Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6.14 The Candidate

Wow. This episode was incredible. I don't think I've cried so much at Lost since Charlie died. It was really sad but also really well acted and kept us on the edge of our seats. The last 15 minutes I had my hand over my mouth or sobbing.

So when Lock didn't want the surgery I thought he just didn't believe it would work. I love him and Helen. Jack waking up in that outrigger and Sayid saying "at least you didn't have to paddle" was funny. Widmore putting them in the cages seems like it was for their own good after all.

Bernard definitely seems like he's seen the other reality. The way he kept smiling and calling him "Jack" not Dr. Shepard. How he told him his first name, and how he remembered Anthony Cooper so well. I missed Bernard. I wonder if they'll ever address the retired Island Rose & Bernard.

Jack kept saying that he wasn't leaving the Island. I feel like he might be the new Jacob. So glad Smokey killed Dough boy a.k.a. Chip from Kate & Ally.

In the place where Anthony Cooper lived, the intercom called ext. 23. They always have to use the numbers. I don't know why I felt a little bad for him. He was obviously still the jerk he was before but he just never got a chance to royally screw John over. James has been looking for him and he's right there in LA.

I loved how NotLocke is bulletproof and walks right to the plane and breaks the guy's neck and shoots the other one. He had this all planned and knew the C-4 was on the plane because he took the watch off that guy before going up those bamboo steps and walking right to where it was.

Sayid tells them that the guy's neck is broken and if anyone knows broken necks it's Sayid.

When Sawyer told Jack to get NotLocke in the water, Jack said, you saw what he did back there. I think it means that Locke can't turn into the smoke monster when wet.

John was having a bleed through reality dream. Claire didn't sit or get up like a pregnant woman at all. The catch a falling star music box was to maybe jog her memory of him singing it to her as a baby. It was cute when Jack said, "we're not strangers, we're family". The flight 815 weirdness must have him really freaked by now!

When they were all huddled by the sub, NotLocke let Saywer call the shots and they played right into his hands. I did love Jack pushing NotLocke into the water in John's name.

I was shocked when Kate was shot and I thought she was gone but, nope. Claire just wouldn't listen to anyone calling her on to the sub and then she cries "they're leaving us!" Left behind again.

Jack was right about the bomb this time but Sawyer couldn't trust him again after last time. If they just let it run out it wouldn't have blown up just like the dynamite didn't with Richard.

Sayid's heroic noble death totally redeems him. It was really sad but he went out like the badass that he is. I loved "It's going to be you, Jack" So confirmation that Des is alive and very important.

Frank's a goner too. "Aw, Hell" Another poignant line was Jack's frantic "There is no Sayid!"

The rest was just so sad and I was watching through tears since Sayid died. A lot of people are saying why didn't Sun tell Jin to go and raise their daughter. First of all I think it was unspoken when she told him "You have to go". They didn't have to say it, or maybe it was too hard to even say the words. I don't think Jin could physically bring himself to leave her. Plus he probably didn't think he had a good chance of getting out in time anyway. There was no more oxygen and no guarantee that he'd live to get off the island and see Ji Yeon at all. This scene was just heartbreaking.

In the alt. reality, John didn't look to happy to see Jack and wanted out of there. The fact that he caused his father's vegetative state is sad but he doesn't know what old Anthony had planned for him. There was a moment of recognition when Jack said "I wished you believed me"

If I wasn't crying enough Hurley sobbing killed me. Jack's too. It was like they all were not only crying for the one's who died but about everything that's happened.

John seems like he knew they weren't all dead as if he knew that if they were, something would happen with him. Like he'd be suddenly free or something. I wonder if he's going after Desmond or Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley.

I really thought this episode was the best all season. It was gripping and exciting and yes, sad but this is it, guys. It's almost over.


Melissa said...

Yeah, it was just heartbreaking! I'm so glad Sayid redeemed himself though! And I'm glad to know he didn't kill Desmond, I didn't think so or they would have showed it.

Poor Ji Yeon is an orphan now (but they probably think Sun died when the plane crashed)

Hurley must be feeling so guilty. He lied about seeing Jacob to get them to go with him to 'talk things out' with fake Locke.

Yeah, I thought Locke was remembering when Jack said I wish you believed me but then he just rolls away...When are they going to remember?! I feel like they're running out of time and it's going to be rushed.
Bernard was acting strange, maybe he does remember like you say. He thought Jack was flirting with his wife, I thought that was funny.

Kaighla said...

SubhanAllah, I agree. What a crazy episode! I was also fighting the tears at the end, starting with Sayid. But, can I say just how sort of ironic it is that the "iraqi" was the one who took the suicide bomb? ha ha. Oh jeeze, ABC.
When Sun was trapped and Jin was trying to free her, I was so torn on if he should or not, for Ji Yeon. But, you're probably right. I'm sure they assumed she was dead anyway. Plus, at least her mom has the dough to raise Ji Yeon. I really, really liked when they started speaking in Korean again. It was so intimate, so real. But, then again, I am a Korean-obsessed white girl, so I would say that...ha ha
When Kate got shot, I was sure she was dead. I could not handle Kate and Sun, Jin and Sayid dying in one go. Oh man...And, something got me thinking. The names of the candidates included Kwon. Does that mean Ji Yeon, then? Because now both the Kwons are dead...sooo? Or does having your name scratched off mean you are already going to die, like Kate getting shot? Although Jack is showing his commitment to the Island, I just think it would be too cliche for him to be the next Jacob. I think it's gonna be Hurley.

Oh, what will I do with my spare time when this show is finished???

Mona Z said...

Melissa, Yea, I didn't think of that about Hurley. I thought it was funny about Jack flirting with Rose and the Titanic-esque ending!

Kaighla, I did wish they spoke all of it in Korean, it would be more natural. You know, I really love all the main characters except Kate. I don't hate her but I don't love her. I need to find a new show to rebound.