Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6.16 What They Died For

I can't believe in less than a week it'll be all over. This episode set up the series finale up really well. I loved the Island and the sideways stuff.

Jack got that same little cut on his neck that he had in LA X. He and David are so buddy buddy now. I suppose Claire will go to the concert as well. I'll bet David's mother is Juliet. Miles will convince Sawyer to go and she'll ask James to coffee! I wonder if/how Jin/Sun and John will go? I can't wait! It's a little bitter sweet but exciting!

Kate made me well up when she talked about Ji Yeon. Sawyer really looked like he felt horrible about the deaths. When young Jacob came to Hurley about the ashes, I didn't get why he was young then old, then everyone could see him. Hmm. Anyway, I thought Jacob's explanation
didn't really explain what the light or the heart of the island is or does. It was kind of a given that Jack would be the one. I don't know if he will or can kill NotLocke and what Desmond will do. I hate when people on the show call him Locke. It's not Locke, its NotLocke! So Kate was crossed of because she became a mother, but its just a line of chalk in a cave. So I guess Jin was the the candidate then.

Ben getting pummeled by Desmond again was a little funny. Locke changing his mind made me happy. I love that eye twinkly smile he has and I hope he walks! Ben and Russau was a nice twist! Even a kidnapping joke! Ben tearing up over being a father figure to Alex. It's all coming together!

I loved Desmond pulling strings in the alternate reality! Kate seemed a little too smiley in that van though. Ana Lucia as a dirty cop, figures. Seems Hurley has full memory of the island. It seems Kate should shut up and get in the car because a dress and a concert's gotta be better than county jail.

Is Richard dead? I hope not. Hopefully Smokey was just getting him out of his way? That's no way for such a major character to go.

So Ben's back on the dark side? Or is he conning NotLocke? He promised him that he could have the Island then he told him that he's planning to destroy it. So why would Ben help him now?

Bye Zoe, we won't miss you. I'll miss Widmores voice/accent but that's about it.

Who let Des out of the well? Did Sayid give him a rope? But he said that Des was in the well. Maybe it was Miles? or Claire. Where's she been? Left behind again? Jack and them were still at the river I think. Will the walkie talkies have a role?

Funny lines :
  • Miles: "Is this a secreter room?"
  • Sawyer:"You thought that guy had a God complex before.."
  • Miles: "Good luck with that!"
Well It's 5 days away and I'm sure I'll post the last post a little late. 2 and a half hours, well probably 2 without commercials but YAY! Till then!

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