Thursday, February 19, 2009

5.6 316

This episode was made of WIN! By now you know if the post is titled with a episode number and name, and you have not yet seen said episode, don't read ahead!

I like the start with the eyeball close-up like season 1. JACK! ON THE ISLAND! Nice dive there Jack. I love how they started at the end.

Yep, Desmond immediately recognized Mrs. Hawking. Shall we? Shall we WHAT lady?
The underground station looked so hatch like and Dharma-ish. SO that's the lampost!

This episode solidified that Ben is a liar through and through. Mrs. Hawking's "Probably" was great. She was kinda creepy at times and nice at time. I was waiting for someone to get hit by that pendulum.
So who's the fellow who built the room? One of the things on the wall said US Army 1954, this makes me think that Eloise Hawking is indeed the Ellie we met on the Island.
Des was pissed. I have a feeling he can't do anything about the island not being done with him.

So GUAM! via Ajira flight 316!

I kept wanting Jack to just read that letter already. I love how clueless Jack is sometimes. DUH who do you THINK John would be representing?? DUH!
"This is Ridiculous" Really Jack? REALLY? After all you've seen? He was still fighting it but he believes.
"That's why they call it a leap of faith" was like last week's "That's why they call it sacrifice" from Christian to Locke.
So the loose end Ben needs to tie...a promise to an old friend. Could that be him vowing to kill Penny? It explains his beat up face, coulda been Des putting the hurt on him. He was at the marina when he called Jack.

So What was with that weird scene with Jack's gramps?

I knew it was Kate in Jack's house. So WHAT did Kate do with Aaron? Why did Jack just accept that his nephew was suddenly gone so easily? WHO apparently abandons their son and then is in the mood? That REALLY bugged.

I liked the back story on the tennis shoes.

Jill the butcher is kinda creepy. When Jack was changing John's shoes I had a Mr. Rogers kinda vibe. I also imagined John would suddenly rise when the shoes were on. I wonder if Christian will want them back later.

Kate did NOT look happy to see Jack and was distant and annoying the whole day. Maybe she just remembered Sawyer's on the other end of that plane ride? By the way, why wear a suit to the Island Jack? Was that more duplicating the original flight? I wonder what all they packed/brought.

So HOW did Hurley know to come? Dead friends told him? I hope it was Libby and we see it later! No clue what was going on with Sayid but I'm pretty sure that this is not the last we'll see of other passenger who gave Jack his condolences.

What's with the Guitar Hurley? Maybe it was Charlie who told him to bring it? (BTW I love Jorge Garcia's blog.)

Ben's "Who Cares" was reminicent of "So?" from last season.

Gotta be weird being on a plane knowing it's gonna crash...

OH EMM GEE FRANK! I liked him better scruffy though. "We're not going to Guam" ha!
I was worried if Jack let Frank know what's going on he'd turn around or something.

"How can you read?"
" My mother taught me."
Loved that. Ben lies like it's a reflex.

I lolled at Hurley's sleep mask.

SOOOO JIN? The van and his Dharma clothes looked new so maybe they're in the 70's now?

So if that's true can Ben meet himself?


alajnabiya said...

That was the best episode this season, don't you think? They actually gave us some answers for once, but of course more questions too!

Thanks for the link to Jorge Garcia's blog. I don't know if it is just my monitor, but your links color is too hard to see on the black background.

I love reading your blogs.

Mona said...

I thought it was a great episode too. I'm glad they didn't take all season to get back to the Island...Thanks for the heads up on the link color, I'll change it. Thanks for reading too!

julaybeeba said...

OMG I just discovered that you have a LOST blog. Me and my sis, HUGE FANS. anyhoo. i think the flashes are causing them to go farther and farther back in time. i have no idea what the whole dharma thing is about with Jin, and i still think Ben is EVIL.

Melissa said...

I loved this episode! I really wonder what happened to Aaron. At first I thought it was going to be Christian in Jack's apartment, I was expecting him to appear to Jack at some point. And then it was Kate, and I thought she looked like she'd been drugged and left there like that.
My husband thinks she killed Aaron, but I think he was taken forcibly from her to make her go back to the island.
I loved how the beginning with Jack in the jungle was like the very first episode.
I'm so glad they didn't take all season to get them back to the island.
Hmmm...I wonder how Jin and Daniel (and I assume the rest of them) got into Dharma?? Maybe we'll see tonight!

Mona said...

Julaybeeba, Yay! More Lost fans! I think they're in the 70's.

Melissa, I know the whole Aaron thing is bothering me too...I hope they answer it soon, but its not likely.

Cecilia said...

wow, I have missed some episodes I see... hmm, i have to catch up. haha, don´t tell my husband that there are episodes he haven´t seen LoL. haha

nickole0904 said...

haha i laughed so hard when you said who abandons there son then wants to get some. i am still laughing now!!

Mona said...

Ha, Nickole, Yea, that didn't make sense. Maybe the had that scene so Kate will be pregnant later?