Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6.13 The Last Recruit


I really like the feel of this episode. It felt very season finale-ish. The end is near!

When Locke told Jack he "looked like" Christian I'm not sure I believed him. I don't know it's the Christian telling Micheal on the freighter that he was free now that's confusing me. The Jack/Claire "we're brother and sister" thing was a little awkward but I suppose it would be. How did Claire know Jack was her brother? See she said to Jin that she'd been with her father and her friend(Locke) so what gives?

Flash Sideways Sun totally recognized Locke as NotLocke as kind of a bleed through. She seemed afraid of him so it wasn't John she'd remembered. I really like alternate Ben. Seems very nice. I knew Jack would end up fixing John, and I'm gonna say he's probably going to really fix him. He'll walk again, I predict.

Sideways Desmond is coming off as a bit of a creeper. Stalking Claire like that. She didn't think that was weird. It's very Jacob like though. Zuleikha Robinson cleans up nice. I still want to know why Elana was bandaged up.

Sawyer and Kate with the matching leather jackets were cute, they're definitely not true loves. She did look great in that scene though.

Sayid. Sayid, Sayid, Sayid. I felt so bad for him and his zombie self this episode. I don't think he killed Desmond. They'd show that. There's hope for Sayid yet. Did you see that look he gave NotLocke after he told him he did kill him? He's got a plan and he took so long because he got Des out of the well.

I'm really sick of Zoe. What we're capable of? Has she seen smokey in action?! When Hurley asked Sawyer who that was I half expected him to say "Liz Lemon".

Claire is still very odd and I hope she can be redeemed. Maybe when NotLocke is killed, hopefully by Sayid or Desmond, all of his followers revert back to themselves. I really kind of felt bad for Claire when they left her but she needs to remember they didn't abandon her! I thought she was gonna kill Kate but she seemed to calm down.

I knew Widmore would renig. He's not that nice. Sawyer didn't deliver on his end of the bargain anyway, plus now Charles doesn't have Desmond, but really he should have kept a better eye on him!

Sun and Jin!!! I'm sure everyone, as did I, thought they'd get fried by the pylons a la Mikhail. It kind of ruined the moment but not much. I love those two and I'm glad they didn't keep that reunion till the finale, it's gonna be too busy.

I'm glad Sun and her baby are ok int Alt. universe too. Sayid fell for that old Tom & Jerry, trip on hose trick.

Now when that explosion went off and Jack was all messed up, I got the feeling that he'd died and Smokey "claimed" him just then. Just like I think Claire did in New Otherton and Sayid did. That's why NotLocke said "You're with me now", ever so creepily.

What's up with Richard, Ben and Miles?

Funny lines, Hurley to Claire "You look...Great." "That pilot who looks like he walked off a Burt Reynolds movie"

No Lost next week. :(


ozenhom said...


Yet another great blog. Thus show is do insane. I caught the episode after Ben kills Jacob on Orbit and saw so many things said that make sense FLock saying to Richard "It's nice to see you out of those chains." That make sense now after the Richard episode a few weeks ago.

Some mad racism going on on the lostee poll results...

Why is Jack so down on numbers, I think he still is great and I've enjoyed watching his self discovery.

Mona Z said...

Omar!! Love to get a comment from you. I'm enjoying the re-watch on tv as well. It's just not the same as on the comp. Smokey is more awesome on tv! Plus I see things more/better.

Not sure it's racism, but Lol. I think "Everybody Loves Hugo" and Sawyer gets the girlfan love.

I really like Jack this season!

Melissa said...

The ending was great! I hope Jack hasn't been claimed... :O I didn't like Flockes 'you're with me now' line...uh oh...
I hope Sayid is lying about killing Desmond...
Yes, the end is near :( I can't wait to find out what's going to happen!

Harun Ar said...

Surely this is a good film, unfortunately I have not watched