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Season 4 Finale Refresh Recap

So I watching the finale again, streaming online, taking notes during the skips, heh. This was 2 hours and damn the play by play turned out long....New season posts will not be full recaps, just commentary on the episodes....If you need to refresh your memory on what happened last....Grab a soda, and read on.

The season 4 finale starts where season 3 ended. Kate is about to leave in her car when Jack is all "We have to go back!" With his weird fake beard. (We used to call Tom, the Other, "Beardy Mcweirdy, now that's Jack) Kate hits the breaks, and gets out. She's all "Who do you think you are?!" She want's to know why he brought her the Jeremy Bentham obituary, and why he believes him. He says it's the only way to keep them safe and Kate slaps him for speaking Aaron's name, and for leaving. Kate says, "I spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day we left." She says no way she's going back.....

On the Island, Jack and Sawyer are walking through the jungle, as they do...Sawyer seems concerned about Jack's appendix stitches, which are bleeding, but Jack says he's ok. They find the Orchid, they hear the unmistakable snapping of twigs and turn around to see Hurley. They go to the Orchid and Locke is there.

On the freighter, Desmond, Michael, and Jin are trying to figure out the C4 extravaganza Keamy has set up. Apparently the bomb is connected to a radio receiver, and a car battery. And there's no way around it...this thing is gonna blow, boom.

Jack, Back at the Orchid station, questions Locke on what he's doing Locke asks Sawyer and Hurley to scram so he can talk to Jack. Jack says he only came for Hurley, and is in a hurry to get to the chopper and get off this island .

Ben is being taken by the soldiers, hands tied, when big toothed Keamy asks Ben why he's so important that Widmore would pay so much to capture him. Ben asks him if Widmore ordered Keamy to kill his daughter. Neither of them answer eachother. They get to the chopper and see Frank, still handcuffed to it tryint to break them with tools. There's s that jungle noise that means someone is approaching, when they all look around and Kate comes out. Keamy's like Who are you? She say's she's Kate and that Ben's people are after her. Keamy orders Kate to get on her knees with Ben. They all hear the creepy Others' whispering. Others come out of the jungle and kick some freighter ass. They're all down except for Keamy, of course. He goes after Ben and Kate who hightailed it outta there. Ben trips and falls but Kate helps him up. Keamy is about to catch up to them but Sayid comes out of nowhere and is fighting the big K. They both struggle for Keamy's handgun, and it gets knocked away. Then they're fighting over the knife and Keamy ends up about to choke Sayid with a branch. At the last second, Richard Eyeliner Alpert shoots Keamy in the back. Why not the head, I ask!? No one checks for a pulse!? Ben thanks Richard and Kate cuts Ben's plastic restraints and Eyeliner says he made a deal with Kate and Sayid to get off the island for their help. Kate is shocked.

Flash-forward time, Hurley's sitting at the mental hospital when an elderly black woman comes over to him. She says he knows her grandson. Hurley sees Tall Walt standing there, his Grandma says that they've come all the way to California just so Walt could see Hurley as long as he's not dangerous or anything. Hurley says he's sorry and Walt says that Jeremy Bentham visited him though. He aks why they're all lying. Hurley cautiously says "We're lying because it's the only way to protect everyone who didn't come back." Walt asks if that includes his father. Hurley says it does.

Back in the jungle again, Sawyer is looking at Jack and Locke through binoculars. Hurley thanks Sawyer for coming to get him and they share some stale crackers. Hurley asks about Claire and the baby but Sawyer doesn't answer him.

At the Orchid station, Jack is asking Locke what he wants and Locke tells Jack that wants them to stay on the island. Jack laughs at the thought. He points out all the things Locke has done and Lock reminds him that Jack pointed a gun at his head and pulled the trigger.

Locke wants Jack to stay and find out what his destiny is, but Jack's not having it and he's about to leave when Locke says, "You're gonna have to lie." He says they'll have to lie about what happened there when they leave the island to protect it. Jack says "It's an Island, John. No one needs to protect it!' Locke goes "It's not an island, it's a place where miracles happen." Jack says he doesn't believe in miracles. Then Locke hints that he's about to perform one. Ben appears and Jack points his gun at him. Ben ignores the gun with a nice to see you too, Jack and walks over to Locke talking about how he couldn't find the entrance, they go inside, pretty much ignoring Jack. Ben opens the hidden door to the elevator, then Jack asks what they're going to do. Ben tells Jack that Kate and Sayid are at the chopper, waiting for him, and that those on the beach are being ferried to the freighter. Ben tells Jack he needs to get to the freighter within an hour. Locke tells Jack once more to lie about the island. "If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you."

On the freighter, Michael brings a tank of nitrogen when Sun, she has Aaron, asks Michael what's going on Michael she told anyone about the C-4, she hasn't but she asks him if they're able to deactivate it. Michael tells her that the nitrogen tank will help them disarm it. She tells him that she's pregnant, and he seems very happy for her. In the Explosion Room, Michael explains to Desmond and Jinn how the nitrogen will slow down the bomb or something, but there's only one canister of nitrogen. Damn nitrogen shortage!

Daniel arrives at the beach on the Zodiac, he tells Juliet that the first group is on the frieghter. Juliet says she'll organize the second group,and then thanks him for helping them. There's a weirdness about it for a second but that could be my imagination.

Miles and Charlotte are on the beach, Miles is eating some nuts and Rose calls him on eating peanuts without asking and says she's gonna keep an eye on him. Daniel comes up and talks quietly with Charlotte and Miles and tells them that they have to be on the Zodiac. Miles says he plans to stay. Charlotte is packing as Miles says that he's surprised she's leaving after she "spent all that time trying to get back here." Charlotte says "What do you mean, 'get back here?'" Miles is like "What do I mean?" all mysterious like.

Ben and Locke are in the Orchid elevator and it takes forever to go down. The station looks very Dharma and Ben is in a real hurry and John asks him if this is the "magic box" , very child like. Ben says it's not and avoids John's many questions by giving him a Dharma Orientation tape, # 6 of 6. The tape is hosted by "Edgar Haliwax" but it's that same guy and he has a white bunny. He goes into this thing about negatively-charged exotic matter. There's a closet type deal that they use to conduct experiments in space and time. He puts the bunny in the vault and says he's gonna send it forward as small distance along the 4th dimension. Then tape rewinds itself and stops working. Meanwhile Ben is putting anything and everything metal in the vault. Locke asks Ben, "Was he talking about what I think he was talking about?" Ben says "If you mean time-traveling bunnies, then yes." Locke says the video said not to put any metal in there...they hear the elevator and Locke asks if Ben's expecting anyone. Ben asks Locke for his weapon back. That telescoping baton thingy.

Hurley, Jack, and Sawyer are at the chopper. Kate tries to get Frank's cuffs off and Sawyer calls him Kenny Rogers. His nickname skills are slacking. He saws the cuffs off for him with a hacksaw. Duh. Jack asks Sayid if the freighter is safe, bringing up the guy who washed up on the beach. Sayid say's it's safe now. Hurley says they'll come back and look for Claire right?? Jack says yea They all get in the chopper and take off.

At the Orchid, Keamy gets off the elevator, duh he had a bullet proof vest on people! He has a knife and he calls for Ben and tells him he has a dead man's trigger strapped on his arm, so if his heart stops beating the freighter goes kabloom Locke comes up and speaks calmly to Keamy telling him that he has no conflict with him and wants him to put down the knife. Keamy's not having it but then Ben pops out and beats Keamy with his weapon, goes psycho and stabs him over and over, all while yell ing "you killed my daughter" The dead-man's trigger goes off and Lock says to Ben, "You just killed everybody on that boat." Ben pauses then coldly says "So?" Brrrrrr.

On the beach Charlotte tells Daniel that she's staying on the island. He tells her she could never get off the island and asks her why she wants to stay. She says "Would it make any sense if I told you I was still looking for where I was born?" He says that doesn't make sense (ya think?) and she laughs, and kisses him on the cheek and they say goodbye. Daniel goes over to Juliet by the Zodiac and she's also not going. She says that she staying till everyone else is on the boat. I don't know why I still don't trust her. Daniel and some other people head towards the freighter.

Back on the freighter, Michael is freezing the battery with nitrogen and Desmond has an idea but it's not gonna work. The tank shows 1/4 left. They say they have to get everybody off hte boat.

In the helicopter, Frank says the fuel is going down quick and they realize there's a hole in the fuel tank. Frank says they should go back but Jack's not having it. Jack could have totally covered that hole with his hand or something, but the show doesn't want that. Anyway Frank says to them to throw everything off the chopper to save weight, so they do and Frank says "I'd feel a hell of a lot better if were a few hundred pounds lighter." What the hell kind of thing is that to say, Frank? The camera pans right to Hurley. Then to Sawyer. He leans over and whispers something into Kate's ear. She asks why he's telling her this. He kisses her and says, "Just do it, Freckles." Sawyer jumps out and into the water....splash...he swims towards the beach.

Wooosh sound...flash forward....A guy is in his car and someone asks him the time. That someone is Sayid and he shoots the guy. They're in front of the Santa Rosa Mental Institute Sayid goes up to Hurley's room. He sees Hurley playing chess...alone. Hurley says it's after visiting hours, and Sayid says this isn't a visit. He says he's there to take him someplace safe. Hurley points out that he hasn't seen him in ages, but Sayid says that circumstances have changed. "Bentham's dead" he says. Hurley gets some specifics, that it was 2 days ago and ruled a suicide. Then Hurley asks why Sayid keeps calling him Bentham...and Sayid cuts him off and says "Don't say it" Sayid whispers to him that they're being watched. Hurley says "Dude, I've been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia." Sayid tells him that he just killed a guy outside the hospital. Hurley's like we're not going back right?? and Sayid reasures him that he just wants to take him someplace safe. Before Hurley leaves, he stops to make a move on the chessboard. "Checkmate, Mr. Eko." he says. Whaa?? I say.

On the helicopter, Sayid says they can't find the boat, there's 4 or 5 mins of fuel left. Jack says to Kate that they'll go back for Sawyer. Hurley sees the boat and they head towards it. This bearing stuff is confusing.

Back at the Orchid station Locke is trying to save Keamy's so the freighter doesnt blow up. Ben doesn't feel the need to help him. With his dying breaths, Keamy tells Ben that Widmore will find him. Ben says "Not if I find him first." Keamy croaks and the light on his arm thingy goes from green to red. I'm thinking that transmitter shouldn't work from so far underground but whatevs.

On the freighter again, the light on the bomb receiver changes from green to red, that's always bad. Michael tells Desmond and Jin to get out get everyone off the boat. Jin stays though.

The chopper is about to land on the freighter while Desmond runs around yelling for everyone to jump ship. He waves away the chopper and Sayid hears something about a bomb. Cut to Micheal and Jin, the nitrogen is almost out. People are jumping off the boat. Sun looks for Jin. Desmond tells Jack and them that there's a bomb while Frank covers the tank holes with duct tape so he can refuel. Duct tape is the best. Kate sees Sun holding Aaron, and Kate asks her where she's going. Kate offers to go after Jin instead of her.

Nitrogen is almost out and Micheal tells Jin to go and that he's gonna be a dad and stuff. Jin says thanks and gets outta there. Up top Frank tells Jack that they've gotta go. Duh. Jack gets Kate and she isn't able to go after Jin as she told Sun. The chopper takes off with Frank, Desmond, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Aaron, and Jack. JIIIINN! He's now on the deck but Frank doesn't go back down. Sun loses it, understandably.

Back in the explosion room, the nitrogen finally runs out and Micheal hears whispers and all of a sudden there's Christian. He says "You can go now Micheal" Michael says "Who are you?" I say "What the?" and Kablowy the bomb goes off and the boat blows up. Sun loses it some more.

The helicopter kinda hovers around over where the boat sank. I'm hoping against hope that Jin jumped in time and is still alive! Sun wants them to go lower but Jack says there's no one there. and Frank says they need to go back to the island because they didn't get enough fuel. Sun is still very distraught of course and Jack's all "Jin is gone"

Flash forward time...Sun,walks on a bridge when her phone rings. It's her mom and its' clear she's babysitting Ji Yeon. Sun says she's in London and has to take care of some business. She sees Charles Widmore leaving a building and she gets him alone and tells him she is the managing director of Paik Industries. I guess Widmore knows Mr. Paik and he makes some chitchat about golfing with him when Sun says "Are you really going to pretend that you don't know who I am?" Widmore plays dumb but Sun isn't havin it. She says he knows that they've been lying. "You and I have common interests." What does she mean? She gives him her business card. "As you know, we're not the only ones who left the island." and walks a way. He asks why she'd want to help him but doesn't answer him. This scene was so good. I love Sun .

At the Orchid, Ben goes back to putting metal into the vault and Locke wants to know why he killed Keamy and caused the boat to blow up.Ben says "Sometimes good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses. I'm sure you're going to do a much better job of separating the two than I ever did." Ben shuts the vault door and Locke asks what he's doing. Ben tells him to duck and then the vault explodes. Ben says he has to change clothes.

Juliet is on the beach, downing some Dharma brand rum when Sawyer swims ashore. Juliet and says, "Nice day for a swim!" Sawyer asks her what she's celebrating. She says she's not, and they both look at the smoke where the freighter exploded.

Ben's putting on a parka in the orchid and he says he's going somewhere cold but that Locke's not coming with. Locke says that Jacob told Locke what they had to do and Ben says that Jacob didn't tell him how to do it, because he wanted Ben to "suffer the consequences." Locke asks him, "What consequences?" Ben replies "Whoever moves the island can never come back." Ben tells Locke go up and find Richard and the Others, that they are waiting for him and "ready, willing, and able to share what they know." I guess Locke's the leader of the Other's now. Ben says to him "Sorry I made your life so miserable." shakes his hand and walks away. Locke doesn't know what he's supposed to tell the Others to do, but Ben reassures him he'll find his way. Locke then walks up to where the Others are. They all look at him in awe. Eyeliner/Richard says "Welcome home."

Inside the Orchid, Ben goes through an opening in the back of the vault and he ends up in this icy place and he goes down a ladder which breaks injuring his arm. Ben lights an oil lamp and there's a big wheel in the wall. Ben looks up and says "I hope you're happy now, Jacob" He tries to turn it but it's frozen. He starts to loosen it with a crowbar pushes his hardest till eyeballs look like they're about to pop out. There's a loud noise, they cut to everyone hearing the noise. The Others, Juliet and Sawyer, Daniel an co on the Zodiac and everyone on the helicopter. As Ben keeps turning there's a bright light and everyone's blinded for a second then from the chopper's bird's eye view we see the Island disappear. Just like that, gone. The water ripples.

Frank says "Where's the island?" There's no where to land, Jack tells him there was another smaller island, but it's gone too. They're outta gas and they're gonna crash. Sayid grabs the life raft and they all hit the water....Jack is in the water. Kate's calling out to him. Hurley is in the life raft, Kate is holding Aaron and they all get on the raft, all except Desmond. Sayid and Hurley grab Desmond's and pull him into the raft. Jack give him CPR, it's scary for a second but Des makes it.

Flash-forward time. Kate sleeping and she hears a noise that wakes her up.The phone rings and there's a weird clicking sound and some gibberish. She then hears another noise in her house. She grabs her gun and goes to Aaron"'s room where she sees a woman beside his bed She yells "Don't you touch my son!" When the woman turns around, it's Claire! Kate asks how she got there but Clair says "Don't bring him back, Kate. Don't you dare bring him back!" ...and then she wakes up..so it was a dream? She goes into Aaron's room and holds his hand and cries that she's sorry.

On the life raft Jack asks Kate how Aaron is. Kate says he fine. She's getting more maternal. Hurley says "I can't believe he did it." Kate goes "Who did what?" Hurley says "Locke. He moved the island." Jack smugly says "No he didn't." Hurley replies "Well really? 'Cause one minute it was there and the next it was gone. So unless we, like, overlooked it dude, that's exactly what he did. But you got another explanation, man, I'd love to hear it." Go Hurley! Frank sees a light in the distance and it reminds me of Beardy McWeirdy when he took Walt fromt Jack blurts out "We're gonna have to lie." They're all Wha??? Jack says that whoever planted the fake plane found in the ocean will come after them. Kate doesn't think they can pull it off. Jack says to just to let him do all the talking. The boat comes closer, and there are guys speaking a foreign language but we hear them call for Miss Widmore. Desmond looks up and Penny shows up up top and says for the guys to throw them a rope. Desmond yells "Penny" as he climbs the ladder and she goes to meet him. They're both in disbelief and they hug and kiss. Penny does that squinty thing and explains how she got the signal. They exchange I love yous.

Desmond and Penny go to the others and Desmond introduces them each to Penny. Jack tells her that they need to talk.

The screen tells us this is one week later. Hurley and Sayid are the boat. Hurley asks the name of the place they're using, and Sayid says it's Membata. Jack and Frank drop the raft back in the water and Desmond throws a couple of boards in too. Jack asks how long it will take to land, and Frank says it should be about 8 or 9 hours: "Just long enough to give you a nice, convincing sunburn." They say their goodbyes and Penny Aaron to Kate. Jack expresses concern for Desmond, but he says that he'll be fine as long as he's got Penny. Jack tells Desmond "Then I'll see you in another life, brother." , "Aye, I guess you will." Desmond says. Jack, Sayid, Kate, Aaron, Sun, and Hurley get on the raft. they paddle with the boards. They arrive at a fishing village where people help them out.

Flash forward agian.... Jack goes to the funeral home..the one he went to last season. The door is locked but Jack smashs the door knob with a brick and breaks in. He looks at a form on top of a coffin and we figure out that it' Jeremy Bentham. Jack opens the lid, but they don't show us inside yet. Of course not. Ben calls Jack's name and scares the hell out of me. He asks Jack if "he" told him that he was off the island. I guess he means Bentham. He confirms he did. Ben asks him when he last spoke to him. A month ago he says, Kate too. Ben asks what he told him Ben asks what he said. Jack says, "He told me that after I left the island, some very bad things happened and he told me it was my fault, for leaving. And he said that I had to come back." Ben tells Jack he heard that he's flying over the Pacific hoping to crash and says "I'm here to tell you that the island won't let you come alone. All of you have to go back."Jack doesn't see that happening. He says he doesn't know where Sayid is, Hurley's carayzay, that Sun blames him for Jin's death, and Kate isn't speaking to him. Ben says he can help him with them because they have to go back together. Jack starts to leave when says "Jack, I said all of you. We're going to have to bring him, too." They both look at the coffin. And they finally show us who's in there.....it's Locke.

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