Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo




I really liked this episode, but Hurley-centric eps are always good. I loved the Man of The Year video! And Pierre Chang! Hugo's mom is always funny.

I wasn't at all expecting to see Harold Perrineu, I don't look at the credits or anything to make sure I'm not spoiled. It was good to see Micheal but I kinda thought the whispers reveal was a given.

Loved Hurley and Libby, they're so sweet together.

Desmond hitting Locke, now was that him pulling a Charlie, trying to get him to see the other side or was it revenge because he was aware of his alternate self, and he'd thought it was Locke who pushed him down a well?

Elana going boom was kinda funny, sorry, Elana, she kept throwing those water bottles onto the unstable dynamite and well, yea, I guess the Island was done with her, as Ben said.

I kinda hated that Miles went with Richard. I like Richard but Miles, man, where's the loyalty? Jack's been down right likable this season. He's learned humility and I think it was good that they addressed Jack's guilt about Juliet.

I thought the way NotLocke reacted to the island boy, (who by the way, did he look older this time? And what was with that smile?) was interesting. He seemed a little afraid of him. He also didn't like how not scared Desmond was.

He can't die, man, How's he gonna get out of that well? Christian? Jacob?

I think it was cool and brave of Hurley blowing up the Black Rock and saying they should go face NotLocke, but I hate that they all keep calling him Locke. Giving John Locke a bad name! NotLocke and Jack exchanged a weird look, I think it's the first time he's seen him and damn, Sun just misses Jin. Will Jack tell Claire they're related? I miss the real Sayid! At least Jack got the info from Dogen that those two aren't the same.

What was in that little bag of Elana's that Hurley found? Was it Jacob's ashes? What is he gonna do with them?


bzmomma said...

i <3 hurley! lol

1 - I think that Desmond ran over Locke b/c he's aware of his alternate universe and knows Locke will be evil NotLocke.

2 - I think that was Jacob's ashes in that bag and his defense against the smoke monster - to spread it around them so the monster can't get to whomever is inside the perimeter of the ashes.

3 - So, the Kwon they need is Sun and not Jin? They are ALL together now when they reach NotLocke's camp - which is what badboyLocke needs (everyone together)...unless the real candidate is Jin and not Sun and if that's the case, oool, NOT all together yet.

4 - Desmond's not going to die...not yet anyway...they did show him up and at 'em at the ending previews and also him at the bottom of the well still alive.

5 - Agree w/everything else...especially w/ (sorry).

Mona Z said...

bzmomma, Everybody loves him, don't you know? :)

Ok, when Des said, "You're John Locke, did he really think that or was he bluffing? He seems so zen and in tune with everything, all knowing and wise...Lets hope so. I don't watch previews but I didn't think he'd die now, it's almost over.

I wonder about the Kwon's, NotLocke seemed not to care that Jin wasn't there, as Sawyer pointed out.

Thanks for commenting!

bzmomma said...

I think Des knew that wasn't really John Locke...I agree, he is so zen. That both freaks me out and puts me in a happy place. lol

I don't know what I'm going to do when LOST is all over and done with :(

Mona Z said...

Bzmomma, I know. :( I really don't know what I'll do. I never have been such a huge fan of something nor do I think there's ever been such a dynamic, brilliant show.

Melissa said...

I felt bad for Ilana :( she spent her whole life training to protect them and then it's just done with her like that.

That boy did look older to me, too! That weird smirk looked like Jacob, to me. He makes weird faces, too.

Whoa, Desmond running Locke down like that! I was shocked! I knew Fake Locke was going to throw him in the well.

I'm wondering if Sayid is playing Locke...I think there could be a twist with him, which would be nice. I miss the old Sayid. He didn't kill all three of the people with Desmond, only one, and told Flocke he didn't see the need to kill all of, maybe there's a bit of old Sayid in there somewhere?

4 episodes left. :( I am sad....

Mona Z said...

You know, you have a point. He wasn't just robotic, evil. There's hope for Sayid!