Thursday, January 29, 2009

5.3 Jughead

Spoiler Alert...........I watched it here.

This show is made of awesome.

A few thoughts on this episode, in random fashion as I didn't take notes.

I liked it a lot. I love Desmond's character and Daniel's as well.

Des & Penny's kid is really cute and I love that they named him Charlie.

I'll bet you "Ellie" turns out to be Daniel Faraday's mom and Mrs. Hawkings. She even mumbles just like Faraday.

I just knew Widmore had been on the island before....and he was always a douche.

So Richard does not age....not time traveling, just ageless...hmm. Also now it makes sense why he showed up at the hospital the day John was born in that other WTF moment. Also I know I like to call him eyeliner but I think the actor's eyelashes are just that thick.

So When they said that the woman Faraday made ill/bedridden/time shifting's name was Theresa...all that came to mind was Boone in Locke's weird dream saying "Theresa fell up the stairs..Theresa fell down the stairs" but that could just be another same name lost thing.

I wonder where Bernard and Rose were? And Vincent.

One thing I don't get..If Frogurt is dead in the 50's does that mean he ceases to have existed on flight 815? Same with all the other extras?

I wonder if the H bomb will rear it's ugly head later?

I hope Charlotte doesn't die now, I just started to like her.

When are they now?

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