Thursday, February 12, 2009

5.5 This Place is Death

This episode was really good. We got some answers (and of course some questions).
SPOILER ALERT! Don't read on unless you've already viewed This Place is Death!

Ji Yeon is so cute! I wanted to squeeze her cheeks! I totally called Ben luring Sun with proof of Jin being alive.

So Jin must have been confused but automatically he thinks "time travel"? Well, it is a weird Island. Why were the numbers being broadcasted from the radio tower then?

I didn't notice Nadeen last week, I wonder if she's an other now? Or eaten by Smokey!
YEA! Smokey's back! And he's badder than ever, I missed him.

Montand got what he deserved, he was being such an ass. At least now we know how he lost his arm.

Russeau's music box! She had mentioned it to Sayid in Season 1. Ew the flies swarming on the corpses was gross. So I remember Russeau saying she removed the firing clip from Robert's gun, so that's why it didn't go off. I think she went crazy, understandably. People disapearing and smoke monsters, that'll do it. So I guess she gave birth alone.

I FLOVED the Sawyer/Jin reunion! So great! I love how when they told him about the time travel he freaked out in Korean. I figured Charlotte knew Korean, last season Jin saw her smiling when he was speaking to Sun in Korean. He later asked her about knowing Korean.

So the O6 are falling apart. When Sayid told Ben and Jack that if and when he saw either of them again it would not be good for anyone, I could understand, now he's against Ben but why Jack? Cause he's in cahoots w/ Ben?

Oh man bloody noses everywhere. Yikes Charlotte looked like Death when she yelled in Korean to Jin about not bringing Sun back.

Ben was FED UP in the van and was not having any more death threats!

Crap! More flashes and right on top of eachother. I loved the Jeronimo Jackson refrence by Charlotte.

Charlotte, OBVIOUSLY you've been here before. NO DUH. Early last season she had a flashback in Tunisia with the polar bear dig, she totally recognized that Dharma symbol. I'm thinking Daniel will try to change the future even though he said you can't and will go back in time and offer her chocolate and tell her not to come back or she'll DIE! Maybe Miles can get some dead info from her.

Jin was so noble making John promise not to bring Sun back. I still heart John Locke. He has so much Faith in the Island, even if Jin's all "How you Know?" I liked Juliet thanking him though. It took a lot of strength to climb down that rope too.

So the light from the flashes seemed to come out off that hole. Again...WHERE are Rose and Bernard? AND VINCENT!!

James was nice caring about John so much. They definately have a connection and he's a new man.

Bye Charlotte. I never loved her character but I did feel bad for Daniel. But we did get some of her story.

I thought Richard was going to be the guy down by the wheel but Christian was a cool surprise. So Christian is anti Ben. Who to believe? Who to trust?

I'm glad John kept his promise and did not tell Sun Jin was alive.

Eloise Hawking was no surprise, I think to most followers of the show. Desmond must have reckognized her though. It seemed like Ben did not know she was Daniel Faraday's mom though.

Terry O'Quinn Killed that scene about sacrifice. Just like Boone. So please tell me the flashes are not just the result of the broken wheel going off it's axis? Right? Right!?

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