Monday, May 24, 2010

6.17 & 6.18 THE END

I can't believe it's over. I just watched it for the second time. I feel like the world has gone on to the next thing, like at the end of "The Truman Show" but I'm still sitting here sad, touched and content with Lost ending.

I can't even begin to know where to start. There are so many little nuances that I want to touch on and I don't want to forget to say anything in my last post.

The finale was beautiful. This was the perfect ending to the best show to ever air on television. I remember when I first started watching Lost. In reruns here in Egypt when they were in season 2 in the US. One thing that I remember sticking out was how amazing and epic the pilot was. The continuity on Lost impressed me when Jin had half a handcuff on his wrist for an entire season. It only got more detailed and they made me love these characters, cry with them, laugh with them but most of all made me think. I've never felt this way about any show or movie and I doubt I will again. Lost was history making and will go down as one of the top shows of all time.

Now, thoughts on the final episode. I was so glad to see Vincent, Rose and Bernard were ok and for that matter, Frank and Richard lived on as well. I loved Jack's "it's a surprise" I don't know how he knew that pulling that stone out would make NotLocke mortal or why Jacob never did it. Maybe he couldn't or wouldn't kill his own brother after what he did to him.

I had to laugh when Kate jumped the gun, no pun intended and started shooting at NotLocke. Desmond and Ben drop to the ground! Glad she did save that bullet though. The fight scene between Jack and NotLocke was awesome and I'm not a big fight scene type of person. Jack leaping through the air at Smokey was really cool.

Glad Desmond made it out of the light cave thing alive and that Hurley, the new, new Jacob, was set on getting him home. Mathew Fox's performance when the light came back on was so great. I was cry-laughing with him. Hurley asking Ben to be his helper was really touching. All Ben ever wanted was some leadership on the island.

I wanted to tell Miles that I too believe in the power of duct tape. It's just so handy when repairing airliner hydrolics. I was lollers when Claire was like "look at me I'm crayyyzeee"

In the Sideways, I kinda thought David would be playing at this concert thing but I guess it was just Faraday/Whidmore and DriveShaft. I was also "grinning like a sodding idiot" when Hurley couldn't contain his Charlie love at the motel door!

When Juliet was the obgyn I was sure she was David's mother. But that was before I found out David doesn't really exist. Anyway, Sun and Jin remembering was so emotional. All of the realizations everyone had were so wonderfully done. When Claire had Aaron and Kate remembered I was blubbering about the revelation and the birth at once. When Kate said "Thank You" to Charlie and he goes "It's just a blanket" I felt she was thanking him for his sacrifice on the island. It was poetic. James and Juliet got me too. It answers what "it worked" and going dutch were all about. James repeating "I got you" was so sweet after how he lost her. Now I was never a big fan of Sayid and Shannon but that was a twist since we all expected it to be Nadia.

Jack seemed to have had a few flashes that he kind of brush off, when seeing John healed and when meeting Kate at the concert. The culmination all coming to an end at the church when Christian explains to Jack and all of us what's happened was like time stood still in my world. I sat there, mouth agape, staring and realizing that the Sideways was a sort of waiting place, unbound by time, space and from Jack's point of view to help him let go. It was a great sort of reunion moment coinciding with Jack's death on the Island. Passing the sneaker that was there after the crash, lying in the bamboo, Vincent by his side and the beautiful symmetrical ending with Jack's eye closing and with it Lost ending forever.

I will miss this show so much. The characters mostly and how they all found redemption and love. Lost will live forever though. There are still many things to be debated and that are left open to interpretation. It was like no other show and It will be hard to ever match such an outstanding team of writers,producers, and actors again. Not to mention the amazing musical score which has been playing in my head all day. Long Live Lost!


Melissa said...

I loved the this episode so much. I don't think I'll ever feel the same about any other show, this was really an amazing piece of work.

I wonder if because Ben stayed behind he's going to help the rest of the people remember so they can move on together. But, we'll never see that of's nice to think about. But I think it would be really sad for Alex and Danielle to remember what Ben did to that's not a good idea.
I pretty much thought Shannon was Sayids true love, since he hugged Nadia already but didn't remember. I had really liked Sayid and Shannon together.
I'm happy with how it ended, even though we didn't get answers for everything. But, that's Lost. That was weird how David didn't actually exist.
It would have been nice to have seen Frank and Richard in the sideways at some point, and also Micheal and Walt. I heard Walt was going to be in the finale, and was filming scenes with Ben but...maybe they didn't have time.

That fight scene was awesome, I agree! I was scared they were going to fall off the cliff though!

I can't wait for the dvds! I will miss Lost so much.

Mona Z said...

Melissa, I always feel nervous when people are on cliffs and rooftops etc. I am still pondering it all and enjoying it. Even dreaming about Lost. :)

OmarZ said...

What I liked most about they way the ended it is that they made a great point. It doesn't matter if they stay on the Island or leave it or whatever. Sooner or later we all die. That was great and actually the whole point. We got all caught up in who died and will the go home that we forget that, like the show, it all comes to end. That is reality with a capital R.
-Omar Z.

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Why don't I get 'sideways'? I've heard people refer to it as 'pergatory', but I don't get it. The sideways flashes have gone on all season. I don't get the purpose of it! And how did Jack get out of the cave in order to die in the bamboo?

The plane crash debris that's visible on the shore in the closing scenes was the original crash or the Ingira flight? DId that make it? How if Hurley, Desmond, Kate, Sawyer and the others live, when do they meet Jack, who is clearly dead? Why doesn't Ben go into the church?

Mona Z said...

OmarZ, I agree. When Hurley chose not to jump off the cliff and stay with Jack, I thought, why go back? It's all the same.

AbuDhabi/UAE Daily Photo,

Ok So the sideways, all this time was a place they created in their collective minds to find each other and meet after everyone was dead to help Jack move on. It was not in any time or place. Christian said that some died before him and some long after. It was a kind of waiting room more than pergatory but in some ways they used it to work out issues, like Jack and David. It was like David was young Jack and he wished his relationship with his father was like that.

They don't show how Jack got out of the cave but it's the same as when MIB was out of the cave after.

The crash shots after were from the pilot. Oceanic 815. Ajira took off and Jack saw it fly above before dying. They presumably lived full long lives before meeting in the timeless sideways.

I took Ben not going in as him trying to still fix his relationship with Russou and Alex. I assume they wouldn't be happy when they remembered what Ben did.

Hope this helps. :)

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