Thursday, January 22, 2009

My show is back!! Season 5 Premier Reactions. a,k.a 5.1 Because You Left & 5.2 The Lie

What a trip! I think a lot of questions were answered.

SPOILER ALERT! Consider yourself warned....If you didn't watch yet...don't read on!

Here are my reactions while watching.

OMG! Halliwax/Marvin Candle! DANIEL!! Time traveling! I think the baby in the first scene has to be significant, maybe someone we know?

Sawyer's being a bully jerk. When he said not everyone's accounted for I thought he was gonna say Claire, but then I remembered John. I've been saying for like a year. WHERE are Cindy the stewardess and the kids? I guess Jin's gone but you never know.

Holy Drug planes! Those tree trunks in Hawaii are cool. I thought it was cool how John got shot in the leg (damn Ethan!) and back in season 1 his leg was giving him trouble just at that same place. "When are we?" Love it.

I bet the lawyers were sent by Ben, so Kate would agree to go back!

Sun is so chic. UH OH Ms's Widmore! I wonder what plan they've hatched up. I bet she blames Ben cause John/Jeremy told her Ben blew up the freighter by killing Keamy.

I'm just used to curly haired Sayid. Maybe Hurley should not walk around in a ROBE to avoid suspicion of being a mental patient. OUCH! Cast iron pan to the head....that's gotta smart. Really Hurley? How dumb was it to hold the gun looking down on the the body?

RICHARD eyeliner ALPERT! He's so mysterious.....It's the compass from when he visited John as a child! "It shows North." Ha.

More time skip flashing....Son of a....LOL the ghost of Christmas future. Love that Sawyer can still be snarky at times like these. YAY DESMOND!! Hero time.

OMG Anna Lucia! And I didn't even hate her. Lol "Libby Says Hi." Hurley's not crazy...he's a ghost whisperer!

I think Hurley should have just gone home instead of stopping at the convienence store for a shirt. Hurley's dad was watching Expose...that was the show Nikki was on. Lol..."A dart? Were you at the Zoo?" I love Hurley's parents. Get away from the door when there's cops out there Hugo!

OH so Kate meets Sun instead of Jack like we're supposed to think....Well played show.
Sun was kinda weird in this scene.

Who was that butcher lady? Don't recognize her.

It's Vincent! Frogurt's freaking out....Bye! That arrow scene was awesome. Others?

And the best line of the night....."Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"

AWWW Jin!!

Jack needs a new car.

I FLOVED Hurley's recap of the island to his mom. Ithought she'd say "'re nuts!" but she believed him.

I hate seeing needles going in but I love that Sayid immediately chokes Jack. Heh, just sayin.

HAHA! Hot Pockets are a weapon! I thought Ben's convincing ways had Hurley all ready to go with him.. but no....he turned himself in....He looked very sneaky like he had a plan or just happy he didnt let Ben get to him?

Who were those people ready to cut off Juliet's hand? John to the rescue.

OMG it's Mrs. Hawkings!! from Desmond's first flashing episode, Flashes Before Your Eyes. She creeped me right out. 70 Hours? Is she the puppet master??

All in all a stellar start to the season. I love the continuity and how this show screws with my head. Welcome back SHOW!

I scribbled notes while watching on note my daughter wrote, I could barely read it after but it reminded me of Daniel's journal, heh:


Salih said...

Wasn't the salami and caviar sandwich just gross?! Eeww...

Cindy is one of the others, they showed her only once or twice with them but only very briefly. Did you see her? She was in one of the episodes, but it might have been in 'Destiny Calls' did you see that one? It's the catch up episode.

So, do you think Ben is one of the good guys or bad guys? I think he's one of the good guys, but he lost sight of the Other's ultimate goal which they seem to think they're trying to save the world somehow and he has done some very bad things. But, I do think he's trying to redeem himself now.

There's a theory that Mrs. Hawkings is Daniels mom. I think she might be.

Ethan is such a creep, right? I was surprised to see him again.

Yeah, Hugo wasn't thinking too much when he picked up the gun and stood there looking at the guy with those people there...I wonder how Ben is going to get Hurley now??
They only have 70 hours!
I wonder if Anna Lucia is going to break Hurley out and tell him to go back to the Island.

Melissa said...

Oopps! That comment was mine, I didn't realize my husband was logged into his gmail.

Oh, I forgot! Who do you think sent those lawyers to Kate? I was thinking it might have been Ben's plan to get Kate running, and think she'd call Jack, which she was about to. But then Sun was acting really weird, and she said wouldn't you do anything to keep Aaron safe? You make hard decisions when you need to.
I wonder if maybe Sun sent them to Kate to scare her and manipulate Kate to do what she wants. Or, Ben sent them but now Sun is going to use that to manipulate Kate. I don't know, this is Lost here, anything can happen!

Mona said...

Yea, I saw Cindy with the others then, when Jack was captured by the Others. I just wish they'd tell us what happened to them since.

I don't know about Ben, he always has me guessing.

Hmm..interesting about Mrs. Hawkings being Daniel's mother...the flash cut off him
saying her name.

Can ghosts break people out of jail?

I poted that I have the theory about the lawyers being sent by Ben, but right now Sun has me so confused.

So glad I have a reader here! Thanks for reading/commenting...can't wait for next week!

mistika said...

I watch bits and pieces but I can only tell you I am LOST!!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, I missed that part about that you thought Ben sent the lawyers. I'm so excited to see next weeks episode! I can't wait! This show just keeps getting better, doesn't it?
I don't know if ghosts can break people out of jail, but apparently they can play chess...Or Ben will some how figure out a master scheme to do it.
Your notes paper does look like Daniels notebook!

Mona said...

Mistika, it is hard to keep up unless you watch each episode!

Yea, the show is really great, I'm sure Hurley will get out somehow. Lol I always liked Daniel.

Inspired Muslimah said...

OK I am going to the video store to rent the last season so that i can catch up and become apart of this blog!

Regina said...

I think that Sun is going to prove to be a really big part of this season, like maybe she's somehow in cohoots with Widmore. I also dont think Jin is dead.

My favorite line: Hugo-"Maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn't shoot so many people".

I think Ben is one of the bad guys turned good. Or that he knows something about the island that no one else knows.

I'm really enjoying all the time travel tie ins.......

Mona said...

Regina, thanks for your comment and your theories.