with the volume up.

James is being too accepting of this John leaving the island via the Orchid, bringing them back stuff. I mean yea, this is one weird Island but to just accept that just so easily? I guess he and John have a certain connection after Anthony Cooper.

I lolled when Charlotte came to and Miles was like "Good everything's back to normal" hee.

I noticed Jack said Sayid was out 42 hours. (the numbers) and also Kate's address was 42. Of course the dock they all had to meet at was slip 23.

The doctor that called Jack out on practicing medicine when he was suspended looked so familiar I thought I was making some big Lost connection but It was just Nina from Everwood.

I love Hurley but he looked funny in his orange jumpsuit.

As soon as that male nurse came into Sayid's room I knew he was a goon. Sayid has the reflexes of a cat.

I knew that light was the hatch cause it's my lost blog header!

Uhoh Miles. Nosebleeds are bad news.

Sawyer broke my heart with his silent acting while watching Kate deliver Aaron. He also cared for Claire.
Miles has been on the island, I'll bet he was that baby in the premier. Chang's son.

The finding the camp in ruins and food run out tells me this is the future. Where are Rose & Bernard. And Vincent! The Ajira Airways bottle is a big ? though but check out the site.

The canoe looked like the one Karl gave Kate and Sawyer to escape the other island but bigger.

Who are shooting at them? Could it be their future selves thinking they're someone else? Saved by the flash again.

Jack is so annoying with his "I'm gonna fix everything" stuff.

I fell for the Claire's mom is the client thinking OH, I called it! But I bet Ben is behind this coincidence.

Uhoh Juliet. Nose bleeeeed!

I think most people that follow the show, knew it was Rousseau and her team when they were French.

I recognized Jin as soon as we saw the body on the water. Glad he's alive but he has no clue about the time travel. Even if he were with Daniel and them would he be able to understand what's going on?

Ben's "He's not your son" to Kate was so Oh no he didn't cause he wasn't Alex's father but he raised her as his own.

Yea, Danielle Rousseau, not a big OMG cause it was obvious. I don't remember Jin ever meeting Rousseau one on one but he must have heard about her and saw her that time she almost took Aaron of the beach. I bet Jin will flash right outta there in a bit but I hope we get some of Danielle's story.

How many hours left now?


Melissa said...

I really liked this episode, I wonder how Jin is going to cope with the time travel stuff too.

I wonder how Sun is going to react when she finds out Jin is alive?

Yeah, I thought it was quite bold of Ben to say to Kate that Aaron wasn't her son, when he kidnapped Alex from her mother and always called her his daughter.

I can't wait until tomorrow night for the new episode!

Mona said...

Melissa, yea, I hope that Jin sticks around long enough for them to give us some of Rousseau's story but then he'll probably flash again and HOPEFULLY find the rest of them.

I bet Ben will show Sun some kind of proof that Jin's alive and that will convince her to go back (somehow)

Yea Thursday for me!